Daybreak Winter Extravaganza! December 18 - 31

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Dec 18, 2018.

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  1. questor56 New Member

    One of my guildies had an excellent suggestion for an easy to implement perk for buying a lifetime membership. Add an exclusive title, their suggestion which I thought was excellent was "Immortal".
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  2. CrazyLarth Augur

    Thanks I did log out and then log back and now I see no info other then a Thank you for all access.
    But I updated my ticket to make sure some one checks that the credit card is gone from their end. thanks for the info
  3. Thunderkiks Augur

    Thank you Daybreak. Great deals for sure :)
  4. yepmetoo Augur

    No reason to think it would do so. All accounts go up daily now. Has nothing to do with paid or not or anything else.
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  5. Quill Augur

    That would be great. Both Immortal XX and XX the Immortal.

    And i'm well aware that on paper they add XX amount to a 12 month for the first year and therefore that's supposed to justify/pay for the perks. But they're also charging $300 for a lifetime sub that won't pay off for 3 years, and limiting it to 4000 people.

    Having some nifty things that go with it would be nice. Make the armor and satchel platinum :p. Cause gold in this game is second rate!

    Either way, lets not pretend these doodads really cost them anything. You'd think taking $300 from people via a special one-time offer, they'd toss them a few no-cost shinies to go with it.
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  6. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I think the way I am going to come down on this offer is that they should have had some level of fine print that offers a pro rated refund if the game shuts down before XX months elapse. What would it hurt to guarantee people who pay that level of money in a lump some say 36 months?
  7. Risiko Augur

    If you have the money to do it, and you believe that EverQuest will be around and hold your interest for another three years, then it's a good deal. That being said, it's not for me, so I will pass.
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  8. Benito Augur

    According to Daybreak, 2000 of 4000 lifetime subscriptions have sold. They will sell out by Thursday-Friday when paychecks come in or Saturday when working people check their emails. A lot of purchasers are effusive about the games so perhaps there's a "GoFundMe" element to this.
  9. Sokki Augur

    The Golden Hero's Forge set was like $100+ by itself if I remember right. So overall you are getting a discount, but that's taking into account spending $100 for a set of ornaments.
  10. Quill Augur

    Ya... but lets not pretend that stuff costs them anything once made. Hit PLATINUM on the color, change a couple of strings to read Platinum, make some in titles/suffixes, and toss them in for Christmas. Who cares? They're getting $300 ffs. At least try to gift wrap it with some ribbons and bows.
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  11. Sokki Augur

    I never said that it did. I was just pointing out that it actually is a decent deal if you factor in the normal cost of the Golden Armor.

    Honestly I like the idea of an Immortal title for the lifetime Sub. Something to set your char apart as being a lifetime subscriber.

    But to include everything that comes with the 1 Year subscription would probably be a little much at the current price point. Like I said the Armor alone was $100+ if not closer to $200 the last time it was on sale, $35 for the Heroic char and probably another $10-15 for the bag. That's a good $200-$250 worth of stuff right there at the normal price.
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  12. Nniki Augur

  13. Ckador Augur

    Does a Lifetime sub grant you all Veteran AA's?
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  14. Zamiam Augur

    no it does not , you would still have to wait for the Anniversary mark for that account to accumulate each vet year

    However, that would have been a nice perk for more orders ..
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  15. Wijimoto New Member

    OMG! I think you have discovered the date that EQ will finally end. But I'm not sure I will live to be 100 so I can take full advantage of this..
  16. Kaenneth Augur

    I just want an upgrade from 14 to 16 character slots available; so I can have one of each race/class on each account.

    (and account character transfers again)
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  17. Zolmaz Zo'Boto Elder

    I like that, great idea.
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  18. Aussieguy New Member

    They are milking for the last time before EQ is finished, this the case with lifetime membership offers on all games. That is it for EQ folks, they are starting a new project (possibly a new EQ as stated in the "leak") which the lifetime membership won't cover.
  19. Aurastrider Augur

    I think its more realistic that some of the other games in the all access package which is actually what people are buying is life time of all access are more likely than EQ to go under in the next 3 years. If anything I imagine players on those games might be getting "milked" as you claim but for EQ there is no apparent sign that the sky is falling. For the most part EQ has dodged the layoff rounds save a couple of folks which if I recall correctly were more on the customer relations end and not on the development side of things.
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  20. Critts Augur

    I think everyone is overlooking the obvious here. If you have a lifetime sub you cant rage quit and threaten to cancel your 15 boxes’ subs. How would anyone get the Devs to make changes with their shear dollar power? (This statement is a joke). In response to the OP a hero forge keyring would sell this for me. I feel like the lifetime sub is very risky with the recent backlash about TBL even tho I kind of like it.
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