Devs: Please Enable "Relaxed True Box" on All TLPs in Omens+ Content

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, Apr 8, 2022.

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  1. Triconix Augur

    It doesn't prevent anything. Anyone who wants to cheat and bot will assuredly circumvent truebox and continue to cheat. The only thing truebox does is prevent easier boxing of the normal players.

    You sticking your head in the sand and not knowing what's going on around you doesn't mean truebox is in any way doing what you think it's doing.
    My group of friends and I completed seven 1.5s/2.0s and had basically no issues with bottlenecks. The epics most prone to bottlenecks is probably Bard and Warrior and we completed both with basically no issues. Most long respawns are gone for 1.5/2.0. I'd love to hear which epic you did which was a headache because I don't believe you at all.
    Initial concepts don't always come to fruition. I'd love to even see your evidence of grouping to be a design concept for original EQ. The evidence we do have points to the contrary as half the classes can solo without anyone's help just fine.

    Maybe the devs were just awful at designing around concepts and had no understanding of how certain mechanics would affect their concepts. Regardless, when you introduce a game and 50% of the playerbase doesn't have to interact with a single person, the concept goes out the window in any viable argument.

    Boxing doesn't prevent grouping. Find friends and group. Problem solved.
  2. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    I love how ignoring one person turned this is into an entire thread all agreeing with each other. I have never witnessed such forum harmony.
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  3. Legends Elder

    Anyone who claims Truebox isn't preventing anything is a fool. Thanks for your useless input though as usual.

    Pretty sure the TLP you play on is Aradune right? You have no idea what it would be like on a TLP with box armies everywhere trying to do epics, but I'm glad you came in here to tell us epics were easy on a server where boxing is limited.
  4. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Luckily we have Rizlona, please point to all the threads where this is an issue. Epic 1.5/2.0 have respawn timers of like 2 hours, they are literally not a problem. It's not even close to the 1 spawn per week stuff that the 1.0s used to have. What else do you have?
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  5. Legends Elder


    You guys are so clueless. Cry in one thread then claim its fine in another. Long Live Truebox.
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  6. Zrender Augur

    Yes, do it. Post omens. Won't use it but it seems fine to me. And for the love of Tunare please lock this tired 16 page thread.
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  7. Korillo Augur

    Would be great to hear an answer on this either way. I'm seriously considering playing on a TLP but the days of using multiple PCs are long behind me.
  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    The easy solution is that the relaxed/removed truebox while slated for OoW/TBS for future TLPs, is pushed back a bit for the current ones. Maybe Mischief isn't ready for relaxed truebox in OoW. Thats fine. For legacy ones make it just TBS removal, thats still over a year away for the free trade servers but will still help Aradune, Mangler and Coirnav.
  9. Accendo Guest

    This derailed thread has been locked.
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