Cleric Tips for new server?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tayvial, May 19, 2020.

  1. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The biggest thing is pick based on your origin. Origin is huge and will impact your gameplay far more than a sketchy hide or snare neck you'll never use until you finally bank it.
  2. Thewiz Augur

    Human Bertox worshiper. Best origin in game.
  3. Tuco Elder

    I take it from the lack of responses this clicky is trash :D
  4. Fudly Elder

    The snare is pretty bad. You also will barely land it after 60.

    The PE shield is very good, but again, loses usefulness after 60.

    The str pumpers should be introduced to the bag of the tinkerers.

    This thread fails to mention that halflings get hide + sneak (which gives you neutral faction when behind mobs/vendors/quest npcs), and gnomes can see through walls easily (which is awesome on a cleric since you're gonna be staring at walls most raid fights)(halflings can do this to a lesser degree).
  5. Machen Augur

    It lands as well as most other snares... It's the exact same resist check as ranger/druid ensnare. I use it regularly post 60 and never had an issue.
  6. Terranos Master

    WR bags don't reduce the weight of all that plate armor you inevitably end up wearing. Even with all 100% WR bags the armor alone could still encumber you if your str is too low
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  7. Hinastorm86 Augur

    Not sure if mentioned, but if you're in an undead area with a group, you should be regularly using your undead nukes. They are super mana efficient, and don't get resisted much. You're essentially as good as a wizard, efficiency wise, in these early levels vs. undead.

    The idea being that something that dies faster will require less healing. And things dying faster means more exp and loot overall.

    You should keep your mana at least 50% though, maybe even higher, in case of bad pulls and whatnot.

    Also, not every group member needs your hp/ac buffs. They are really mana intensive early on, and also don't last super long. Do the tank, the charm pet, and the charmers, otherwise people will probably be fine without the buffs, but it's up to your discretion of course.
  8. Machen Augur

    That's not always how it works out though on cleric, because things dieing faster means the puller pulls faster and they still expect you to heal. You don't get the extra time to med back up instead. (Not saying undead nukes are a bad idea but there is a time and place, it doesn't always make the group more efficient if you are already pushed to your limits healing.)
  9. Hinastorm86 Augur

    Ya it's somewhat situational, true. A good puller will match the cadence of their group to the best of their ability though.
  10. Hinastorm86 Augur

    We only get 5 slots in the Xtarget window.
  11. Thez69 New Member

    Its ok, if you bump into the items I guess turn them in? but it would be far from my mind at character creation
  12. Glow Augur

    Primal essence shield >>> Snare necklace. The snare necklace actually hard sucks. 6 second cast time, super resistable, 60 second duration and very week snare, sure it has sooome niche uses, but I rarely used it, even when soloing.
  13. Tuco Elder

    How much does primal essence really help a charmed pet? Have you parsed a difference?
  14. Stratka Lorekeeper

    Correct, but multiple groupings can be saved. During downtime I swap to view the other clerics mana and then load the tank group back when done.

    I like my primal essence shield and still use it on pets because why not. No idea about the parse though but I figure it can't hurt and over hours and hours it probably adds up.
  15. birisu Elder

    It doesn't stack with avatar so it's not very useful once melee get their primal weapons or if there is a shaman casting it manually. I certainly wouldn't base the race I pick off of that shield.
  16. Artroz New Member

    Some game play tips:

    1) If you typically play tank or melee classes, think backwards about targeting. I played a cleric for 18 years, but am currently raiding on a tank. The toughest thing for me is that as a cleric you fundamentally think about targeting differently. Especially in group content, you target the mob(s) as quickly as possible so that you can /assist the mob to heal (in contrast, tanks tend to cycle NPCs and look at their targets to know what to taunt). In classic this is more important than it is in current live content. Tanks have zero AA, crap weapons, and occasionally questionable skills early on. Also, some DPS like to drop their biggest nuke on INC. NONE of that is bad...once. I hope some of them are trying a new class for the first time! The result is agro tends to ping pong hard around the group early on. If you play "whack a mole" (heal the player with the lowest HP bar) you can find yourself a bit behind the curve...getting group members targeted as they are dying. The mobs current target is a leading indicator of who currently needs a heal. Health bars can lie to you. They tell you who "took" damage. When things get in the weeds and your not sure who to heal next...assist the mob!

