Why nerf a iconic power when everyone in the game has the ability to choose one?

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    To a prove a point that weapons aren't as up to par as you're acting like they are. You're hanging onto bow because that's your only defense. Take another weapon and try it you know it won't compete with rage dps.

    So by your logic, screw choices, screw variation, screw freedom. If you're dpsing with a weapon, bow into smokebomb or get out.

    No that's not how it should be prime. I'm a little surprised someone who beat balance outside the head so heavily when the Revamp came out has that mindset to be honest.
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  2. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    Not disputing anything you say. 50k crits after the revamp? Holy **** Sorcery must definitely be broken. The highest I have hit was 13k. That probably explains why you switched. I was Munitions before the revamp and afterwards Sorcery is all I have really known. I've ran the alts in my signature but none of them are end-game yet.
  3. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I know it shouldn't be this way, and no I don't like it. All melee WE are bow, and ranged are duel wield. That's why I was on a break for a few months because the revamp was supposed to bring choices, but slowly the nerfs are taking choices away. Each power has a certain way of playing, and no at end game, you can't do what you want. We all have to play the optimal way. The nerfs coming this week are only gonna make gadgets look OP. Can't wait to see how many jump ship from electric to gadgets. Anyway, yes the weapons should be balanced, it they aren't. A good WE would be able to beat a rage dps at melee and if both powers played from range, the WE using DW should also win because rage is ok from range.

    You know what game we play, it will always be broken in one way or another.

    But as it stands, if you are a WE and want to do optimal damage, it's bow. Talk to the devs about their broken game, not me. Believe me, if I worked there, **** would change. The problem we have, that Daybreak doesnt, is they really dont have anyone to answer to. If they mess up something that us players don't like, they throw stupid styles at us or a few marks.

    Changing up the weapons a week before release says a LOT of the devs, and their understanding of OUR game. People do want to compete with duel pistols and other weapons, but they can't. I don't, but people do want to play a weapons only style with no powers, but can t.

    I've given up on how I like to play when the devs told me, and others, we were playing sorcery wrong. Lol. Even though I've played the power longer than some of the people who've worked for the company. So I quit, and went rage, because everyone else was electric or nature. Now they are messing with rage, so another power, gadgets, will be the next FOTM or respec jump ship.

    I'd be very happy if I could play sorcery the way I did all the way until revamp. Now, it's trash. Even the "fixes" they are doing are only promoting a dumb as vengeance spamming way of playing. Transmute and shards should be returned to it's pre revamp way so it has more than one way to play.

    Sorry, question how I play and I get carried away. :)
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  4. Fed up player #10 Well-Known Player

    On numerous other threads I have asked for balance and got told everything is ok and I just need a better load out and what not. Now I see this thread has hit 5 pages and has expanded to more than topic the op presented, In post after post people keep saying things that make me think this game still has all the problems of the AM/WM days and the revamp has really accomplished nothing. My main is fire and you know what my play style hasn't really changed much. Yeah sure I have had to change a few things but overall not much and I can still be competitive with most powers and players. I am not a game developer and don't really want to know the fine details but when they announce changes and don't include a few of the main powers people have been talking about but decide to change one of the main iconic powers people have turned too in order to keep up then yeah it strikes a nerve and I hope they are following the comments. When certain powers in support role can out perform most if not all other powers in pure dps role things are not balanced and its not heat vision that needs adjusted down.
  5. NerfEveryone New Player

    This is a cruel cycle hat never ends. I’ve been 3 powers from day 1

    Ice- Tank
    Heal - Elec
    Trolll - Mental

    PvP (when there was such a thing) Gadgets

    The community play the powers they do for the most part because they love it. Then they hear that their power is about to get a needed fix & they rejoice. Then everyone else respects to the FOTM & it gets nerfed. So their power goes back to garbage as quick as it was relevant again & then unto the next FOTM for the community

    That’s why all powers should get buffed not nerfed. Until then the cycle will never change.
  6. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Buffing everything to match a couple op powers was how we got into the mess with am's in the first place. Instead of nerfing quantum years ago they started buffing everything trying to match it.
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Exactly, I don't get the whole "don't nerf anything, buff others"mentality when that exact concept caused AMs to spiral out.

    I guarantee if we didn't have the stats revamp, and the devs buffed other powers to match gadgets, mental, and ice AM, one of those buffed powers would have surpassed them and became the new bar to buff everything to. It was a never ending cycle. Sometimes things need to be nerfed down as well.
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  8. NerfEveryone New Player

    All you do by nerf8ng is hurt the long time players of that power.
  9. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    The long time players of that power most likely enjoy it because of how it plays, people who are loyal to a power do not bother themselves with trying to top the scoreboard every run. I'm cele because i enjoy it the most, I never get bored with it. If i cared that much about chasing the scoreboard, i'd be rage right now. Most of these nerfs are due to FoTM chasers that swap to the newest gimmick to be on top. Gimmicks need to be eliminated, so people start using powers cause they enjoy it, not cause its the weeks hot new fad.
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    Haha. He got you :D
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    Like fatal said.. long time players dont care tol much about that. They simply enjoy the power.
    The crybabies are the lazy fotm chasers.
    Having HV as a good option is nice..but if its waaaay stronger than other st options its a problem because its mandatory for st.