Agnarr - Kunark release time?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by SoWreckd, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Evil.Iguana Lorekeeper

    How about setting the unlock time for expansion to something reasonable like 9 or 10 AM Pacific so that the expansion opens up while people are at work and zones are available well before prime time rush? You know, the same way you do expansions on live.
  2. Wolrok Elder

    In case it wasn't obvious already:

    Kunark unlocks at 3 PM PDT, or 6 PM EDT.
  3. Machentoo Augur

    Just be thankful you don't have midnight launches with zero dev or gm staff available to fix problems until ten hours later.
  4. SithWizard Elder

    Just remember
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  5. daffie999 Augur

    I love it! My thoughts exactly.
  6. Xanathol Augur

    #1 All computer clocks are based on a tick-count; DST is just an adjustment to the view.
    #2 Advice going forward - don't post that an expansion will unlock @ 2pm Pacific if you know it will be 3pm Pacific on the clocks of 99% of the people reading it.
  7. Argu Journeyman

    seems like it would have been easier to just enable kunark when the servers came back up
  8. Prathun Developer

    Seems like it... but it would not be. The expansion unlock timer can't easily be circumvented.
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Agnarr is now open.
  10. MyShadower Augur

    They should just make every schedule show "soon" in lieu of an actual time that way people would have something to complain about.
  11. Troutfest Elder

    So after all this talk of pst, pdt blah blah it opened at 2 and not 3?
  12. Zorglub New Member

    It opened exactly at 2 PM PST (11 PM here) as intended.An announce has been made about frontiers to Kunark broken, I delogged my druid waiting and created my necro.
    Everything worked perfectly.
  13. Troutfest Elder

    Actually, this whole time thing might have me confused, but didn't it open at 2pm PDT, not PST? I'm west coast US and right now we are on PDT. So 2pm PST would have been 3pm PDT and the whole point of Ngreth's original post was the servers don't do daylight time so it should have unlocked at 3pm PDT and it didnt, it unlocked 2pm PDT which is 1pm PST? This only bugs me because I read the posts, decided to come back to the computer at 230 and missed the launch. And then you get on and tell me it worked perfectly and how exact the time was at 2pm PST when really it launched at 1pm PST...
  14. Renshu Elder

    They tend to do this stuff backwards from a customer service point of view. Instead of setting the expectations lows and exceeding them, they set it high and come up short!

    Instead of saying, "servers will be down eight hours" on a patch, they say "server down time expected to be six hours", then keep it down for 7 hours. People would be happy about it coming up "early" if you had advertised 8 hours, instead they are disappointed.

    Instead of adjusting their release date/time in their announcement to compensate for all this DST nonsense, they release 'their time' in their announcements, further disappointing people who have to wait an hour longer than they expected.

    They can do the same times/patches/etc, all they have to do is change their statements and everyone would be much happier. Sometimes customer service is merely an illusion of words, DBG always fails on this - big time.
  15. Febb Augur

    Renshu, you underestimate people. People will find fault in anything. They will ***** you brought the servers up too quick and they couldn't get off work quick enough or walk the dog yet. Then you have people who ***** about things that never even changed in the patch. If people are involved, expect to catch hell for no reason at all.
  16. Renshu Elder

    You may be right that some people will always complain, but you will disappoint less people if you set the bar low and exceed it as opposed to setting is high and coming up short.

    More people will complain about a pizza that is delivered late than one that is delivered early!
  17. MyShadower Augur

    The delivery guy better not leave his lights on so they shine in my window the whole time he is here, knock too hard, expect a tip (cause I got charged for delivery). It better be hot with proper topping distribution and separation (I said mushrooms on half!), properly cut (no mega and/or mini slices!) not be all shifted around in the box, no cheese stuck to the lid, and have proper doneness.

    Food delivery services should get their tip after you eat so this stuff can be analyzed and considered!

    FFS, now I am hungry! *clenches fists* This thread!
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