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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Niloiv, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Cuuthbert Elder

    I love Mod Rods
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  2. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    I usually run out of endurance a lot quicker than mana on my bard. And if you die as a bard its way tougher to get back in the event using endurance costing abilities than mana. We have a few ways to get mana back but not much in the way of endurance.

    I would like to see bards get something to gain some small amount of endurance. Breather ability would be nice even if it was a weaker version than other classes get.
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  3. svann Augur

    Id love it if we had weapons with alleviating burst and if they worked for bards. When we get a good run of insults going I almost dont have time to sing anything else but alliances and that burns mana.
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  4. Cloud the Third Augur

    We have rally solo but that is about it and that means sitting basically afk for 30secs and only getting about 20-30% back after a death.

    I did hear they are changing what happens after a rez in the next patch so it may change things completely.
  5. Cuuthbert Elder

    It is pretty simple. You chew on mod rods end of story, and if you die you come back and hopefully you have Rally solo up and mod rod is not on cool down, and yea bellow and shout are pretty much done at this time.
    SO suck it up and have a no mana use melody ready to go. When you use your rally solo, gauge the fight know if you can sit back for 30 seconds or not or do you have to jump in and do something.
    Situational awareness and some extra thought into your character is not a bad thing.

    Yes we all want a Bardshadowbeastshamanknight that can canni tap cast on the run and tank the named while casting on the run and splash heal.

    Figure out the toon you have make it work, I read so many of these posts where <insert class> needs blah blah blah. Cookie cutter players always want cookie cutter solutions
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  6. Kaenneth Augur

    If you get more mana regen, next expansion songs/abilities will cost more anyway.

    Ask for lower mana costs instead.
  7. ptah Augur

    I think Cuuth hit nail on head.

    Use of rally is choice of bard to save for self post death or helping a fallen friend. Rods at cool down (for me its 93% or lower).

    Situational Awareness, if the event longer/slow adjust synergy min max if need or not, each and every bard situation is different.

    Avoid death, have plan post death. and sometimes peak burn is called for and recovery for next step is called for, we adjust like sands in a hour clock, these are melodies of our life.. cue the soap music.
  8. Gildor New Member

    Maybe because it doesnt work on bard?
  9. svann Augur

    I shouldnt have said mana regen. Must have been tired. But it does raise mana pool to the tune of about 29 mana per heroic int.
  10. PatchinBB New Member

    I just started a bard with the free heroic toons, hit 115 with him about a week ago (box 6 toons, easy to PL 1 at a time), and perusing the bard forums now, to get tips/tricks. Very, very much noob at barding.

    After reading this, I thought I'd give some input, since I was VERY surprised how fast the bard goes through mana and endurance.

    My bard is on Gold account, in mix ToV T1-T3 group gear, with a few odd and end augs picked up while grinding fast, but still missing many augs and many gear upgrades admittedly. 169k mana unbuffed/no PS.

    I box with 3 magicians, 1 chanter, 1 druid. 2 mages are Silver accounts, strictly T1 ToV gear, almost no augs.

    Both Silver mages, with ~163k unbuffed mana pools, no spec augs, or mana proc augs, etc, easily outlast bard on mana. Bard will be OOM, endurance been gone for many minutes, and both silver acct mages still sitting at 30-40% mana.

    That's just using BB for pulling, and 1 insult in melody. (very conservative mana/end rotation)

    That's running RS > of many > spear > chaotic > spear on both mages. (highest dps, zero conservation for mana rotation).

    Just trying to give a fair assessment of the disparity between them, and trying to compare apples to apples.

    Bard mana regen/inability to take advantage of mana specialty things like enchanter Gracious Gift of Mana is not on par with their mana costs of spells/songs.

    I do agree though, with whoever posted that the argument should be to lower the mana cost of songs.
  11. code-zero Augur

    You should be using Sonic Disturbance to pull
  12. Jennre Elder

    Please dont muck with Bard mana.
  13. Jyve Augur

    Equipping instruments should make the mana/yellow mana cost for the song (if it matches the instrument type) be... 10% of it's regular cost. Monstrous focus boosts.
  14. Metanis Augur

    I think Bard endurance is one of those imaginary things like a double spawn rate.

    260k endurance pool on my bard and she's always at zero just trying to do a single BB per mob. Otherwise all she sing's is group ADPS (including Chorus) and sometimes a poison and disease dot.

    I'm refreshing Rallys (solo and group) and Zburator's as they pop.

    I never have any mana problems with her, but I must be missing something to constantly be out of endurance. Is there some special gear or something that has uber End regen? My SK never has an End problem.
  15. Qbert Augur

    Eh, if I'm playing hard enough to drop my bard's endurance that low, I just use rallying solo on cooldown and I never run out.
  16. Tucoh Augur

    Do you not use

    [7392/16785] Vainglorious Shout VII
    Endurance: 10500
    [51313/3282] Boastful Bellow XLI
    Endurance: 3000

    I pretty much stopped using Vainglorious except in rare cases because it'd drain my endurance so quickly.

    It's ironic that the class who fills the endurance battery role lore-wise is the only class that has endurance problems due to being the only endurance-using class left off of this line:

    [43000/3611] Breather
    Classes: WAR/101 PAL/101 RNG/101 SHD/101 MNK/101 ROG/101 BST/101 BER/101
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  17. Wulfhere Augur

    For Mana regen, get Darkened Fungus Covered Scale Tunic (this summer in HH Seb).

    For EndRegen, get Artisan's Prize, Nathar Diamond, Mask of Immortal End, and use Enchanted Dragon Scale (melee DPS power source). Consider grinding Tears of Alaris. Get all these type 7,8 augs to fill out every slot: Relife Adornment, Earth Love, Deep Mine Bulwark, Incense of Everlasting, Hero's Calling, etc.. Also max out Enhanced Reformation AA. Heroics would be HSTA and HAGI (not HDEX).

    For both stats, look at your tribute and trophies too.
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  18. Szilent Augur

    Rallying Solo doesn't require sitting OOC for 2 minutes, it can keep your endurance off the floor
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  19. Funky Augur

    correct, as long as you do not turn on attack or start any cast that's considered detrimental or it will end rally solo early..

    it would be amazing if they gave bards breather and/or made rally solo like breather where you're slowed while it's going.
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  20. Bederper New Member

    No expert bard here, but this is my experience

    Regarding Mana, the frequency of Insults seems to be the cause of my OOM barding problems. First up, I run Sathirs rather than Omorden’s. Less mana, less push back, and still triggers synergy. Second, I moved Insult to song 5 or 6 in my twist. Although I miss the synergy procs, I don’t end up casting it every mob since they die in 12-20secs (just my way of throttling mana consumption). Third, make use of group mana regen tools, cleric quiet prayer etc.

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