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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Grok, May 1, 2020.

  1. Grok Elder

    < Melody of Mischief > is recruiting new friends on Aradune. We are an East Coast raiding guild Tues/Thurs/Sat at 8p-12a three days a week. MoM uses DKP and each human may play up to two (boxed) mains who will independently earn and spend DKP freely. Only box if you plan to play your box like a main. Looking for all classes.

    Melody successfully cleared all of Velious with 48 in raid. We recently have lost a few people for various reasons. When running a tight raid, losing a few people really hurts so we are looking to fill those spots right away. It may take a bit to rebuild up to enough to do end content in Luclin.

    We are looking for people who:
    • Love a challenge - we do not want to 72-man steamroll content, if you want to follow a crowd around and just hit auto attack.. this is not the place for you. Your actions matter here, you have the power to make the raid a win or loss.
    • Show up for most raids.
    • Are fully engaged - no ninja afk'ing.
    • Enjoy grouping and hitting older content on off-days.
    • We do not take ourselves too seriously. Our goal is to have fun and have the opportunity to hit all our buttons.
    • DKP loot system - https://melody.opendkp.com
    • 60% 30-day Raid Attendance required to spend more than minimum bid DKP
    • Up to two (boxed) mains per human, each main will maintain their own DKP pool and freely bid on items
    • Discord (with microphone) and Gina required.
    Come talk to us on discord if you are interested - https://discord.gg/vxxD7Wy
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  2. Maneuvre Elder

    the image of a Halfling Bard for the logo comes to mind no? :p Slick name by the way +1
  3. Grok Elder

    We are creating class lists and voting on raid days in discord over the next couple weeks.
  4. Grok Elder

    We are up to 20 members. Plenty of time to get in on the ground floor and be part of our original group if you are not looking to join a guild full of people who have been best e-friends for 20 years already.
  5. Grok Elder

    Updated information about important DKP detail.
    • DKP loot system
    • Up to two (boxed) mains per human, each main will maintain their own DKP pool and freely bid on items
  6. Nozraku Journeyman

    Discord link is busted
  7. Grok Elder

    It looks to still be functional, try again.
  8. Agony Lorekeeper

    How many members are we talking now? Box Friendly?
  9. Grok Elder

    32 members now. Yes, we are box friendly in that we allow for each person to have two full time (boxed) mains and both are 1st class citizens with their own DKP pools and ability to bid on items.
  10. Arctodus Elder

    I am attempting to find a new home. Is there love for an SK main who like to dabble with a Beast? Currently on Mangler awaiting Aradune in a EST time zone.
  11. Grok Elder

    Sure, hop on discord sometime. We have not closed any classes yet, and are still open recruiting. We have three four Shadow Knights, including myself.
  12. Grok Elder

    Up to 41 members, still open recruiting all classes.
  13. Grok Elder

    Raid day voting is closed, the official raid days will be:
    Tuesday 8p-11/12a
    Thursday 8p-11/12a
    Saturday 8p-12a

    Members must be at 40% Raid Attendance for the past 30 days in order to spend DKP at raid.
  14. Grok Elder

    We are particularly light on mages right now.
  15. Grok Elder

    Current lineup:
    9 Cleric
    4 Druid
    6 Shaman
    4 Warrior
    4 Shadowknight
    3 Paladin
    6 Monk
    2 Rogue
    3 Ranger
    1 Magician
    4 Wizard
    5 Necromancer
    8 Enchanter
    8 Bard
  16. Grok Elder

    Been doing some warm-ups on Mangler if anyone wants to group up in GUK ~Level 16.

    12 days to go!
  17. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Only ten sleeps until EQ Eve! :p
  18. Grok Elder

    Still plenty of room for all classes. Feel free to join our Discord and chat. We're in single digit days now!
  19. Mestops12 Lorekeeper

    I heard a rumor that this was the best guild on Aradune, that true?
  20. Mestops12 Lorekeeper

    That a yes?

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