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    By: Luigi "Qulas" Liguori


    The long wait is finally over, and the much anticipated Advanced Loot System goes live with the monthly update on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Everyone in Norrath will have the ability to use this exciting new feature. The Advanced Loot System will improve your experience whether you are soloing, grouping, or raiding.

    While soloing, every mob will give you the coin it drops automatically (if you got credit for the kill), as well as populate your "Personal Loot List" with whatever items the monster dropped. Let’s take a look at the "Personal Loot List" while soloing.

    After adventuring and defeating "a decaying dwarf skeleton" the loot ends up in your "Personal Loot List."


    As you can see, there are a few options in the loot window. For now, let's focus on the three things that you will use most often while soloing.
    • Loot: Click on the green check mark and this will be looted instantly.
    • Leave: Click on the red X and the item will be left on the corpse.
    • Never: Click on the red X and the item will go into your "never" list. An item on your never list will never show up in your personal loot list when apply filters is checked. So items that you never want will not be looted.
    In case you accidentally click Never there is an easy way to fix this. On the Loot Window there is the options menu called "Edit Filters". Here is what that menu looks like:


    If you accidentally mark something as "never" (NV) you can simply open up the Loot Filters and click on the red X and this will remove the item (such as “Bone Chips” in the example) from your never list.

    The "Edit Loot Filters" menu is where many of the options for the Advanced Loot System are. They are:
    • Auto Split Coin: When enabled, all coin that is acquired will be split between your entire group or raid. When disabled the Master Looter will keep all coin.
    • Use Advanced Looting: When enabled, this will use the Advanced Loot System.
    • Confirm Remove Item Filter: With this enabled, you will get an "Are you sure?" prompt when attempting to remove an item from your filter list. When disabled you will not get this prompt.
    • Auto Remove Looted Lore Items: With this enabled, lore items will be removed from your filters once they have been looted once. When disabled, those lore items will still be in your filters list after you loot them.
    • Auto Show Loot Window: With this enabled, whenever loot is added to either your personal or shared loot lists, the Advanced Loot window will show itself and close when there are no more items. Turn this off if you do not want it to pop up every time you get loot.
    • Auto Loot All: With this enabled, whenever an item enters your "Personal Loot List" it will automatically attempt to be looted. With this disabled you will have to manually decide when to loot.
    After adventuring for a while your loot list can become very populated, like this:


    Here you can make choices to loot the items, or never loot the items. If you like all of the loot in your "Personal Loot List" you can also simply hit "Loot All " and the Advanced Loot System will loot everything instantly.


    The Advanced Loot System also works while you're grouping or raiding. The Master Looter will be in charge of determining how loot gets distributed. There are a few options that are available. Let's take a look at the Master Looter's window.


    After adventuring and defeating Guard Burr, our group was awarded loot. Let's take a look at the different ways that loot can be handled now.


    Firstly, you can right click on the item and distribute loot. If you click "Free Grab" it will open the loot up to the Free Grab option which allows any player in your group or raid to move the item into their Personal Loot List. You may also "Leave on Corpse" to make the item disappear from the list, or directly pick a player's name. If you directly select a player, that player will be awarded the item and it will be put into their Personal Loot List.


    If the item is selected to be "Free Grab," then a blue hand will show up under Status. "Free Grab" will allow the loot to be selected by anyone in the party or raid. The first player to select it, by clicking on the blue hand, will be awarded the item.


    Another option is to roll the item. In the status window the Ask and Roll icon will appear (a question mark over a pair of dice). After one minute the system will automatically roll. There are a few options here so let's go over them all.
    • [IMG]: Selecting this option will automatically make that item, every time it drops, start an ask and roll. Only the Master Looter will get to decide if an item is rolled on.
    • ND: This means need. When rolling, anyone who picked need will get priority in the roll.
    • GD: This means greed. When rolling, anyone who picked greed will only get to roll if no one picked need.
    • NO: This means no. You do not want this item, you will not roll.
    • AN: This means always need. Every time this item drops, you will automatically be marked as need if apply filters is checked.
    • AG: This means always greed. Every time this item drops, you will automatically be marked as greed if apply filters is checked.
    • NV: This means never. You never want this item, and will never be awarded it if apply filters is checked.
    If you happen to be out of range when an NPC is killed and loot is collected, it will still show up in your window but with a red locked icon overlay; your loot window will look similarly to this:


    The red lock symbol around the loot means that you do not have access to looting the item(s), however the item can still be awarded to you. If you are locked out from it you cannot loot it until you unlock the corpse. There is a new feature which allows you to directly target the corpse that you wish to unlock, thus making targeting the specific corpse you want simple, even if there is a pile of 300 corpses. First check the group by NPC’s checkbox and notice that you can now see the NPC names.


