Devs: Please Enable "Relaxed True Box" on All TLPs in Omens+ Content

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, Apr 8, 2022.

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  1. Magician9001 Augur

    The OP is asking to do it on all TLPs.

    I don't want them to "relax" truebox in OoW on Thornblade.
  2. Tornat Augur

    What are the chances of this ? devs reading it or ignoring it , thinkin about it? trying to manage expectations at the moment . This would be awesome if it happened !!
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  3. Ariana Augur

    Per discord devs are aware of the request. They have design meeting on thursday so probably won't get an answer before that.
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  4. Truetotheblue Augur

    With the amount of likes this post has I would imagine they've seen it (they use that as a prio system for bug reports, unsurprising if I has merit outside of that). I imagine they will touch on this. But maybe not in the time frame people want. But that's just my opinion, easily could be incorrect and would be happy to be wrong. I think they're focused on Vaniki / Yelinak and this is a topic to tackle later.
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  5. Gormgeous Elder

    All we can do is 'like' the op message and hope. So far all we have is a possible "details coming soon" from Accendo in Aradune discord when he was asked to respond regarding this thread.

    It is worth noting that this is the most liked thing in the history of these forums.
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  6. Tornat Augur

    Cool thank you very much !
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  7. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Historically it would have been very low but according to Accendo on discord this morning in the Mangler channel it has at least caught the attention of the devs:
  8. Machen New Member

    So according to your world view, people are basically good and want to help each other until PoP launches, and then they turn evil, stop wanting to help, and start boxing?

  9. HowDidIEndUpBackHere Elder

    Yea man. Remember? Everything up to PoP is the golden era. After PoP the game is pure trash, the community hates everything, nothing is balanced, all zones suck, all items suck, all gameplay sucks and the game is effectively dead.
  10. Machen New Member

    But no boxing will fix all that...
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  11. sieger Augur

    I understand this sentiment and have seen it in every guild I have done, and I almost always play a solo Cleric when I do a TLP--the only TLP I have extensively boxed on was Ragefire/Lockjaw and even then I basically did it to complete what I considered to be "bare minimum" group stuff like AA farming, I would still group with real people to do expansion group progression to save time / avoid headaches. That being said I know where the tanks are coming from--in basically every guild I've been involved in the tanks are the top 5% of the most hardcore players, the tanks who aren't in that top 5% usually don't make it to DoDH because keeping up as a tank is a heavy job and casual tanks just tend to not persist. Even in casual guilds that I have known people in, the tanks gravitate towards being the most hardcore players, the people putting in 40 hours a week or sometimes more.

    When they play EQ that much, they really don't want to spend time LFG. To someone who plays less and just logs on to see the tanks already camping something with their box crew it can be frustrating, but the flipside is those same tanks would often be stuck in a situation of not being able to get all the stuff done they want to do if they had to wait around for guildies to get online. I don't know that there is an amazing solution for it--boxing is the only viable solution for most of them other than "not playing."

    Edit to add: the last two TLPs I did were Truebox and all of the tanks were running box crews other than literally one Warrior we had, by DoDH. Truebox does nothing to stop what I describe, if anything it puts your people who main classes like Clerics (which are terrible at anchoring any kind of box group) at even a bigger disadvantage because you make it harder for them to box. Few people benefit more from being able to run a box crew than some of those healer and aDPS classes that have poor ability to solo and who aren't ideal "anchors" for box crews. Everyone wants Clerics in raids but the truth is they never measure up to the min/max of a Shaman in group content, and when every boxers first box is going to be a Shaman to cover their healing and haste/slow needs, Clerics very frequently end up unable to complete any content. It's not shocking so many quit.
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  12. Sharpy New Member

    Scary feature to implement.... Could effectively DDOS craigslist as they become inundated with new posts of 20 year old laptops. But I concur, relaxed truebox is the way.
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  13. Magician9001 Augur

    It's not a "world view"

    Basically when SoL comes out people start AoE PLing boxes like mad and many people go from not boxing or 2 boxing to 5-6 or more boxing. This is something i witness on literally every server i've played. People who started out 2 boxing in Classic end up 6 boxing by SoL/PoP. It's not that the people are evil, they just have more boxes and need help from their guildies less and in turn they both ask for help and give help less.
  14. Gormgeous Elder

    Woot! So you're saying there's a chance?

  15. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Hopefully we will find out later this week!
  16. Stormblossom Elder

    There is an element of self-fulfilling prophecy to the increased boxing in later eras perhaps, but most of it has to do with player mindset. Lots of people say the game ends at (insert xpac between velious and GoD here) and that is their for sure exit point. The population ALWAYS drops off post PoP and the increased boxing is a response to/preparation for that, not the cause of it.

    Nobody enjoys sitting LFG for hours at a time. They either find ways to keep progressing with less/no help or they leave. If you keep open communications with enough people and hang out in spots where people exp so long as you aren't terrible at the game most people will drop a box or more to get more real players in, even in eras where they can't have extra out-of-group firepower by doing so.

    Real players are better than boxes and mercs and everyone is aware of this. There are a handful of players who will never let go of at least one box to avoid them falling behind on AA, but I have met far more people who will happily make a spot for a human, even as far back as FV during the years just before TLPs became a thing when the population drought was at its worst and most of the remaining player base was 5/6-boxed.

    Preventing people from boxing kills the server just as fast or faster than loosening the restrictions. As more and more button complexity is added to the classes, boxing becomes harder and harder, particularly on truebox. A graduated reduction in box limit some time during the level 70 cap is probably the best thing that could be done for retaining more actual people on the server other than massively shortening the DoN and PoR eras.

    I understand where you are coming from in some sense, but realistically truebox code has never done what it was intended to do. People who flagrantly abuse boxing to be anti-social and mercenary still do it, whether using cheats or not.

    People who wish to be social and have people to be social with will remain social, although it might require some proactive communication to get spots in groups as they become less reliant on others, it doesn't mean they won't interact or choose to include other people when offered the chance.

    The servers are always going to gradually die off before modern eras unless social forces keep people together. If you have a guild with really good relationships and miraculously no real life interference that stops them, they might stay together until live, but the transition period between classic EQ and modern EQ also has a giant gap of content neither player base cares for much. The few people who are willing to endure the gap from old to new often can't move forward without boxes.

    Heck, as an Oceanic player it isn't rare to see player counts in the teens and twenties when the servers are at their busiest, and never be able to do raid content at all without boxes in era. If some of the TLPs gradually phase out truebox and others don't, it is condemning all the ones that don't to an earlier death, whether you care to see that or not.
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  17. Elite_raider Augur


    Please just get rid of it, full stop, all it does is cause unnecessary drama and pollution...
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  18. Protagonist Tank

    It has never been my experience that people in a social MMO are unwilling to group and socialize, even on live where mass-boxing is normalized.

    Stop to consider why it has been your experience, nearly universally, after a server has been around long enough for people to know each other.
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  19. Torrok Journeyman

    Relaxed True Box on Agnarr would be amazing. I have three characters on there but have lost interest in booting up three computers just to play. Make Agnarr great! Let’s us box three characters there
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  20. Captain Video Augur

    As "relaxed truebox" is currently stated, it would not apply to Agnarr, since a server has to be at least as far as OoW.
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