banned for 6 boxing?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by NoType, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. NoType Journeyman

    First of all, CS at DBG is non existant. I created 6 accounts 2 nights ago... Next morning they were banned. That cost me $90. My friend also who lives with me made the same amount and spent the same amount, he too is banned without warning.

    Fast forward to last night, Spent $200 upping 12 accounts, 6 for me 6 for him... Rinse and repeat, wake up, accounts are banned. We don't talk to anyone in game, we don't RMT, we don't bother anyone... We never even received emails about WHY....So now 24 accounts gone in less than 48 hours.... Not to mention Hludwolf the "GM" was auto following my roommate in game.... No idea where this came from or why we would just get banned with NO explanation. So DBG gets to just take our $300 and not even tell us why? Are they now against mage boxing? There's no other reason I can think of why would be banned.
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  2. Zublak Augur

    So $90 x 2 = $180.00 - Then it's $200.00 and at the end it's $300.00? And you want someone to take you serious?
  3. Canik Augur

    What software were you using along with your boxing software?
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  4. Syrup Augur

    May have been flagged for fraud prevention, or maybe disputed charges.
  5. Ghubuk Augur

    Wow...sure gives an idea how many krono RMT'rs are making.
  6. AlmarsGuides Augur

    they only allow you to make 2 per day, you went around that feature and that probably flagged your IP. making 12 accounts in a day will make any company go "Hmm"
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  7. NoType Journeyman

    i dont RMT, i paid online the 14.99.... i did that 24 times.. so whatever math that comes out to, is what i am out for money... when i try to log in the toons IN GAME it says BANNED.... when i try to log the accounts in on DBG website, says suspended.....

    We use [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] ONLY... No or kissassist or any of that nonsense

    Sorry my math was off, that doesn't change the fact that i was robbed by these greedy people and then not even given the decency of an email which they claim they send out when they do this to people

    I have never had any chargebacks or disputed payments either....
  8. NoType Journeyman

    @AlmarsGuides Yes, I used hotspot to make the other accounts since it only let me make 2.... Why allow people to box, but then say oh, you can only make 2 accounts per day.. That doesn't change the fact that I paid for the accounts....
  9. Vaclav Augur

    The minute you start doing a workaround, you should be aware they did it for a reason.
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  10. Zahariel Journeyman

    I'm on NoType's side. Unless you had some other software enabled or even unknowingly had something running in the background.

    But creating a 6 box team is the only way to get ahead on these servers. DB created that culture and we're just adapting to it. Made a 6 box team myself recently out of envy and disgust. Originally I had just wanted to play a solo character. Can't get anywhere near where I want to be with 1 character on these servers.
  11. NoType Journeyman

    The only thing I am guilty of, is running is boxer and using a vpn to create more accounts... I paid legitimately through Daybreak's site to up all 24 accounts... Why not email me and ask me? Why not give me a phone call? Oh I forgot, they don't offer phone support because the company is run by 5 people who line their pockets with hard earned player's money. This whole thing is ridiculous. Oh here you can make as many accounts as you want says DBG, BUT if you do, we're going to ban you AND keep your money.
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  12. AlmarsGuides Augur

    petition you'll get everything back if you weren't using the bad program and only the good one
  13. Synisca Augur

    I didn't know about the two accounts per day rule. I find it crazy that you found the rule when you went to make the third account, did some shenanigans to get around said rule, then were surprised when you were suspended. did the whole process again. o_O
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  14. taliefer Augur

    no, actually, they said make 2 accounts. you used a workaround to bypass that.
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  15. Synisca Augur

    I assume if you petition they'll give you your accounts back. Just so there is no surprise in the future though...breaking rules generally gets you in trouble. Even if you don't agree with the rules, or they don't really make sense.
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  16. Vaclav Augur

    EULA says that VM and VPNs are not permitted with explicit mention IIRC anyhow.
  17. NoType Journeyman

    ok well i never played the game with a VPN running. I felt like because I was putting $14.99 times 24 in their pocket it wasnt a big deal. It's not like im botting or exploiting like a lot of other idiots in this game. I just don't understand why it says banned when I try to log into everquest... But when I try to log my account in here on DBG site it says suspended... I put in a ticket yesterday, no response yet.
  18. Kerberos New Member

    The likelihood of you having been banned for 6 boxing so quickly when many of us have 12 boxed for years across both eq and eq2 is highly unlikely so forgive us if we are skeptical that you were not automating something.
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  19. NoType Journeyman

    Anyone running around with a 6, 12, or 18 team that I have seen farming in sol b at freeti 24/7 didnt wait a month to make their accounts. They used a VPN as well.. I just think this is ridiculous. At least email your customers or an automated phone call that asks if it was really you who made those charges.... Should never just go straight to a ban hammer with no explanation.
  20. Finchy Augur them asking for them to lift it because you paid for them and did nothing wrong (outside a work around to give them more money....) If they won't just do a chargeback on all 24 accounts with your bank. not all that big of an issue really...
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