    By right clicking on the NPC name you will get two options:
    • Link All: This will link all of the loot that this NPC dropped. Alternatively, you may alt+left click.
    • Select Corpse: This will select the corpse. Alternatively, you may click the NPC name.
    After selecting the corpse, unlock it using /loot (or right clicking) and the loot will then be unlocked and you can loot it.


    We’re excited about the launch of the Advanced Loot System. We think you’ll find this greatly improves the player experience and gives players more control over how loot is handled in-game. As you have a chance to check this out for yourselves, please let us know what you think in this thread!

    If you're looking for more information, check out the Advance Loot System FAQ here.
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  2. guado Augur

    Very nice. Hoping this gets linked to the launch pad :)
  3. Melanippe Augur

  4. Nennius Curmudgeon

    If I use this new system. Set up filters and such and then decide to opt out, will I have to reset up all of the filters again ?
  5. Mysl Augur

    Several questions:
    Is there a way to set it to be NOT using the new system?
    When this go live, what is the default? Are everyone by default using the new system?
    If in a group, some use the new system, some use the old system, which one take priority?
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  6. Furuns New Member

    It's looks as if a lot of time and effort has been put in to this, I do hope that it is not to complicated and is easy to use as I fear if it looks or is complicated peeps will stay with what they know and not use it.
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  7. Zaph Augur

    Isnt this a bit overcomplicated for not wanting to loot bonechips ?

    And, does this interface interact with the trivial loot code of the warrens ?
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  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    If the master looter has something marked as never and a member of the group (d) has that item marked as always, does the (d) always get the item or does it not show up at all ?
  9. Kegwell Augur

    Thank you for not trying to use my idea of a looting mercenary :)
    This sounds amazing.
    We need BIGGER bags now :)
  10. aqueena New Member

    ty for ruining this game even more you should make a 1999 server that I can actually play bcuz this is horrible #nverseemeagain # quiting
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  11. Minlola New Member

    What happens if you are dead when the Mob Dies? Or is Zoning into your bind point because you died while in battle?
  12. Schadenfreude Augur

    Please tell me this can easily be switched off. Lots of broken custom UIs post patch. :(
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  13. Goth Augur

    Are these loot list saved to a file? Can we manually edit the file or does it all have to be done in game?

    More importantly does all the settings save? If, say I have my box TS mull grouped and want to auto pass all the trade skill drops to them will these options be saved the next time i group with them?

    Then once all these things are saved will it quickly just pass all the loot to them without me having to do anything?

    If so that would be nice if i can go farming trade skill stuff and not have to deal with the pile of corpses and looting each one.
  14. RustyOfOz Journeyman

    can someone clarify how this will work with raid chests? Is there still a 30 minute timer on the entire chest? What are the requirements for distributing items to raid members? When I right click an item, will there be 54+ names on that list? We often have alts entering the DZ to loot items, will they need to be in the raid and the DZ?
  15. Waut New Member

    According to patch note, you can turn off this looting type /advloot click edit filters, then uncheck "use advanced looting ".
  16. Feradach Augur

    Based on what was experienced on the test server, no custom UIs were broken. Do you have evidence to the contrary?
  17. Apathy Elder

    It looks really interesting, but how was a "looting system" made a priority over other in-game issues? Im looking forward to playing with the new system, but I wish some other issues had been addressed before adding this feature...This is like the Mount Ring. =)
    I don't have hundreds(exaggeration) of corpses laying at my feet anymore, since going back into older expansions doesn't net any real xp anymore.
  18. Feradach Augur

    OK I stand corrected. Logging in to test my custom UI was fine. Logging in to the live servers = client crash. Oye.
  19. Apathy Elder

    The window popping up and letting u snatch loot out of it IS very convenient. I turned off the adv loot option, but kept auto pop-up loot window... liking it so far. =)
  20. Gialana Augur

    Does this mean that trivial con mobs will not automatically loot?

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