[DEVS] A plea to Instance either Ragefire or Lockjaw?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tuurgin, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Zhutuak Augur

    You set up south of us after Draco, again the timing of your zoning in and the appearance of Draco could have coincided with my pull, I have said as much. Or it could have aggroed with your zone in, however with Draco there was no training involved either by you or by us. It would be bad timing for your zone in if he was indeed attached to a pull of mine or bad luck that he had pathed close enough to zone in to have picked up any agro you may have incurred while zoning in.

    Once again the train I am speaking of has no relevance to Draco. I asked in /ooc to speak to your rl to try and secure Terror, there was no demand involved just a communication as to what class drops we were there for as well. You folks were kind enough to leave shortly after the actual train incident I am referring to, once again we appreciate it as we have a shaman due for his epic because of it.

    I did no such thing as to admit I was not there for Ragefire, I was at my key board all day, except for going to the bathroom, eating and drinking. Just because my cleric had the afk sign up does not mean I was not on other account(s) doing other things. I even began a dialogue stating I had been there all day waiting for the pop, now I had gotten up to get a drink and when I returned Daedor and his crew were leaving. I /who`d his alt cleric that he was apparently there for since he was un guilded and un anon shortly after to see him in SF so it became apparent to me that he managed to get the turn in while I was afk putting tea on. I confirmed this by staying for sometime after and even logging back in a couple times on the off chance that he had decided to do something else but alas Ragefire was not to be seen until approximately 24hr. later.

    If you really think any of this is ok, once again I would point out that these are reasons I would like to see instancing. Your member completely wasted my day because he felt entitled to just pop in prior to turn in and manged to do so while I was getting a drink. I was literally there all day, yet this does not seem to bother you in the least. Salty is not the equivalent of being pissed off.
  2. pattho New Member

    Yes please bring instancing to a non-phingel server. Either with a new or an existing server, with or without transfer free/paid option.

    Competing for single-point-in-time spawns is only competitive when competing for:
    1. griefing/ skills
    2. which guild has more control to force their members to abandon other in game activities quickly
    3. which guild has more control to force their members to abandon other real-life activities quickly to answer a tweet/sms.
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  3. Tulgin Augur

    Why were you there all day? Ragefire is a 24 hour spawn time, find out when he was last used and come back approx 24 hours later, no need to sit there all day lol.
  4. Batbener Augur

    If they start a new real traditional box server(i.e. on the same computer) with instancing, they need to start it at velious. I WILL send them my therapy bill if I have to go through kunark again, as that will probably kill the server I am on and thus I will need to play there.
  5. Zhutuak Augur

    Considering it was FI who apparently had this information, Daedor specifically, do you really think I was going to come by it? As I have posted before, I play multiple accounts, I sat one account there while I farmed efreeti on some others for a time, worked trade skills at other times. It is not like sitting there waiting for Rage to spawn was all I did.
  6. Rhiyannon Augur

    well a semi...sorta...okay barely constructive... thread has turned into a private pissing contest, time to close it.
  7. Zhutuak Augur

    Or time to bump it to continue to bring it to other`s attention. Seems quite a few people would like a third rule set to go along with the three different tlp`s.
  8. yerm Augur

    What if they added instancing BUT they removed box code while in these instances, so you could use box armies for fun and grief and etc but to raid you have to interact with other human beings?

    Would that work for you? If you're cool with this and can stop the flame war I'd be down to help you lobby for it.
  9. DaedorAlive Elder

    How delusional are you? It's comical that you feel entitled to the turn-in mob because you were sitting AFK in the zone.

    Guess what? When I logged back in, Zordak had spawned about an hour under the 24 hour respawn and you were no longer in zone or even online at all when I did /who all.

    You had your chance at it and failed. Now you want to blame other people, or the game, or the game's mechanics or developers, etc. Take some responsibility. The only reason you didn't get that turn in on that night is because you, yourself, weren't online to do it.

    The "dialogue" you started was actually you calling me names and swearing at me via text. You really think I'm going to ease up and let you have a spawn when you act like a 12 year old?

    You wasted your own day by not being online when the mob spawned. Again, I had been completely logged out, logged back in about 1 hour before the 24 hour timer and Zordak was up and you were nowhere to be found (not even sitting in the zone AFK at the time of the turn-in).

    I really wish I had taken some SS's of your "dialogue" so you can stop running to the forums acting like a victim.
  10. Argu Journeyman

    I think all the progression servers should have the same exp rate.
  11. Zhutuak Augur

    Oh come on Daedor, which is it? Was I not in zone or was I swearing at you (I did) which you wish you had a SS of? I mean, if you are going to lie, at least have it make sense. You know darn well my cleric was there the whole time, from when you scouted as I noted your going via your gate spell registering in my chat to when you actually did the turn in which was shortly after our conversation which was obviously not going to net me satisfaction. You were going to compete for that turn in no matter that I had been there all day and now you are here lieing about it to try and save face, not even doing a good job of it either.

    You sir and those who condone this type of play are the reasons why bringing instances and therefore another option for players to choose from would be a good thing. Give those of us who enjoy the game a chance to escape other people who can not control themselves from ruining the experience of others with the option of instancing. Please!
  12. DaedorAlive Elder

    Nice try. Everything I wrote is truthful. I did see you earlier in the day around 430 PST when I was checking the spawn, this was the point when you (admittedly) engaged in name-calling. When I returned at 730 pm PST you were gone, not even online (at least on that character). Ironic that you are the one accusing me of "ruining" your experience when YOU are the one that engaged (name calling, swearing) in behaviors typically reserved for teenagers.

    You have one thing correct...I was going to do the turn in regardless. You are not entitled to the spawn by sitting AFK in the zone all day. Period. The end.

    Do you also answer camp check's from the zone in? If I AFK at efreeti all day is it my camp?

    Just re-roll on Phinny already with the rest of the crybabies. LJ doesn't need instancing, it needs less people who cry about not getting their way.
  13. Zhutuak Augur

    No camp check was called. Your times are way off as well as when I actually did the turn in to Zordak was at 6pm est the next day. Your pst times put our conversation at 730 my time (I had logged by then as you had already done the turn in) and your 730pm pst puts your turn in at 1030pm my time.

    I am not surprised by any of this, someone who would stoop to sniping a turn in npc from someone who was obviously there for the same reason would certainly lie about it, albeit not well. I too wish I had a ss or log of the conversation, it would clear this up rather quickly.

    I had a small group going into fear last night for terror and wraith but at the same time so was dhs, which we deferred to. No sense competing with a larger force or causing them grief because we both wanted the same targets, its easier to just move on and wait for the next opportunity. Why others can not find the same respect is beyond me. Once again, it would be nice to have the option of instancing on lj or rf even if the implementation does not allow for one to escape the childish behavior that un policed servers bring.
  14. DaedorAlive Elder

    Done responding to this nonsense. Stop f o r u m questing and start playing and maybe, just maybe, you will be good enough to get the spawns you AFK in front of for hours.
  15. FluttyMan Elder

    FI shitters, stay on LJ.

    We don't need more children on RF.

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