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  1. JupiterKnight Journeyman

    Qulas clarified a few posts down that it does work on greys. He just chose his words poorly. What he meant to say was a mob that you got kill credit for.
  2. Qulas Augur

    Sorry, that was bad wording on my part.

    Loot works just like it did before, grey cons will still give loot. You just need to be in experience range, and be given experience credit ( 50% of the damage ) like before to be able to loot the corpse first.
  3. guado Augur

    My fault - good to know and thank you for the quick response.
  4. strongbus Augur

    i may have missed it but is there a way to make it so I don't got roll and stuff. meaning for when I box i don't wana have to roll with my box toon. is there a way to make it so i can just loot everything or do i have to turn it off.
  5. JupiterKnight Journeyman

    I'm at work so I haven't gotten to try the new system yet, but I'd take a shot in the dark and say you could either make your main toon the Master Looter, or if that doesn't work you may have to mark the individual loots as "NO" on your box (at least the first time for each item).
  6. Malivos New Member

    So from what I'm seeing, with this new system disabled any mob you kill has the corpse locked. Meaning you can't kill something with a heroic and log over to your main on the same account and loot it. That corpse can only ever be looted by the group that got the credit for the kill.

    And if you're solo and kill something you can't invite a friend to come and loot it because the system shoves that loot into your personal loot section and it can't be moved to shared.
  7. taliefer Augur

    if i leave an item alone in the list, and the corpse rots..does the item still rot like normal? or does this make it so items can be held in a queue indefinitely?

    what about raids that require some items be looted as part of the mechanics?

    hate to sound negative, but i see this as just changing out one set of "problems" with eq looting for another set that will invariably crop up with this new system
  8. taliefer Augur

    this would be good to know. are people no longer able to come loot rotting items from another group?
  9. Malivos New Member

    Items are items and rot like normal.

    From another group should be manageable if you convert it to a raid or invite the person that wants the loot, but you have to be careful because whoever is the master looter of the newly combined group is the only one that keeps an open loot table. Say for instance two groups are killing and want to combine, the group leader for the inviting group will have their loot unaffected, but the group leader that accepted the invite will lose any loot that wasn't handed out prior to combining the groups.

    The issue only arises when you're solo'ing and want to invite someone to loot something. Because the loot went to your personal loot section it can't be moved to the shared section to give to someone else.

    Edit: There does appear to be a workaround. If you click "leave on corpse" it seems to let you loot with others. I've only done a basic test though and don't have time to mess with it anymore
  10. Feradach Augur

    You're right. It should break any UIs, but it does. I'm not running a custom animations file and the only UI I can /loadskin is default. At character select, I had to check the box to revert to the default UI in order to avoid a client crash for all characters. The left-coasters should be getting in to the office soon though so hopefully they'll see these messages and the /bug reports and take a look at it.
  11. FcsevenXIII Augur

    For a generation too lazy and entitled to right click.
  12. EqEqEq Elder

    I just want my main to loot everthing automatically without waiting for a roll etc how do I do that?

    Just want to autoloot with this nasty UI coming up every time.
  13. uk6999 Augur

    Took about 10mins to turn that crap off. Caused client crash when selecting various options ( not using custom UI ). Had advloot turned on but logged my box char all the loot disappeared in the advloot window. Turned advloot off still couldnt loot corpses as they were still marked by advloot.

    Thanks but no thanks
  14. Saroc_Luclin Augur

    More for a generation that's tired of trying to find the sweet spot to loot brownies and minotaurs and dervishes and mobs that fell into walls when they died and all the other targeting quirks that the game has had for ages and ages. I'm really looking forward to this frankly. :)

    I believe ( I didn't play with it much on Test) that normal timers still apply, more or less. So there will be a time that the corpse will unlock and be open for everyone. And if the corpse expires with loot still in a window, it will drop out of the window.
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  15. Wolffien New Member

    ..... Huge fail system .... not at all like was described at SoE Live. why do they have to screw with it so much. simple is fine you know? and the fact we have to rebuild the list every time we regroup or relog. at SoE live it was said we would simply left click or right click to to add it to blocked items so we would never see it. thats all we needed... just like blocked spells... really have to wonder if the Dev's building this crap actually play the game more than a few hours a month. the disconnect is huge~!

    1st thing everyone is doing this morning is how can they turn this crap off...
  16. Risiko Augur

    Awesome. I am so excited about this change. This makes a grinder like me very happy. No more clicking on every mob I kill.
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  17. JupiterKnight Journeyman

    Between finding the sweet spot for brownies and not being able to rapidly loot stacked corpses (because you have to wait for the "fade away" animation to finish), this new feature is something I'm really excited for.

    One of the things EQ is notorious for is a sluggish/unresponsive UI, and so the less buttons I have to click or items I have to drag around the better.
  18. Darzag Elder

    Did we really have to have this to deal with on a bonus experience time? I mean...REALLY...I would much rather be using my time to get experience than trying to figure out this convoluted system.
  19. Feradach Augur

    Then turn it off and wait until the bonus is over to figure it out.
  20. Malivos New Member

    /hidecorpse looted will make the "fade away" immediate

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