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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Grok, May 1, 2020.

  1. Grok Elder

    We are relaxed, hit all out buttons, and do not take ourselves too seriously. We don't play ManagerQuest and pretend the game is more complicated than it is.
  2. Grok Elder

  3. Grok Elder

  4. tigersnack New Member

    Longtime player that loves TLP looking for a fun guild! Will play Druid and maybe a Ranger. I'm all about teamwork, bringing a positive outlook and cracking jokes until it is "game time". Focus, concentrate and then be goofy after we take down the target.
  5. Grok Elder

    Glad to have you!
  6. Grok Elder

    We are at 40 members, and only 7 played together on the previous TLP. This is a great chance to get into a guild where not everyone has a 20 year history with each other making you the outsider. Come be part of our core team! It is a great group so far.
  7. Fumm New Member

    Only a couple days left before we start, come join us!
  8. Depra New Member

    I am all set to roll my rouge...Rogz. Still got room for a returning middle aged guy?
  9. Sirottos_Ghost New Member

  10. Grok Elder

    It's release day!!!!!!!!!! Here is our current line up, we are still open recruiting with no class restrictions at this time.

    7 Cleric
    5 Druid
    7 Shaman
    6 Warrior
    3 Shadowknight
    3 Paladin
    4 Monk
    0 Rogue
    5 Ranger
    5 Magician
    6 Wizard
    3 Necromancer
    9 Enchanter
    4 Bard

    67 Total Characters
    44 Total Members
    21 Single
    23 Two Boxers
  11. MJAMESC New Member

    Are you guys all even able to get online? I tried clicking login the second it become available and I've been sitting in a queue for 26 minutes now. Does this just mean the log-on/character creation is overwhelmed or do i actually have to wait for people to log off after playing for hours?
  12. Wispur-Aradune New Member

    Thanks for accepting me.
    I appreciate your "rigorous" screening process. :)
  13. Grok Elder

    Happy to have you!

    Update for everyone: We do have the guild created < Melody of Mischief > and a bunch of people tagged. Members can ask in #guild-chat to get tagged in game near your starting area. We are still open recruiting all classes for anyone who hates themselves enough to be playing with these 3 hour queue times.
  14. Grok Elder

    Our first raid will be a class mob clear of Hate on Thursday 6/4 @ 8p eastern. Still time to drop by discord and introduce yourself.
  15. Grok Elder

    We completed our first Hate class mob clear last Thursday, and our first Fear class gear + Fright and Dread last night.

    Still open recruiting, particular need for clerics, monks, rogues bug all classes welcome.
  16. Grok Elder

    We had a fun Plane of Sky raid last need even after the ridiculous hour and forty-five minutes it took for people to log in... cleared first three islands and got some good drops from Pegasus island. Haste belts for every melee there.

    Still plenty of time for new people to get in from the start. We are open recruiting all classes.
  17. Grok Elder

    Still need cleric and bards, drop by discord and check if you are another class.
  18. Grok Elder

    Congrats everyone on our first Nagafen kill! 36 in raid, ended with a shaman tanking...

    We are closed on a few classes, but open on many. Check https://melody.opendkp.com/ for the current roster. Stop by our discord and check with me, we may take full classes if you will have a very high RA.
  19. Grok Elder

    Limiting new recruits to level 46+ now.
  20. Mattling Journeyman

    We kicked the ranger from the guild because he's a known troll who has been banned from EQ Live and P99 on multiple occasions.

    We have yet to attempt bees and wiped on Draco at 8% last night. Issue is not a lack of funding but we're a smaller guild looking to beat the content the way it was intended. Most of our members have done previous TLPs and the zerg thing. We're not interested in bringing 72 members to a raid and cheesing the content. This holds true for the other issues as well.

    The guild was not a good fit for you or your friends, I'm sorry that we didn't make that more clear when you joined. Best of luck on your adventures.

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