Agnarr - Kunark release time?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by SoWreckd, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. SoWreckd New Member

    Can anyone confirm the time that Kunark will actually open?

    The release for Agnarr was 2PM PST however past servers have opened up expansions at 12PM PST, just wondering if anyone or anyone at DBG can let us know this information?

  2. Foaming Journeyman

    It's in the top sticky on this forum, along with Velious.
  3. SoWreckd New Member

    Thank you!
  4. AgentofChange Augur

    Daybreak doesn't know that this thing called Daylight Savings Time exists so I wouldn't expect Kunark until 3pm PST.
  5. Corilleous Journeyman

    There's also server downtime tomorrow, that could throw a monkey-wrench into the whole timeline for release
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Oh, we know... but the scripts use Unix time... and Unix time knows nothing about Daylight Savings time... We are considering a solution, but it was not feasible to get it in game in time for this patch and thus before the Kunark unlock.

    The patch will only "Throw a monkey-wrench" if there are problems with it that cause the server to not be up until after 3pm
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  7. Jaxarale01 Augur

    You said 3pm here but the sticky says 2pm...

    clarify please?
  8. suineg New Member

  9. Risiko Augur

    For those that don't understand, here's the simplified version.

    1. The Kunark Expansion opens today (August 16th) on the Agnarr server at 2pm Pacific time. That's 4pm Central and 5pm Eastern.
    2. There just happens to also be a patch today (August 16th) that starts at 6am Pacific time and is scheduled to last no longer than 5 hours. That means the servers *should* be back up from the patch at 11am Pacific (1pm Central / 2pm Eastern).
    If everything goes as planned, this means that the Agnarr server will be back online at 11am Pacific, 1pm Central, and 2pm Eastern, but will still be in pre-Kunark until 2pm Pacific / 4pm Central / 5pm Eastern.

    In otherwords, don't worry about logging in to play Kunark content until 2pm P /4pm C /5pm E.

    What Ngreth was saying is that ***IF*** the patch takes longer than expected, it could push the Kunark opening time today back obviously until the patch is completed and the server comes back online.

    Either way, expect long queue times today after Kunark opens.
  10. malaki Augur

    Can someone explain to me what Daylight Savings Time is? It seems very complex.
  11. Reht Augur

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  12. Zorglub New Member
    And yes, Google is your best friend ;)
    Personnaly and selfishly, I don't like DST : too much gap with sun schedule.
  13. Risiko Augur

    Interesting. Let's take a look at the posts by DBG, and check your ability to read.

    This is from the Server Downtime thread:

    This is from the Server Unlocks Schedule for 2017 thread:
    So, we can either go by what a DBG employee posted OR we can go off of what you think. Considering you troll 90% of all threads you comment in, I am going to go with the DBG employee.
  14. suineg New Member

    You missed entirely the point where the unlock script is based on PST and not PDT.
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  15. Risiko Augur

  16. AgentofChange Augur

    Well you are telling people Kunark will launch at 2PM PST, and I am reminding them that it won't. But you're right, I'm the bad guy here, not the one spreading false information.
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  17. Risiko Augur

    ... deleted because I am done with dealing with the troll.
  18. AgentofChange Augur

    You know, you call me a troll then you make posts like that and I am just left shaking my head. I almost feel bad for you Risiko.

    For anyone capable of reading, just take a look at Ngreth's post on page 1 of this thread. I imagine anyone with a positive IQ will be able to understand the implications.
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  19. Risiko Augur

    ... /ignore Agent of Change

    End of story
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  20. Daija `Vu New Member

    Riskio, for what it's worth; I totally understood from your post that the servers may come up around 2pm est but we will still be in pre kunark until at least 5pm est.

    Nothing in your comments said (to me) that kunark would be live whenever the servers came up from the patch.

    I don't know either of you, so make no bias. Well, I don't know who you are in game.

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