Daybreak games forever ruined their reputation, missed opportunity.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Rayvorn, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Rayvorn Lorekeeper

    Based off Daybreak games website, the only games they own/released are all the previous SoE games. Meaning no original games. If they EVER had any intentions of releasing new games (not counting Planetside and H1Z1 battle royal fake attempts) they have ruined their reputation to remotely give it a shot.

    I just never understood basic business model principals being just thrown into the wind because they already had an established player base and didn't feel the need to practice them. Imagine if Darybreak games came onto the scene and just started dropping a lot of content, communicated with us all the time (Been over a month since we heard anything on the new TLP and been 6 days since anything on twitter...good communication model, Heck last night the servers got a 50% exp bonus and they didn't post anything about it till the next day #workingasintented). If they would of just continued to prove they were remotely serious about making the games they bought better instead of being in basic maintenance mode and pushing new content at a snails pace, they one day could of released a new original game and had a massive supportive playerbase following that would of supported them. But that is LONG gone now. Daybreak games now falls into the Gamigo, NCSoft category of gaming companies. Just sad to see the current state of the name Everquest. If Everquest 3 was ever announced it would still get people excited but their next thought would be but Daybreak games is releasing prepare for the worst.

    I hope one day Daybreak gets new management and they prove they want to be more then just cash grab company and care about the storied history of Everquest. Companies like Blizzard with all it flaws release like 2-5 updates a day about their game (just go look at Wowhead) so even if you are unhappy with the choices, you are still informed about them. Whats sad is that there are so many players that won't touch WoW again but still play Everquest because its fundamentally better but that window is fading. The only reason Daybreak games is not bankrupt like Funcom is because there was already a lengthy player base with EQ1/2. When that disappears in a few years, what will you do Daybreak? Still have time to fix your future because all I predict is failed mobile games where you try to use the name Everquest to promote some horrible game or a game that no one asks for. Hope you prove us wrong.
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    Can I have your new member stuff?
  3. Rayvorn Lorekeeper

    I have 7 accounts, sorry I didn't post on one with some non-new member tag for you. Doesn't change my statement. Being in a raiding guild on the 6th version of Everquest doesn't make you better then others. Kumate Karaoke 4th bard on every server to Epic 1.0 Legacy of Steel, Played since EQ Beta. That make me any better in your eyes? Probably not, because you will say I am boasting now. Back to my point, Everquest future past this game is non-existent unless Daybreak games sell the IP or changes the type of business model they have adopted.
  4. Lianeb Augur

    I think the sky is falling you should go back inside
  5. feeltheburn Augur

    have another Monster and get back the keys, or just stow it and give us your stuff.... I am always so amused by posts like this by the ALWAYS nefarious new member. /bye
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    Can I have all 7 of your stuffs?
  7. Rayvorn Lorekeeper

    Naw, nothing is tradable besides my krono, but I have a feeling the ones I had would just be sold for real life cash for weed.
  8. Skuz Augur

    Endless Deja Vu

    After 20 years these "Verant/SoE/DBG suck" posts are still just as badly conceptualised & written as they were in 1999.

    The studio has evolved over the years, it's always had an uphill battle & while today's battles are different that they were back at the beginning they are no less important. It's a franchise in it's twilight years in a genre that was pretty much a generational thing, MMORPG are a niche, WoW was an outlier.

    Things can be cyclic though, who knows, in ten or twenty years maybe MMO will be back in vogue & not as niche as they are now.

    I think you're wrong though, SoE/Daybreak got into difficulties precisely because it was trying to develop too many new franchises rather than invest in the ones that were making them the money to begin with and as a result lost a lot of money on what ended up being cancelled projects, they did eventually have no choice but to stop wasting time & money on such things & have been forced to look after a smaller roster of games to survive, the re-invigoration of EQ since 2015 as a result of TLP servers has perhaps once again opened the door to fresh development & hopefully it will be a lot more sustainable & carefully managed this time, new games will come eventually I think, but it will be a much more careful company now doing that.
  9. Laronk Augur

    You call them fake attempts but there's a good chance that they were at a point in their creation cycle, they did a market analysis and decided that the desired ROI wasn't there based on their current projections of players and what they think the retention will be in a fairly saturated market.

    If an indie studio releases a half done game and its their first game communities will cut them a lot of slack.

    When a large game studio releases a half baked game they take a lot of flack, you think what they did is a fake attempt? They probably looked at it and said "this isn't going to work" so they trashbinned the game and they'll claim their losses at tax time.

    A large studio releasing a terrible game is worse then them cancelling the project. This is why pre-order systems are bad and why no one should preorder games anymore because some of the other large studios actually end up releasing terrible games.
  10. Laronk Augur

    I just wanted to add,

    The basic business model? You want to know what the real basic business model is? You calculate Risk vs Reward then you do some projections.If we do Y we think we will make X money, after the indie stage money plays a big role.

    If we run out of money we shut everything down so we need to keep making money. People talk about a game being on life support (EQ isn't on life support imo) but companies don't shut down games that make money and companies want their games to make money.

