Debating coming back after...20 years or so and at a total loss.

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Rolar, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Rolar New Member

    So, where to begin, I used to play a necro on SZ, I LOVED the game, was my first MMO, and have been watching old youtube vids of EQ plays and got that itch to hear Fippy Darkpaw tell me how I have ruined his lands and satisfaction of killing Sgt Slate in EC Hell I remember Fansy the Bard (talk about a blast from the past). I play a few MMO's now and there are some old EQ players and we always start talking about EQ and I always smile at the memories. I think the last expansion I played was Luclin ? I think I got to 65 or 70 ? Anyway, for some reason I have the desire to do the necro thing again and have read about time locked servers. I played a Iksar Necro. Loved it. One of the memories that sticks out was shouting "Necro LFG", I don't remember the zone, but the reply was great, "Why you want a group, you are a group". Anyway, went trying to find old account info, somewhere, it did not exist so anyway, I think starting again new would be fun, but alas, I am 1000% at a loss how/where to start. I don't even know what to buy expansion wise, what's the daybreak all access thing ?

    Part of me wants that wide eyed wonder of seeing his first dragon again...OMG I remember that, EPIC. Anyway, enough nostalgia (ok, never enough but anyway) looking for advice.

  2. Xanumbik Augur

    My advise would be to NOT start out with a Heroic character start out from level one and get a feel for the game again all the AAs and stuff you will have thrown at you starting at heroic is a bit overwhelming if you have been gone that long. All access is what you get for paying a sub and IMO its worth paying a sub for the perks you get.
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  3. TeddyTen New Member

    Scratch that itch or else it will only get worst. Let us know what you picked.
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  4. Rolar New Member

    So, if I buy a sub, what expansions does that include or do I need to buy them separately ? Also any advice on a server ? One of the things I loved about EQ back in the day was the social aspect, grouping etc...
  5. CatsPaws Augur

    Subs are separate from expansions. You have 24 free expansions when you log in, be it free or paid. No difference.

    If you buy the latest expansion, which is now TOV, it will be expansion #26 and it will give you the last two so you would have all 26.
  6. Rolar New Member

    Ahh great, thanks .for the info. I always sub, even if I only play for a month, I just believe in supporting devs. Any advice for a good server (I am in the midwest USA), newbie friendly, I do solo quite a bit, but I also like to group up.. Planing on a Iksar necro.

  7. TheNewNewbie New Member

    Just came back about 4 days ago and worst exp i have had in any game of my entire life, The servers are always down , You pay to not play, and looks like hackers everywhere on the TLP's , games not worth even a 5 dollar a month sub at this point.
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  8. Brilhasti Elder

    I wouldn't bother judging by the last few days. Servers are a disaster.
  9. CatsPaws Augur

    I think Xegony or Vox or Tunare are good servers. They seem to have the most positive action on the boards which in turn means helpful players in game.

    The last few days have been like the old days in EQ - lots of down times after big patch but this is not standard. They usually patch every third Wed of the month and a set time and its back up within a few hours.

    No reason to judge the last 3 days over the last 3 years, specifically if you make a new user name just to come on the forums and complain. If you have a sour outlook and output then you will get a sour return.
  10. Nyzy New Member

    If you are coming back for a time locked server, don't expect it to be as it was in the old days. People are..... not the same as they used to be. If you are looking for a regular server, Bristlebane is one of the more populated servers, though population doesn't always matter, as most people have several accounts that they box and never let anyone else into their farming. But being a mid-westerner myself, it is always populated during my normal play hours.
  11. Rolar New Member

    You obviously missed the early years of the game :)
  12. Rolar New Member

    I know, :( , the people in the "old days" were...special, not sure how to say it. The game had a CRAP ton of issues, graphics were, crappy (by today's standards), bugs bugs and more bugs. It was the people that made the game special. I may sub for a month to see how it goes, any advice for starting all over again, zones etc ? and \o/ for mid-westerner
  13. Dilquan Elder

    Don't do it.
  14. Rolar New Member

    Assuming the "it" here is re-sub and try it out, care to expand on why you say this ? If you are referring to the monthly sub fee, I have paid more to see a crappy movie. If I don't like it, I cancel the sub, lesson learned and move on.
  15. Muvien Falzalot New Member

    Just a plug for my favorite server. I like RP servers, Firiona Vie. As for friendliness, every server has their little cliques. Finding where you feel comfortable is always a chore. If you can find a fellowship or guild that supports how you like to play, then you are fortunate indeed. Or you can build one of either, if you can find some like-minded players. For those looking to join Firiona Vie and want a congenial atmosphere of helpful people, look up the Upper Hand.
  16. Rolar New Member

    I may take you up on that, but I kinda suck at RP.
  17. Ronove Lorekeeper

    What in the Hell are you guys doing? Seriously?
  18. ibc93 Journeyman

    So if you want to get back into the game. Time-Locked Progressions are free to play on for awhile. They usually cost a subscription. A lot of low level people grouping on Mangler checking it out. Weekend had a solid population. Mangler is the least advanced progression wise. Only at Planes of Power. Otherwise, you might want to check out Aradune or Rizlona whenever they drop. Those will be rock solid public grouping populations imo. TLPs are a bit more friendly to start out on over current expansion servers imo cause they have less buttons & features to concern yourself with. It's like starting on training wheels.
  19. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    I don't know about the good perks you get by paying them 15usd..

    unlocked AA's that is really annoying to level up if your not boxing or uses bot-box. My opinion after level 105 the AA's should still be auto-granted if I'm a paying user..all the way to level 115..

    J5 merc is useless, dumb and slow, mounts are pretty much useless.. RKII spells is kinda lame with the 1% extra added damage for so much more cost.. and try solo kill a TOV named boss lvl 118 while you are a level 113..lets say.. paladin. GL no RE.

    99% you win useless skins or low level gear with the monthly ''one time opportunity chance'' for the DB-cash.

    Raid gear is only for the pro elites.

    Snowbound T1 is pretty useless in ROS, TBL and TOV.

    I'm no longer paying customer. I might return as a paying customer if ROS, TBL TOV will be do-able solo.

    That said, I do agree with you on the ''don't start as a heroic character'' learn the game, feel it and see if you really wanna spend money on it.

    I loved the game til it was impossible to play.. then I gave up on it... simply to hard, even as a paying member. TOV is a joke..TBL also..ROS is manageable..but gees..only if you are a lvl 115@35k AA's and T3 rare equipment ~55kronos..

    1 krono= 15USD. Do the math.
  20. Muvien Falzalot New Member

    RP is encouraged, but not required. As an old gamer who's been in and out of the game for about 20 years, RP is just fun for me, and I like the old puns and in-jokes. But, whatever server you choose, with the advent of the mercenaries, you can be a self-contained group just by yourself, especially if you have a pet class like the Necro, SK, Beastlord, Enchanter, Ranger, or Mage. But for more difficult group quests, more participants are needed besides you and a merc, pets don't really count towards group quests. Everything from the Mines of Gloomingdeep, the tutorial area, through Crescent Reach, and most of Blightfire Moors are solo-able. If you want to maintain a 'cultural' history, make sure you select a hometown that isn't Crescent Reach, which became the default for all new players, unless you play a Drakkin, which is their actual hometown. I'm not sure how TLP servers work since I've never played on one. So... toss a coin? Or a Dwarf.... Dwarf tossing used to be a thing.... Or was that Dwarf jumping.... It was way back in the early years and I've forgotten.

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