Daybreak Winter Extravaganza! December 18 - 31

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Dec 18, 2018.

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  1. CatsPaws Augur

    Yes see post number #19 on page 2 for official response if you need their word on it. :D
  2. taliefer Augur

    missed that, thanks
  3. Adeus Journeyman

    I purchased the '12 months + bonus' yesterday on my first account without issue, attempted to purchase for my second today (pay day!) and am met with the error: "Sorry, we were unable to process your payment"
  4. sapientCrow New Member

    Is the bag claimable on progression servers?
    and is it heirloom so tradeable to other chars on account on a server?
    also can it be claimed on any server once?
  5. Mano Man New Member

    I did it on my main, but am pretty embittered the bonus items weren't included.That and all the negative press kept me from doing it on my other accounts, though I did think about it. Pay more and get less of this but more of that is unpalatable. If the goal is solely monetary, it would appear a success. If goodwill was part of the equation, I'd say fail. Dunno if that feedback is helpful, but there it is.
  6. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Correct, that has been the long standing policy regarding the old recurring deals such as the original 6th Anniversary deal. If you take a different deal you lose the recurring ongoing cheaper rate.
  7. Barto New Member

    Let me make some facts known to you people. Pantheon and some lesser games are due to be released this year. Daybreak is trying to beat these games but taking people's money first

    First of all, if you ever disputed any credit transaction with daybreak they ban your account immediately. They dont care if it is a 20 year old account. As consumers we dont have any protection from the virtual realm. There are no laws governing virtual transactions in reference to real money spent. After 3 months most credit companies dont do dispute charge backs.

    Let me ask everyone something- with all this new influx of money why did they decided to lay off those 70 employees at Christmas? Why dont they hire them back now?

    A fool and his money are easily parted

    Apparently soon to be felons cant illegal own property.
  8. Myserie New Member

    Funny, the lifetime membership is supposed to have better customer support (see below); however, my husband asked about our 6 missing character slots in a ticket and he was told they couldn't answer him and to ask other players in the forum instead. LOL!!! So, here I am asking....does anyone know where to find the 6 new character slots that come with the purchase of the lifetime membership? It says that is a perk (see below) but it is the only thing that hasn't changed on our accounts when we log in. My husband, our son, and I all bought lifetime memberships. None of us have received the extra slots. I'm not sure if it is something we need to claim in game, etc. Any help/explanation on this would be greatly appreciated. :) Thank you!!

    • Access to 1000's of Alternate Advancement Abilities
    • Additional 6 character slots ($60 Value)
    • Full Access to all spell ranks
    • Maximum amount of Loyalty Rewards
    • Full access to Mercenary Tiers
    • Full access to in-game broker
    • All housing and guilds halls allowed
    • Access to Progression Servers
    • Unlimited Chat channel access
    • Full Guild Functionality
    • Preferred Status with Customer Service
  9. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Not sure I follow, but subscribing in general gives you access to 8, F2P is 2, hence the 6 extra. If upgrading from a grandfathered Silver account you only get 8, meaning you get increased by 4 to the 8 slots. Also lifetime membership is the same as being a subscribed, nothing different/better in terms of service level.

    If you're not seeing the 8 I would recommend making sure your payment went through? Could also be a patcher issue, do you have anything running that would mess with it? I've heard of antivirus (and cheat software...) causing it to patch wrong and have accounts load in the client as F2P or Silver, but again that's not a DBG issue, that's something else on your machine. If there's something else on your machine messing with the patcher, then I agree with customer service, it's your job to sort that out not theirs. Hopefully that helps!

    For what it's worth I'VE ONLY HAD GOOD EXPERIENCES with DBG customer service. My household bought 3 lifetime memberships and one of my siblings did too.
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  10. taliefer Augur

    You think pantheon is gonna release and be something. And you call other people fools
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  11. Kryptar New Member

    The question I have for the Dev that said it does not mater what order you buy the lifetime and the 12 months bonus offer in is, is the conversion rate on the 12 months the same if you buy the lifetime offer first then the 12 month or do you have to buy the 12 month then the lifetime to get the 1500 conversion per month they were giving for the time that was left on the account?. If the later is the case then it would matter what order you purchased them in. I ask cause we bought 3 Lifetimes and was thinking of buying 2 of the bonus for 2 of accounts to get the items, but not if I am going to only get the 500 conversion per month rate for those 12 months that we would be purchasing on top of the Lifetime`s. Can you please answer this question for me?
  12. CatsPaws Augur

    Or to put it in plain English what they describe on that page are perks for ANY all access account. Not in ADDITION to choosing another all access plan. So if you already were all access you are not getting 6 more slots in addition to the plan you have just like if you bought one of each of those plans you would not get 6 slots x how many plans you bought.
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  13. Myserie New Member

    We have never had bad service either, which is why that seemed funny/strange to us. So, if I understand correctly after reading your reply, it's not an "additional" 6 character slots if you are already a full access subscriber, only if you are upgrading? We were already full access so, in that case, it makes sense that we didn't see any added slots to our accounts. We read it as additional to what we already have, not as being upgraded to the regular amount on a paid subscription. It didn't say anything about upgrading from ftp or silver to get them, so I guess we just misunderstood the wording there. Thank you so much for the clarification! Much appreciated!
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  14. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Roxxlyy is there any chance we can get the base version of the photo of Firiona Vie without the text? I want to make it into a virtual Christmas card.
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  15. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The Lifetime All Access Memberships have sold out. The 12 Month + Bonus are still available!
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  16. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Any chance you could post the picture of FV without the text?
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  17. Fanra Augur

    Not as good as Daybreak can do but:

  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The Lifetime All Access Membership has been brought back due to popular demand. It will be available through the end of the extravaganza on December 31, 2018.
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  19. Benito Augur

    At this point, Daybreak should consider keeping Lifetime Membership a permanent option (if price adjusted up to $349 for "regular pricing"). I think the data points to people subbing and cancelling after expansion releases, subbing only during breaks/holidays, and subbing exclusively through (farming) Krono. Later buy-ins to Lifetime Membership only pushes the break-even point for those people.

    However, if Lifetime becomes more permanent, I'd be worried about what mechanisms will be introduced for recurring revenue - i.e. higher expansion prices ($35 to $45), more Pay-to-Win, in-game nerfs (moving the goal posts; buy back power), or even a higher subscription tier (Premium - more monthly goodies).
  20. taliefer Augur

    see, now reopening the lifetime subs like this makes me a bit nervous. the reason for capping them at 4000 was to limit long term revenue loss. i believe there was even a dev post that said as much.

    making it unlimited till the 31st does make me raise my eyebrow.

    edit: i see the fine print actually does state a limit of 6000. not quite as concerned, but still odd. so not changing original post!
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