banned for 6 boxing?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by NoType, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. NoType Journeyman

    @xthemountain Even funnier, I hadn't even heard of redguides until you just mentioned that to me.. Are you RMTing mountain?
  2. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    Not trying to get this thread closed just yet. Just follow the breadcrumbs and avoid OP like the plague.
  3. Aghinem Augur

    What is RMT? Real Mean Train?
  4. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    Getting a little defensive are we? Afraid your scamming will be ruined before it can start on LJ? Or perhaps you were already here scamming all along?!
  5. NoType Journeyman

    rofl xmountain i have a clear conscience. i dont need to defend myself to some internet troll. have a nice day
  6. Son of a... Augur

    I stopped reading after page one...
    So a hearty round of applause for Daybreak Games!
    For once they do good.
    I'm assuming this guy is still screwed.

    screw the army by one.
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  7. NoType Journeyman

    I already spoke with Holly. My accounts are temp suspended, that's it. Theyre verifying that I am the one who made the charges.. Very rude of you to be excited that I am out >$300. Hope one day you lose an account and your hard earned money.
  8. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    Deflect. It's ok. Next time you probably shouldn't use a twitter account attached to a name that is synonymous with "thief". Hope DGC doesn't refund you. Then again they wouldn't be taking YOUR money now would they?
  9. NoType Journeyman

    Here's the funny part if you want a little truth. The guy ryantwin20 deleted his twitter last year.. When he did I took it. Just to have fun with trolls like yourself. I have nothing to hide. Run along, its past your bedtime bud.
  10. NoType Journeyman

    @xthemountain just another guy butt hurt over the mage powah, its ok man. I'll pray for you when I go to bed tonight... :)
  11. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    How are you out any money? Thought you paid for all your accounts with stolen krono?
  12. NoType Journeyman

    I'm not out of money and you have no idea who i am irl, so please hush puppy. Are you my mommy?
  13. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    Lol you're so defensive over being outted. Why don't you just go away and try to regain anonymity so that you can go scam some more people. Can't wait to see you get banned for botting in the near future and cry all over the forums again!
  14. Iila Augur

    I wish these forums were like that xbox live support forum where banned players can get the details of why they were banned. The usual "I did nothing wrong", or "my little brother was using my account" posts demanding to get unbanned are followed up with answers like:

    You were banned for exposing yourself over cam while playing uno.

    You were banned for repeated forced name changes, all of which involved hilter and condoms.

    You were advertising a mod service and hacked game lobbies in your profile.
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  15. NoType Journeyman

    If a Dev could please delete this thread, I would appreciate it. I came on here to vent and it has turned into a muck. Not my cup of tea, nor my style to be involved in such silliness. Please delete this thread.
  16. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    Lol wants the evidence destroyed that he is a confirmed scammer. Priceless.
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  17. NoType Journeyman

    God you make me laugh. Another fail wannabe cyber cop. U got nothing better to do irl so you drag my name through the mud. Tired of listening to you
  18. Slasher Augur

    If you create multiple accounts from the same IP in a 24hr time frame they ban all accounts until you contact support. It started around the time ps2 came out.
  19. NoType Journeyman

    Notice no one's even listening to you?
  20. XTheMountainX Journeyman

    Thought you were done responding to me? If you're innocent and I'm trolling then why did you delete your twitter?
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