Coirnav server not full

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Stagentti, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Niskin Augur

    They should count as far as the population meters go. The numbers right now:

    Agnarr = 682 traders, selling 17187 items
    Phinny = 187 traders, selling 7830 items

    All three servers are at 2/3rds on the population bars. I have not seen Coirnav stay below a full bar this late into the day, ever.
  2. Crayon123 Augur

    Week 3, take a look at Coirnav's starter zones now that the bonus is gone. (spoiler: we're right)
  3. Niskin Augur

    Greater Faydark has 64 players right now, with one pick containing 4 players. Crushbone has 17 players, no picks. Butcherblock has 14 players, no picks.
  4. uk6999 Augur

    I was in the hole ( the zone ) Between 12-2pm CST today. Had main and one pick. Each had 20-35 players in it. Seems low to me even during the US work day.
  5. Kronotowin Elder

    Until Daybreak decides to improve player experience by punishing RMT I won't be tricked into these new TLPs. They are satisfied punishing new players by allowing veterans to set the economy. People are catching on.
  6. Arrk Augur

    Phinny struck a cord with people who were on RF/LJ and didnt have instanced raids....
    Agnarr struck a cord with people who wanted faster xp, PoP Lock, and instanced raids...
    Coirnav really didn't have a strong audience... and it shows...
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  7. Rolento Augur

    Economy is good, people are actually at work and working. Or maybe they just hate the hole and are in Lower Guk. Seems to me that you have no idea if 40-60 players in 1 zone is good or bad. The population is good on Coirnav, the tunnel is busy every night.

    It seems everyone believes the server must be full all day every day, on top of having 100s of picks to be a solid server. At least 3 guilds raiding and killing targets on Coirnav now, im sure more will pop up in the next week or 2.

    Will it ever have the population of Agnarr or Phinny in the Classic to Luclin era? Highly doubt it, but it doesnt have to. The server is doing just fine.
  8. Stagentti Augur

    Point is less how it is today and more how it will be even a short while from now.

    There's always a general decline on these servers so if you are starting where Coirnav is doesn't bode well for a few weeks from now let alone once Kunark hits.
  9. Arrk Augur

    Lockjaw at release was "doing just fine" also.... then it was a ghost town

    Classic and Kunark always has a KR farmer boost... then they start to vanish Velious on.... If the server is lower pop now... give it 6 months and it will be a ghost town...

    DBG did a bad job at this server, not only was it poorly designed( AKA Phinny 2.0) it also was poorly timed ( AKA had they let Agnarr get to POP for a bit).... if they had done anything with the former and waited on the latter ... they server might actually been a healthy one
  10. Rolento Augur

    I played on Lockjaw, Lockjaw died for 2 reasons. Phinny came out and the fact it was 6 MONTHS per xpac... I guess you forgot that? I remember DB even having a vote on it, and for some reason people thought it would be a good idea to spend 6 months per expansion, on top of being a box friendly server and no instances..... THAT is why Lockjaw died my friend. Doing 5 months of Sky raiding with Yawgmoth leading the way.... torture i tell you torture, We filled many socks with poo in that guild as well
  11. Accipiter Augur

    They occasionally do a ban wave of actual RMTers but the average boxer isn't RMTing so I doubt you'll ever get the satisfaction you need.
  12. oldkracow Augur

    RF and LJ both died due to mass boxers + no instances to get away from that toxic environment.
    Oh and the fact that 2 massive dupes moved millions of plat into the system during the server jumps kind of didn't help either.
  13. tankNspank Elder

    RMT is the least of worries when it comes to server pop. The coirnav slow exp rate will make it slowly die.
  14. Accipiter Augur

    Has nothing to do with what I posted but thanks, I guess?
  15. Febb Augur

    It will get experience rate increases as Ngreth pointed out so I doubt it's going to die like people are forecasting. It might have a smaller population than Agnarr or Phinigel but it's not going to become a ghost town.
  16. Crayon123 Augur

    It won't even make it to GoD for the next XP rate increase, you must be new here.
  17. Febb Augur

    Yes I'm new. I've only been playing EQ since Kunark launched and have played on The Combine, Ragefire and Phinigel.

    People threw a fit and said Phinigel was going to fail when we all found out about the poor experience rate and they finally gave us a bump in Kunark. Many very casual players quit before they made it to Kunark but the server still retained a large population and still is doing quite well. The people that I have seen posting about playing on Coirnav and didn't quit already seem to be enjoying the server and there is still a large population on the server so I doubt the server is going to just dry up anytime soon.
  18. Lantherion Elder

    Difference is that phinny was the first of its kind and not a rehash server, coirnav will lose a LOT of people when kunark launches.
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  19. superman Augur

    pretty much me here, Left ragefire and went to phinny for instanced raids. Left phinny and went to agnarr cuz I ended up hating the class i picked and felt exp was to harsh to roll another. So tried a different class on agnarr just to see if i liked playing the class and loved it. Rolled said class on coirnav cuz i wanted to go past PoP.

    starting to wish i woulda stayed on ragefire tbh , see'ing that now raids are instanced there anyway? never raided past luclin so dont really know. plus it's perfect exp. longer unlocks wouldn't be to bad i don't think.

    anyway, i just cancelled my sub because of coirnav exp. I had a different job during phinny and just can't commit to that grind every 3 months /shrug, not to mention they changed the frekin exp zem's so normal good zones suck. ticks me off the more i think about it. but i guess whatever sells the exp potions.
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  20. Febb Augur

    Why will the server lose people when Kunark launches? Do you think 10 levels will be too much for people to level through if they are already 50? Keep in mind that hell levels don't exist anymore and the server won't see anymore level increases until PoP.

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