Welcome to the Summer of Wonder!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dexella, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. JeniferAnn New Player

    I was wondering the same thing on the double xp 7.5 hour buff is that total in game time or real time as I am hoping to get some character alts up in level.
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  2. JeniferAnn New Player

    Sweet, thanks for the answer to that Mepps
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  3. Elusian Crowd Control


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  4. Shadowwyvern Committed Player

    Some days I wish I was able to get more than DSL. 33 Hours left to download, so can't get in till tomorrow night. I love the rural living, but sometimes technology feels like the dark ages. C'est La Vie.
  5. Mightyhon Well-Known Player

    Liking the new emblem, I think it looks better than the one in BvsS set :)
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  6. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    The emblem does look pretty awesome!! ;)

  7. Ingrando Active Player

    So... I have to create a new character? Will my main toon have the emblem? I don't want it, but I don't need the xp on my main. So how does this work?
  8. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    OUSTANDING job on the video!

    I'm a huge Batman fan ( Oh shut up .. ya'll love him too even if he is a total pain in the .... Okay I'll leave it at that LOL) But right after him come Wonder Woman. She is a great example for just anyone but I raised three daughters and it was cool having her to show them as an example that females can be strong, can be smart, can be anything they want to be.

    Looking forward to a great celebration of her 75th birthday oh and Diana.. Damn girl you lookin good for 75. LOL

    on a much sadder note .. I already screwed up on my free WW decal. Not sure what made me thing all 18 of my ALTS would get that thing with almost 8 hours of double XP attached and I really wanted to add it to one that was more of an Amazon but what the heck free is free and I have no interest at the moment in creating a new character so the double XP part is kind of unnecessary.. I don't have any alts still under thirty level.. heck I don't have any under CR 113 at this point.

    So back to the celebration .. where is the party and will there be a keg? :cool:
  9. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Yes your main will have the emblem.

    But the double XP will be pointless for your main for obvious reasons.

    I already posted it.... but just to be safe..... and to meet my quota. ;) ;)
  10. Skull Collector Committed Player

    Don't feel so bad. Here in Canada we share the same US server, continent, and our borders touch all over the place, and we're STILL eft out of things like this. More often than not, it's about legal issues that vary from country to country. Here in Canada, even Quebec is exempt from many 'Canadian' contests. Legal BS gets in the way of fun for everyone. That being said, the prizes being awarded don't make sense for the exclusion. I mean, it's not like they're giving away a trip to Themyscira or anything. :(
  11. GoblinSkulker Level 30

    some of these villian had their anniversary already, but yet another hero got something special. WHY are villians always getting punished in this game.

    catwoman, 1940, age 76
    the joker 1940. age 76
    2 face 1942, age 74
    harley 1993, age 23
    lex 1940, age 76
    zod 1961, age 55
    arkillo 2006, age 10
    bizarro 1958, age 58
    amon sur 2003, age 13
    sinestro 1961, age 55
    ursa 2005, age 11
    Felix Faust 1962, age 54
    circe 1949, age 67
    dr zoom 1949, age 67
    black adam 1945, age 71
    deathstoke 1980, age 36
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Each character will get the emblem in the mail. It can take a few minutes to show up after login.
  13. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    LOL somehow I KNEW that was what this was about. YEAH I went back in game and had mail. And low and behold.. :eek: there was the logo. THANKS Mepps
  14. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    So okay no screen shot but my Earth Tank that uses a shield as weapon now has her Wonder Woman outfit complete with logos (chest and shield). These shall remain in place until the month is gone and the celebration has ended :cool:

    Are their legal ramifications if I put this in my signature? LOL
  15. Jensu Well-Known Player

    wasn't their suppose to be a lvl 25 boost for your alts in this update?
  16. Saveon New Player

    How long is the restart going to take?
  17. aortenruptur Well-Known Player

    Until it is finished? :rolleyes:
  18. XEMD Well-Known Player

    Will Batman and Superman Emblems be added now that there is a Wonder Women Emblem?
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  19. Backseid Devoted Player

    What does RT mean? Its driving me nuts.
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  20. Fa1th New Player

    How do I claim the free episodes? Im a little noobie on this ;P but still im cr 52.
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