Debating coming back after...20 years or so and at a total loss.

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Rolar, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. CatsPaws Augur

    That's what I said when I came back years ago and now here I still am....paying, playing and lovin it. Its an addiction!

    If you played old style where your soul belonged to your guild 5 nights a week then you will find it so much fun to relax and kick around in EQ now without that mentality.

    I am having a blast with all the cool quests, missions, zones, specials they run like discounts, bonus exp, cool mounts etc. Don't let the grumpys dissuade you...they are a little tense right now what with the virus and now this server thing so they can't get into the game.

    I have seen one bot group on my server and it would really be pushing it to call him that. I'm never sure where these people run into all of this bad stuff but it must be the way they play. I am on about 6-8 hours a day, traveling all over and seldom see the behavior they talk about, the only bad experience I had with a GM or CS was back in '02.

    Good idea to run thru the tutorial, it will teach you about the mercs and other new stuff. If the way of fighting comes back to you then you could even skip a lot of what goes on deep in the mines and just do the stuff that revolves around the NPC in the middle. But I would suggest continue the second part of that tutorial which is called "Out of Gloomingdeep" given by Secalna Galnor in POK. Now this part is where you can learn about the baz and get some free stuff. Very handy and super fast to do.

    You could download your maps now while the game is down if you haven't - Goods and Brewells. Just google and your get them
  2. Rolar New Member

    Wait, downloading maps is still a thing, I LOVE it :) WHich map pack you recommend ?
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  3. Shazahh New Member

    I think I am to blame for the server outage. I also began playing EQ the very first day it hit the shelves. I was working at an Electronics Boutique at the time (Now gamestop). The outages/stability and some of real life etc were why I left. Well given the whole COVID thing, I decided to come back and play for free... things went well. None of my original characters were there. So I began from the very beginning. Well I started to enjoy the merc thing and the ability to accomplish something relatively quickly i.e. not a time sink. I played for a couple weeks and it was great. Then.... I decided to pay to play.... and NOT ONE DAY LATER the servers have been a train wreck ever since. I blame me. This was my experience when I left... and it came crashing back so abruptly the last two days.
  4. jbmesh New Member

    Wait a couple days before returning.... Servers are being jacked with over last expansion still.
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  5. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    Well if you do, you will get a free Heroic placed onto your account.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    Agree with the poster before Veteran lol - it bumped. everyone is saying nothing has changed, server patches still don't work and its not worth returning but maybe they are playing a different game? The servers are patched every third Wed of the month so there should be years worth of complaints about how bad all those patches were...well there isn't. Yes this one is bad but it not a regular issue.
  7. Torque New Member

    I'd like to come back to...and I've only been gone for 3 hours. Stupid server issues....
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  8. Herf Augur

    Indeed, the puttering around and chatting is literally my favorite part of the game, and one which no other game has the way EQ has it. Downtime when waiting for spawns, or medding, or regen' can talk in your group, guild, or a chat channel. Learn new things about your class, the zone, or the game. It's fun :) It's social. But when people are driven away by the servers crashing, or by having items nerfed, etc...the social aspect is gone, and thus so is my primary reason for playing.
  9. Rolar New Member

    Welp, just downloaded and installed some map packs....will see how this trip back in time works out. I wonder, do the maps show "The Hole", what Eurdite newbie doesnt remember running out into the world and falling down in the hole and loosing everything....good times
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  10. Muvien Falzalot New Member

    There's a reason why I am Muvien Falzalot. My very 1st character, lo those many years ago, was a Half Elf Ranger running around the suspended platforms of Kelethin. You know how how high those platforms were? I fell. A lot... And died.... a lot. And then there were those awkward moments when I was running across the skies in the Dreadlands after Kunark came out and Levitate failing.... I fell. A lot. I swear... some of those ruined houses you can find out on the landscape of Dreadlands wasn't a ruin until after a certain Ranger fell from the sky and made it a ruin....

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