    2) Buff your tanks! This is serious business in classic. Your buffs are a significant percentage of a tanks HP/AC. You'll have a symbol line, an HP line, and an AC line of spells. All three of these need to be on the main tank 100% of the time. If your a good cleric you heal well and buff them as they ask. If your an outstanding cleric you will set up a window that has nothing going to it except "event messages" and "spell wearing off" messages. I use a window with black background and make my "Your XXXXX has faded on XXXX" come up in bright yellow letters. Buff your ordinary tanks as they ask. However, if you want to befriend a great tank, making sure they never ask for cleric buffs is a good way to go. This habit will also set you up to be a valuable raid cleric and you'll get all the good work! Little things like this tell tanks and guilds that you are making an effort and you take your role seriously. For me...its just fun to anticipate needs.

    Note: You'll get behind on buffs in fast paced groups. You'll be behind on mana. Communicate with your puller/MT. Sometimes they will just want to chain pull and you buff when you can. Often they will pause for a named and allow time for rebuffs. Point 2 above is a best practice. As with all things, there are exceptions. If you are grinding XP and not challenged by content, so be it. Still, challenge yourself to sneak in those buffs.

    3) Potions are your friends. Befriend potion vendors and keep your bags stocked on concentration potions and mana boosters. I haven't played a TLP since Phinny, so I forget what all the potions are called. They get cheap very quickly and a cleric that travels with their own mana pots can really improve the pace of the group. As I recall, their is at least one potion that stacks with breeze/clarity, but you'll figure that out quickly enough.

    4) Try to befriend a tank or two early. Tank + healer is a great start for a group. Plus, you'll have someone you can talk your craft with. I've raided all content up to TBL on my cleric and all content on my Paladin. I've learned more about healing technique and mechanics talking to better clerics. I've learned more about tactics talking to tanks! There is a built in symmetry between tanks and those that heal them. If you can't do those two things at least good amount of DPS or CC will carry a raid, and rarely can it carry a group. Find you a pocket tank (or tanks) and make sure you nourish and feed them properly! They make great pets...and if your really good at your job you can let them maintain the illusion that they are in control!

    5) Neither a jerk nor a chump be. You have the power of life and death in classic. Ask yourself: "Is healing this person at this time in the groups best interest?" Amazingly enough, the answer is sometimes no. What is better, 1 dead or 6 dead? You often find yourself in the role of judge, jury, and executioner. Some healers are jerks and use this power to get their way in an argument. Don't be that healer. Other healers try to "out heal" stupid. Can't be that person either. Crap happens, generally go down with the ship if that is what it comes to and work out the "whys" to get it right the next time. However, if someone is making consistently poor decisions and is uncoachable, send them to the school of hard knocks.

    6) In classic, generally speaking, don't heal what you can't see. Feign pulling and mob splitting happens a lot in classic. For that reason, healing an unseen puller can bring a train through your living room. If in doubt, ask if it is "safe to heal?" in /g or /t. (I mention this assuming ET window does not work in TLP? If it does, your temptation to heal pullers is greatly reduced by a ET window lit up like a Christmas Tree.)

    I love what I'm doing on FV currently, so I'm probably not going to try to build a toon on one of the new TLPs, but I love playing a cleric in classic. I'm envious of those of you that are thinking about giving it a shot. Anyone who thinks playing a cleric is boring, your not doing it right!

    Enjoy the game! Anyone trying a cleric for the first time, feel free to send me tells in game. I like to coach and mentor!

    -Formerly Artroz CT/Phinigel (Currently Freppy (CLR)/Zannin (PAL) on FV)
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  17. Cabdru TTV Apprentice

    make enchanter friends, do pretty much all the content in the game. get rich
  18. Grebyr Journeyman

    Have a /assist button. Being able to quickly tab around closest NPCs and using the /assist button to then target who is getting bashed is invaluable. Mainly important for raiding when with people outside your group.
  19. RainbowTest Augur

    Make a necromancer and level it to 50 first and farm up the plat to buy all the twink items possible for the baby cleric. Then when you play the cleric, you will have a huge advantage and people will seek you out over other less geared clerics.
  20. Accipiter Augur

    Claim you need all gems because of symbol. ;)

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