    Do you think DBG doesn't want to make money? They know their numbers better than we can, its possible they'll make the wrong choice but its not likely they're ignoring basic business. Companies that blindly make new games and release them even if they're trash are the ones ignoring basic business
  11. Rayvorn Lorekeeper

    I agree with this to a point. Not releasing a game because it will effect their revenue is one thing, not communicating to their playerbase except when it's to their benefit (announcing sales, expansions, new TLP's) with only 1 to 2 updates over a few months on what's happening is not a good business model. When EQ was in it's prime they would release screenshots of new weapons, mounts, zones, raid bosses, ect. They would keep the playerbase excited and interested. Now they only give screenshots to show something once to promote something they are selling. They only release old events over and over (haven't created a new event in years). The expansion news was released on Aug 20th, I am willing to bet the next update on the expansion will only be when they account the Standard, Deluxe and collector editions for sale. Don't get my wrong I am happy they release expansions but they are doing it in a way that makes it feel "same o same o".

    It's like they are waiting for games like Pantheon or Ashes of creation or "insert any MMO" to just slowly take away their playerbase INSTEAD of creating something that will excite their playerbase and keep them around. They are plugging holes instead of getting a new boat.
  12. Rayvorn Lorekeeper

    Wanting to make money and ignoring business rules are to separate issues. DBG wants and is making money. DBG is doing this by wrapping the same product over and over again while rarely adding anything new. One day something new will come out and people will like that wrapping better. An example is Vanguard. While that game was horrible at the start (then average at the end) it 100% took people from Everquest, even if for the short term. The players that left had two choice when they realized that they didnt like vanguard. They quit MMO's entirely, go back to EQ, or try a new game now that they were 6 months behind in Everquest. The only thing that matters is that Everquest lost players that never returned.

    Please want an Everquest 3. They may not want it as much as some people want a WoW 2 but Everquest 3 is more then enough to earn a profit for Daybreak games. If you don't think so then tell me why Pantheon has been funded for the last couple of years by players hoping for EQ3. The numbers would double easy if it actually had the name Evequest in it. People are paying for Pantheon right now just because they want something LIKE Everquest. That is enough to take the risk on EQ3 alone.
  13. MasterMagnus Augur

    @Rayvorn I agree with much of what you're saying.

    But, EQ3 will never, ever, be a thing. And we the players have seen with our own eyes why they must never be allowed to make it a thing (eq2 cough landmark cough next).

    Now when people ask for it, NO, but but, just updated graphics? NO And they shouldn't be considering it.

    Appearances are so fundamental to today's gaming, and you'd think they were on board with dyeing and heroes forge, but again NO.

    People play with the graphics so low, or even stick figures. The marketplace and appearances take up too much memory resources apparently. The focus is on optimizing game play on raids. For good or ill they seem pretty entrenched in their current plans to optimize optimize optimize .

    If their 'super secret' offering they've been working on for so long turns out to be anything other than a totally ignored mobile game that doesn't compete for EQ's player base, heads should roll in my opinion.

    In my singular opinion, they need to get their EQ house in order, re-invest in it, and make it a home worthy of it's current occupants. I.E. make it fun for those of us that want to play. And just maybe somewhere along the way find room for the marketplace, housing, and appearances/cosmetics again.
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  14. Laronk Augur

    I think that people who are funding pantheon are fools, not that it won't ship or that it won't be "good" but preordering games is bad because in the case with other companies they have no problem giving you a crap product. It's also unethical to ask players for money for a game 7 years before it releases.

    IMO creating an Everquest 3 that caters to the exact people that are playing Everquest is a bad idea, why? There's only a certain sized market for the "I want to be penalized hard core group only mmo player" that pentheon is promising to meet. Also they could be working on Everquest 3, companies shouldn't even announce games until they're at pantheons current stage (pre-alpha) Pantheon probably won't release until holiday 2021 at the minimum.
  15. Laronk Augur

    I agree but I think this is a problem with most of the big developers and it's also what is exciting about a game like Pantheon (When it's released) is that there will be good communication for the first while.
  16. Lianeb Augur

    Do you even EQ?
    I want you to name me one thing in the last, hell I’ll give you 5 years, that is not a new event.
    Even the stuff that is rehashed is new, I don’t remember snails during a General Reparm fight during PoP
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  17. Jhenna_BB Augur

    The sky must be higher than we all think. It's been falling since March '99...
  18. MasterMagnus Augur

    All things will end.

    The sky IS falling. It's just the RATE at which it is falling that nobody agrees on.

    Can't we all agree this game and it's company are past their prime?

    And take the care and best practices that an aging, absolutely not immortal, piece of software deserves.

    I'm starting to think the "Sky is falling" from elders such as you does no service to anyone.
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  19. Jhenna_BB Augur

    There's old adage on this board in response to frequent post types: "It must be Wednesday". When one reads this same post for the 100th time and yet we're all still here it's going to be taunted. In what business setting are customers uniformly on board with every aspect of said business? When so much of your base has a decade or two of invested time and energy into a thing it should be obvious that this is top of mind for Daybreak - it's among the most important aspects to their income. They care of design decisions and of game balance - not catering to individuals. Sometimes, they may get it wrong. Sometimes they compromise on these decisions as we saw this week. Each subscriber has a voice. If you don't like the direction, unsubscribe. No one is going to lose sleep over it. Gaming is mainstream. There are plenty of games to go out and start playing. No one has to stay subscribed to EverQuest if they are unhappy with the product. However, what's the reason you are all still here? Oh there's no other game like EQ on the market? Huh. How about that...
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  20. Tucoh Augur

    Thanks, DBG, for keeping this game alive. I hope y'all are having a great day.

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