Debating coming back after...20 years or so and at a total loss.

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Rolar, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Rolar New Member

    Well, I have kinda a different view regarding paying for a sub. As a former employee of a game company, I appreciate that paying subs payed my salary :) Without paying subs, games go under, yes yes, I am fully aware FTP is a cash cow, but paying subs are a thing still. Just my 2 copper on the subject.
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  2. Rolar New Member

    Well, like I said I may just take you up on that offer top look up your guild there, I am not nessarially looking for a HUGE guild, I am more a quality over quantity type of person.
  3. Eestwind99 New Member

    I feel your post is rather negative. Honestly most new players are not going to make it to TOV end-game content. Yes some may, but most won't. They will make 7 different chars and play them all differently and never make it past lvl 90.

    I feel like what your saying applies to a small group of people who would play this game to endgame and then only want to SOLO. EQ is made for grouping, they are trying to promote that community. I feel like this post will deter new players for reasons they will never have to deal with, but whatever that's just my opinion. Cheers mate.

  4. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    I gladly pay monthly for a game that I actually can game in and do progress. EQ I can play but my progress is none or less matter how strong I get, I still drop as a stone in TBL and TOV, even in ROS I drop 1 hit KO.

    Tried everything, nothing helps, reading guides..taking tips from pro's. So for me I gonna box FTP 2 mages when I got boring =P

    BTW: Most people in the game is lovely, helpful and friendly. 10/10. The community is worth more then the game itself for me =P
  5. Peter_The_great Journeyman

    Yes I know, but I've tried so many times.. many hours I put into this game.

    Sorry for my negativity, just saying my feels.
  6. Rolar New Member

    So, planning on downloading the game after work, how big of a DL am I looking at ? Also I might start on FV just to get a good feel of the game, I assume there is some sort of tutorial that will help me get my bearings ? Also, I will be buying a sub for the 1st month, just so I can start at the old Iksar zone, nostalgia and all that, or is that a really bad idea ? I do plan on looking up your guild, the Upper Hand, thanks for that tip.
  7. DillyBar Elder

  8. Rebelicious Elder

    Hey, I'm from old Sullon Zek too! I played an evil SK, was in guilds Anguish and Hate. It's a LOT easier to join a TLP when the server is new because EVERYONE and their mother-in-law is grouping for xp. That said, a new one is supposed to open up within the next month or 2,,, and in meantime it's not, I don't think too difficult to start on Mangler and with xp pots and a lil bit of PL catch up and still have some fun. That's what I'm planning to do... a bit mifffed because I purchased a krono to buy noob twink gear and server's went down. Even though everything is dated and game isn't quite the same... just the nostalgia of the game atmosphere will always be home to me.
  9. Rolar New Member

    Thanks for all the replies, I downloaded the client, started the tutorial and CRASH.....I feel like I am back in old EQ again :) I plan on running the tutorial a few times to get a clue :) but then sub a month and start on FV, now, one final request ( ok I am sure I will have more but..) Is there anywhere I can find a list of "must have" links and references. Also thank you all for your guild references...its appreciated.
  10. Nennius Augur

    It's not a bug...It's a feature!!

    and a PITA. Ask folks to return. Crash servers. Returnees leave. Well, we tried.
  11. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    ..of a game company.
    Not this game.
    Things have changed in this game.
    Everything now is 3rd party program playing for rare drops to sell to buy krono to sell on 3rd party sites for $4-$5 each.
    It is now controlled by those idiots that grew up, raid guilds took them in, now they hack, are rude, and make a living while sleeping in the basement.
    GM's do not take care of the situation. Search the threads for 3rd party afk players.

    Now we have the main person ' Holly' that just left for WoW, and the Test Server is not doing its job to push out these updates that keep failing ending up no servers up.

    So you wanna come in here and boast how you used to be a 'former employee of a game company' I could give a nats ***.


    I have my box of used game cards sitting behind me that I have paid to play for y e a r s.

    Things have gone to pot my friend.

    Welcome back, sit down... buckle in, and enjoy the ride.
  12. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    Considering how bad the customer service and game reliability is, recommend not starting at all.
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  13. Rolar New Member


    Well, what can I say. Thank you for your opinion. I did not think I was boasting, I mentioned it solely to help explain why I personally think subbing is worth it, to me, others obviously have differing opinions, and that's cool. A boast was not intended.

    I do plan to sub for a month to give it a shot, if I like it, I will continue, if not, I won't. I am really not playing to get in a raiding guild again, been there, done that, don't have the time anymore.

    I just want to play, have some fun, mabey re-live a bit of nostalgia that was a big part of my life and that I thoroughly enjoyed.
  14. Rebelicious Elder

    I'm really dismayed how DB cannibalized this great gem of a game... at least there are other MMOs out to spend time and money on, so it's not a total loss if I can't play here... but shazam~ I't's shocking how this old game cannot even function... like some underpaid, uneducated blokes with sledgehammers were allowed to tinker with the code whilst the upper echelon management absconded with the profits.
  15. Rolar New Member

    Thanks for your opinion, may I ask, why you still play then ?
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  16. Rebelicious Elder

    I'm just gonna throw it out there because I played Archeage and... the company that created that game... owned gold-selling companies that sold in-game. So, it's not unheard of that corrupt management also profits by the cheats they allow.
  17. Herf Augur

    I wouldn't advise coming back at this point. If you do, 2 pieces of advice:

    1. pay month to month, so that when the company closes or the game continues to crash and rollback on a daily basis like it has been, you can quit with just a few weeks lost cash.

    2. Don't buy anything from the DB store. They have a tendency to go back after people have bought items for cash, and remove features from the items, rendering either useless, or at least overpriced for what features are left.
  18. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    Actually was just coming back myself, using my account for FTP just to see how it was, and being reminded of why I left. And the sad thing is, I am not a high level player (highest is a 60) but I used to just enjoy puttering around, killing a little chatting some, and enjoying the time playing. The problem now is, the damn game is broke too much to play. Not a raider (never did a single raid, my family and job made that impossible) just a guy that liked grouping up and shooting the shyte while killing pixilated MoBs.
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  19. Rolar New Member

    Well, I was planning on month-to-month, so thanks. Regarding point number 2. honestly, its paying for pixels, If I spend real $$ on pixels, it better be $$$ I can afford to throw away, because, its pixels.
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  20. Rolar New Member

    Fair Nuff.

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