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  1. Natashia New Member

    I sometimes box like this too. For me, the Master Looter loots everything that is wanted. The non-looter has the checkbox off for "Auto Show Loot Window" (this window setting is on for my looter) and the checkbox on for "Auto Remove Looted Lore Items" (this lets my non-looter pick any one-time items after manually displaying the loot window).

    After the Master Looter picks whatever is wanted, that char then sets the "Set all to:" dropdownlist to "Leave All" (it can stay on this setting until I want it changed) and is clicked whenever I want all items on the loot list to be cleared and left on the mob corpses. The non-looted items are still on the non-looter's loot list until the corpses become unlocked, but because that char has the loot window not auto shown, whatever is on the list does not matter to me.
  2. Natashia New Member

    Oops, can ignore the above post, after rereading the person's question I wanted to reword my post as follows.

    Maybe the "auto roll" feature can help you. On the looter, set the dropdownlist "Set all to" to "Always Greed". The checkbox for "Auto Loot All" should be set on for the looter. For the items that you want looted, use the Manage Loot column to set it to "Auto Roll". Yes, this can feel tedious but it will save you clicks in the long run. After the auto roll eventually triggers, those items will "automatically" go to the looter.

    On the non-looter, the checkbox for "Auto Show Loot Window" should be set to off. The unlooted items will be on this char's loot list until the corpse loot unlocks, but since the window is not auto shown it should not be a problem.
  3. Chorus Augur

    whatever was updated in the past 2-3 weeks appears to have resolved my issue with the looting system. It no longer 'forgets' settings in need/greed/ignore like it was prior. Of course, my loot list hasn't grown that big again since I've gotten back from vacation so we'll see if it stays that way since I started from scratch.

    Now if we could set an always leave on corpse option instead of either waiting for it to fall off the list or doing it manually...or making that timer about 20% of what it is currently would work as well.
  4. Chorus Augur

    came back from a short hiatus and did some testing, and noticed that the issue I am having with the loot system is oddly specific. It starts happening as soon as the 60th item is added to the loot filters, and gets progressively worse as more items are added until the system stops being useful and I have to manual shuffle stuff around again.

    With only 60 filters, it happens rarely, but it does sometimes 'forget' settings. i.e. if you have the NV column checked, it will go through a roll, then say no one was interested even if someone had need or greed checked and the NO column will become unchecked at which point the filter no longer works. As more filters are added over the 60 count, it gets more and more frequent until the entire loot system no longer works as all the filters break constantly. When the filter breaks, it is then broken for all characters in the group and needs to be reset individually. I do 3 box, so that may tie into this somewhat as well.

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