Cleric Tips for new server?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tayvial, May 19, 2020.

  1. Tayvial Journeyman

    Returning player but going to main a cleric for once and give it a shot! Just wonder for a few tips and tricks on gearing, race and what to focus on as a cleric besides rez the dead haha
  2. Rakete Lorekeeper

    heal the not-yet-dead!
  3. Stratka Lorekeeper

    • Race - The biggest benefit is worshiping Innoruuk so you can get a snare item
    • Items - Doesn't matter until you start raiding
    • Make sure both your invulnerable spells are memorized. Use them liberally to not die.
    • The enchanter (or whoever is charming) is the single most important person in the group. Depending on your bind point, keeping them alive is sometimes more important than keeping yourself alive.
    • Heal the charm pet unless it's being replaced. Put it on your extended target window
    • The overall goal is not to have the raid wait on cleric mana
    • Update your extended target window with priority tanks not in your group
    • Do your best to spread out buffs with the other clerics. Create extended target windows that display the healers so you can ensure there isn't 3 clerics oom and 4 at full mana.
    • Don't die, use invulnerable skills liberally.
    • CH chains are standard, not much to say other than don't mess it up
    There is a lot more but these are off the top of my head
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  4. Minpire Augur

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  5. Ghost Of Fippy Elder

    Race: Choose Dwarf.

    Cleric plate/shield/weapons are not light in Classic. You will want to have some room to carry your phat lootz before you become encumbered. Plus Dwarves have better starting stats for getting pummeled when pulling aggro for healing your groups Tank.

    High Elf has the best Wisdom at level 1, but sucks when it comes to strengthm to carry items while fully geared and also has a glass chin. Also, Wisdom is not hard to max with the Cleric gear you get by Velious launch no matter the race you start with.

    But if you want to go evil, Dark Elf is the way to go. Why be human, when you are going to be hated everywhere anyways.
  6. Tuco Elder

    How do you feel about the snare clicky vs
    Defender of the Faithful Heart
    [1819] Primal Essence
    3: Increase STA by 20
    5: Increase AGI by 20
    6: Increase STR by 20
    7: Increase DEX by 20
    Which isn't available to dark elves (but is available to humans who worship innoruuk)?
  7. Zansobar Augur

    I don't believe the extended target window is available on TLPs at launch, isn't it tied to a very late expansion that most TLP players never end up seeing?
  8. Tuco Elder

    I sure hope I get the ETW when I ding 20.

    UI: Extended Target | Original | Minimal Level 20 to access.
  9. Zipe The Healer

    If you want to have BiS bracer (Symbol of Tunarian Worship) during Velious, you should go Tunare / high Elf and complete the quest before your guild wipes down Plane of Growth.
    If you want to have a snare clickie you should go Innorruk.
    If you want to hide and afk in a corner, you should go halfling or DE for "hide".
    If you want to look cool on plate and being able to skill up fletching easily, you should go Human Karana for cultural arrows. Human Karana can use clickies to Freeport and Qeynos (Faithstone of Courage and Faithstone of Thunder, but this items are not available until you are level 51 so they are useless during Classic where they would shine the most, so they are kinda just a toy).
    Only human, eru and frog can use Mask of the Tundra Walker.
    I think that if you plan to play past PoP, DE and innorruk bonuses will be irrelevant, but then you can race change...

    Anyhow, the best advice I can give to anyone that haven't mained a cleric on that early eras is (besides loading as much DA's as you can like mentioned above) abuse Pacify. Lull is extremely powerful until Omens of War, when its mechanic changes giving it another purpose. Until then, Pacify basically makes mobs blind. You can cast it without LoS. It's your invis (SoS) spell and solo pull tool.
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  10. Stratka Lorekeeper

    They changed the extended target window on Mangler/Selo so it was available.

    The above poster mentioned hide which I totally forgot about and is a great point. Sneak too if you're a halfling can help with some quest turn ins (like King Tormax in Velious)
  11. Overcast451 Elder

    Dark elf snare necklace can be quite useful.

    But don't let that be the single deciding factor.

    Also - depending on the race.. put some points into strength. Being encumbered all the time is a pain in the a$$. Especially when you can't keep up with the group. I'd try to get at least 75 STR.

    Later on - you'll find a lot more cleric gear that's viable with WIS on it than STR. Of course, you can use a piece or two of tank gear, if needed - but you might have to give up Mana/Wis for that. Personally, I'd put points into my DE Cleric's STR at start and have not regretted it. Although.. from a brand new start on a new TLP, it might create a slight bit of challenge with the mana pool. Still... I'd put some points into STR for the long term help it offers. That consideration does make the Dwarf or Human a viable choice too for sure.

    My 'old' High Elf Cleric's strength was always a pain to deal with until maybe Velious armors. After that - not such a big deal I suppose.
  12. MaestroM Augur

    Anyone have an extended target window guide they like?
  13. Stratka Lorekeeper

    A major factor is also if you plan on purchasing the 100% weight reduction bag(s) from the store. I got the anniversary bundle on Mangler and haven't regretted it.
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  14. Stratka Lorekeeper

    It's very intuitive. Right click on one of the slots and you will see a list of available commands. You can also save and name selections for future reference such as "Raid Warriors".
  15. Overcast451 Elder

    Oh yes. I haven't for one second regretted that!! Having all that space allows for a lot of loot per run :)

    There are also some 'weapon crates' that are 20 slot, no weight as well.

    Even with those though - 60 strength might push it on armor alone.. :)
  16. ayoforYayoh Augur

    Buy the 40 slot bag. That's the best / most op race for cleric.

    Anything else really doesn't matter
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  17. Tayvial Journeyman

    Thank you everyone for the information. that answered everything I needed. You guys rock
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  18. Tayvial Journeyman

    Makes things little easier with this lol. Buts needed it seems like.
  19. DryalRmog Elder

    One thing most don't think about is when making cleric toon, take your WIS DOWN as far as it will go. Make your STR as HIGH as it will go.

    Most will say that's nuts! Wis is your primary stat!!!!

    Let me say tho, Wis is so easy to max out, on Mangler right now I think I am 90 points over my 355 WIS cap in planes of power, but still am not maxed out on STR or AGI or CHA ect.

    STR is best to chose because clerics are in all plate, and its heavy, and we get encumbered VERY EASY if you don't do the starting STR suggestion above. (I target 100+) If you roll with 80 STR, and your base gear when in plate is 90, its encumbered city all the time.

    Trust me from someone that has main cleric, max STR.

    You wont regret it
  20. Heloisa New Member

    +1 on the 40 slot bag.
    As for race. Doesn't really matter and by that I mean,,, you want to look good great amirite? If you want to look great in plate, or chain, or cloth or nekkid, there can be only one choice. Dark Elf <The Master Race>. :D

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