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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Grok, May 1, 2020.

  1. Grok Elder

    We do have a few open slots (most classes) now though. Please stop by discord and check, even if you previously had applied for a class that was full. Most of us in Melody are having a blast so far! We have a great group of people making progress each week.
  2. Obiwangnomie New Member

    I'm a rogue (Full Tang) who was recently kicked out of the guild because I refused to burn my DKP on a dagger that was a minimal upgrade while I had much larger needs. I'm sure Grok will come up with some other excuse, but the bottom line is that this is a progression server and most of our gear will be obsolete in another couple of weeks. The dagger wasn't worth my time while upgrading my banded armor was. /shrug. Never experienced anything like it since my early days on Morell-Thule but it's just a game. Press On!
  3. Obiwangnomie New Member

    Oh, and thanks for 'Robe of the Kedge' just before the boot. I mean, we were only on the 4th target of the night when this happened (Vox/Fear/Kedge/Hole). Guess I should have called it quits after Fear so no one was 'offended' by my wanting to play my own character my way. But whatever.
  4. Freetheweed New Member

    Are you still recruiting? I have a 48 Enchanter that is looking for east coast raiding.
  5. Grok Elder

    We lost a few more people to recent server lag issues and what not. We have open spots for all classes (strongest need is dps). Please stop by discord if interested. Looking for raiders that can make most of our tues/thur/sat 8p EDT raids!

    Your well-played box is welcome to join with you as a full member!
  6. Grok Elder

    Grats everyone on our first Dracoliche AND Cazic Thule kill last night!
  7. Grok Elder

    Grats everyone on our first Inny kill last night!
  8. Grok Elder

    Grats everyone on our first Eye of Veeshan kill last night! Classic cleared. We are still recruiting, we've been running a 50-60 man raid, so still plenty of spots if anyone is looking for a medium-core guild!
  9. Grok Elder

    Still recruiting all classes to gear up for Kunark. Right now we are full clearing classic with ~53 in raid.
  10. Grok Elder

    We are still averaging around ~53 in raid, if anyone is looking for a medium size guild that is clearing all the content in era, stop by our discord.
  11. Grok Elder

    Melody of Mischief is gearing up for Velious! Please join our discord and say hello if you are interested in joining up. We are a non-zerg guild that intends to fully clear Velious and have a lot of fun doing so We allow up to 2 (boxed) full dkp mains per person. We like to hit all our buttons and play well, but not take ourselves too seriously. You wont find long applications or 3 levels of management here.. we do not play ManagerQuest. MoM was formed right before Aradune launch and consists of mostly players guilding together for the first time on this server. If you are looking for a place where you are not the only person who hasn't been in the guild for 10+ years, this might be a good fit. We successfully destroyed classic and kunark in-era running ~40-50 in raid most of the and aggressively split the easier/older raids for more loot. Discord required.

    Our raid times are 8pm eastern Tues/Thurs/Sat.

  12. Lineater Lorekeeper

    Bump. Still recruiting all classes, come by and say hi!
  13. Grok Elder

    You can view our updated roster here http://melody.opendkp.com . (Still looking for clerics too, even though we have a few..)
  14. Grok Elder

    Updated main description for Luclin.
  15. Grok Elder

  16. Grok Elder

    Bump. Still recruiting for Luclin!
  17. Grok Elder

    Bump. Happy Luclin day everyone.
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