What's the highest level boss bounty you've taken down solo?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Wildboy, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Wildboy Well-Known Member

    The only one I ever did was Minotaur and that was because he spawned while I was passing through the Tomorrow District and decided to see how hard it would be.
  2. Nitefelina Well-Known Member

    All of the original bounties? I dunno I guess I could try a CC one but I never had the urge to do it.
  3. TrueMarvel Well-Known Member

    Arkrillo on my level 27 troll. It involved distract and my trusty turret. Use distract everytime it coolsdown and akrillo attacks the turret. Use weapon combos on him until distract effects run out.(builds power). after distract runs out block. keep blocking until distract coolsdown. repeat previously stated tactic.
  4. LaughingRiot Active Member

    Minotaur or Bizarro. I feel Bizarro gives you a challenge! :p
  5. Radium Well-Known Member

    T2 Outer and CC bounties.

    Gunna try LoA soon I think.

    I did Rinty solo but he doesn't really count lol
  6. Blaze New Member

    General Kordax with my fire DPS.
  7. Deathmark Well-Known Member

    I never tried Judge or Kordax but i assume i can do them. All the others i soloed at one time or another when near and i had nothing better to do. I remember though the first time i soloed Killer Frost and i thought...man, used to run this with 8 people and even then she could be tough... I'd think the cc ones would be too strong even for a cr 90 though. Maybe Weather?
  8. The Blinder Active Member

    ill have to go with arkillo also when I had my level 20 fire tank
  9. Mini Lini Well-Known Member

    Kilowog with my Earth Tank... Havn't really tried taking any others though, that kinda just happened. Seems like fun to try though now!
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  10. Deathmark Well-Known Member

    All the cc bounties?!?

    I mean like i said i havent tried but i really doubt if i can do them.
  11. The Blinder Active Member

    Might want to do more bounties though, need them skill points man (feats). Ever need help on bounties ask me
  12. Goony Active Member

    power girl ftw, have gotten black lightning down to 25% before hometurf stuff was added so i am assuming now i could do the cc bounties by myself
  13. Radium Well-Known Member

    Its all a matter of stocking up and playing your strengths. You need to actually plan for it.

    Tank classes probably have it the easiest, now with the HT goodies its incredibly easy, just need to know when to use em.
  14. mecha Active Member

    hometurf strykers bounty on my tank

    whatevs :cool::cool:
  15. Lanternius Active Member

    Weather wizard goes down like a ton of bricks...super easy to solo.
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  16. Forsberg Well-Known Member

    Kilowog. I recently just tried the stupid mummy in Gotham and that just ended horrible. (solo)
  17. Breedin Bull Well-Known Member

    The judge a while back when I was even noober sauce than I am today...twas interesting.
  18. GreenDrakkon Active Member

    Weather Wizard is the highest I've done solo. I had two or three remixes and go in with a full supercharge. I tried the other CC Bounties in metro and failed big time. I've yet to tried the Gotham CC Bounties.
  19. ArcSin1 Active Member

    Took out The Judge in what is now the T1 PvP gear back when I didnt know there was such a thing as PvE gear. Done all the CC bounties solo.
  20. Wildboy Well-Known Member

    Do you mean CC bounties? I finished the classic bounties long ago :D The CC bounty feats are still out there, but I haven't cared to chase them down yet. Currently have 94 sp.

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