banned for 6 boxing?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by NoType, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. NoType Journeyman

    @Kerberos on my kids life, i wouldn't spend RL Money if i was coming here to cheat. I enjoy playing the game the right way and boxing at the same time. The only reason I can now think of, is because I used hotspot shield to make the accounts... thats the only thing i can think of.... but still, why does it say banned when i log in in game, but on the website here it says suspended?
  2. Tudadar Augur

    GM's dont follow you in game for making more accounts then you should lol...
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  3. NoType Journeyman

    @Tudadar I am telling you we talked to him in game... And then he just started following my roommate...Then a few minutes later, he was banned too.... There's no cheating or RMTing going on here, hence I made this thread because I am truly puzzled.
  4. Shmef Augur

    most likely the reasoning is because of forcing multiple accounts when it limits you to 2 a day. best bet would be to contact directly through phone(if they even still have phone support? they have cut so much) to explain your situation. it is likely an auto/semi-auto ban system to stop people from spamming accounts when it went free to play.

    or perhaps seeing these accounts created from different IPs via the vpn, then they are automatically from the same IP would look suspicious.
  5. taliefer Augur

    they dont have phone support any longer.
  6. NoType Journeyman

    Their support like I said is NON EXISTANT. If you tweet DB HELP, they just say "open a ticket." You open a ticket, 24+ hours goes by and you hear nothing....Sad sad sad. So quick to take your money, but do very little when you actually need help.
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  7. Synisca Augur

    Some people are better at breaking rules than others, lol. Did you use the same e-mail for all 12 of your accounts? The same payment info? Like Almar said, it was likely auto flagged in their system and you will probably get all the accounts back. It's just gonna be a pita to wait however long the average time on tickets are atm.
  8. RainbowTest Augur

    Ofcourse they will force 14 accounts made on the same day from the same IP to go through an appeals process to make sure they are who they are. They do this to stop things like proxy connections. Also if you used a bank linked card to buy them all your bank probably approved with a hold to transfer which then makes DBG see it as a stop payment and banned the accounts till they got their money. You should have waited to find out before getting banned a second time. To mean trying again without expecting the same result and being mad when the result is the same is sheer stupidity.
  9. kalanec New Member

    just send a support ticket. If you didn't do anything then they will just unban you.
  10. Anastasis Elder

    @NoType. Have you check with your credit card company? If you created 24 accounts in one shot, all on the same credit card, the credit card company may raise a red flag and stop the transaction from Day Break. If the credit card company reject the payment request from Day Break, it will resulted in Day Break banning your account.
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  11. NoType Journeyman

    Yes my card is fine. No charge backs nothing. DBG got the money.

    @Rainbowtest Yes I used the same email address for all of the accounts. I also made all the account names the same name just changed the numbers at the end. I used to same payment info on every account as well. Same exact credit card.
  12. Epicus Journeyman

    Exploit - a software tool designed to take advantage of a flaw in a computer system.
    You went around the system to create more accounts than you were allowed.

    I think this is the main reason your accounts were banned. You will more than likely regain access to them through a support ticket.

    I'm fresh out of sympathy, but here's something to think about in the future.Next time you lose $90, try asking questions BEFORE you repeat the process.
  13. NoType Journeyman

    Well yes it was silly of me to lose 12 and open 12 more... I thought it might have just been some kind of freak accident... I chalked it up as a loss and made 12 more... I wonder what average response times on tickets are right now? I put one in yesterday morning
  14. NoType Journeyman

    And it has nothing to do with my card because my other team i used krono on a few of them to up them and they were banned too.. Only thing I can think of is because i had the VPN running when I made them... That's the only reason left it could be...

    Can anyone tell me WHY though it says banned when I log in to EQ, but on the DBG site it says suspended? Kind of a contradiction.... Not sure what to make of it.
  15. taliefer Augur

    about 3 days from anecdotal evidence
  16. Lateryn Augur

    I can never trust threads like this. 99.9% of them are lying and pretending they did "nothing wrong".

    Who makes 12 accounts and they get banned/suspended and just turns around to make 12 more without finding out wtf happened to the first 12?
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  17. Steampunk Augur

    Case solved. You violated the rules. You may not have intended any harm, and I hope you get your money back or your accounts reinstated, but that is what triggered it.
  18. Usethekamehamehawave New Member

    Bingo -- This is all I can think here. There is more to the story that we're not being told. Otherwise, making the second set of accounts makes no sense whatsoever.
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  19. NoType Journeyman

    I told you i made the second accounts because I thought maybe it was just a mishap. I thought well maybe because I used krono that a friend gave me for 2 of the accounts, maybe that's what got them banned. I thought maybe they thought it was RMT. That's why with the other 12 accounts, i went right on to the DBG site to pay the $14.99 for each account. Figured that was a sure fire way to make sure there could be no problems......I used a vpn several months ago to make my first box team and i never ever had an issue....
  20. Synisca Augur

    This is why you're banned and the people in sol b are not. :p
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