Downtime US Server Downtime - April 3, 2015

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Apr 2, 2015.

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  1. Xanoth Dedicated Player

    That needs a hotfix, last I read it's due to be patched tomorrow.

    This is just general maintenance.
  2. DarkestKnight New Player

    Hopefully the lag gets fixed (no, I don't lag due to a poor GPU/CPU or poor internet) because it gets annoying and is random and short. They had it fixed with the last game update until they went offline over the market being down then the lag returned. The servers were a lot smoother before they had to go and mess with the market, unless the market is why it has random lags (I don't meddle with the market much). Unless their lag is from having lower end servers then they better get better ones. And has anyone else ever wondered what their hardware failure was with US PC servers? Or did they mention what that was? Because that's very concerning considering our servers seem to be down the longest.
  3. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    you cannot blame the gamers for what developers fix time will contuie if the nerfs stop and they can work on the other powers they will be fix

    dps do matter but think what about the other roles the game play for someone like me i play all roles except troll i have not learn how to troll yet.

    and i am sure that gamers would like more content in the game how can they do that if we just keep nerfing powers just to revamp and make them stonger later on?

    right now for a those powers they can use Weapon mastery for now if it bothers yall so much not to be number 1 on the score board then i feel bad for yall.
  4. jeffmandryk New Player

    freaking ridiculous taking it down on a paid vacation day when most people are off.. then after they patch, i bet they leave for the long weekend leaving a broken game to come back to monday.
  5. LoveByDesign New Player

    Hardware crashes happen. Although if they upgrade from time to time crashing wouldn't such a problem :|
  6. EctoLantern Active Player

    OKAY, maybe without the blackjack and DCUO....
  7. Baestarr New Player

    Cool, thanks for your response!
  8. RealDc Boy New Player

    Uhhhhh. Come on USPC servers. Oh and a question, My most recent character is Quantum and a Hero and I have done the time tree. I was just wondering from other Quantum users which is better Space or Time?
  9. Dr. Machflame Active Player

    They did mention what the failure was, Mepps stated that it was several redundant hard drives that bit the dust at once. But yes, I do agree. I play on a LAPTOP and I don't lag...but since this update the game is virtually unplayable, with the Unreal Engine crashing at time and others completely freezing up the game on me. But it's gotten worse since the Marketplace changes. But my laptop has a CPu that is more than capable of handling this game, as I've run a LOT more complex stuff on my Toshiba Satellite laptop with its quad-core AMD A8 processor....powerwise, that is right around an i5. And when my Internet doesn't cut out, I'm getting at least 20 Mbds a second...also more than enough for this game. So it's not me...I'm kind of curious what's going on. And if this will lead to another hardware failure, cuz the components that seem to have been the replacements are obviously B-grade drives made in China...
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  10. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    depends if you like weapon mastery you can use space
    if you wanna use the am time.
  11. DarkestKnight New Player

    Yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one randomly lagging. I know it couldn't be my computer because it's a gaming laptop and I even recently updated my wifi card and I still have the lag and I try to keep my laptop updated as best as I can. I also keep my laptop on high performance too and even made it so everything works on 100% on the battery. I have also noticed people in the chat mention lag, but always assumed they meant other sorts of lag. Hopefully the quote doesn't appear all messed up when I post this because I'm new to forums and this is the first one I've posted on.
  12. Niki Son New Player

    So can we expect it to be up by like 12:30 to 1:00 pm for EST?
  13. Dr. Machflame Active Player

    Just saying...I'm thinking that the lag issues that we are having in game are in a small part due to people rushing the devs. This MIGHT fix that I would not suggest rushing them. That tends to broken code, features missing, so on and so forth. Kind of like when they brought the game update out, and how people weren't getting their Booster Boxes and the Marketplace was down for some...and the Broker items where not delivering via mail...that kind of stuff.
  14. RealDc Boy New Player

    Thanks I'll use space then.
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  15. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    As usual. Say it's going to be 4 hours and as usual it's going much longer.
  16. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Let me guess all duos/alerts because nobody wants any raids when blackjack and hookers are involved.
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  17. Mi-ka-el New Player

    Now devs, admins, Mepps or whatta hell......, before you ban me again for telling the damn truth, i'll just ask you few things, and you answer those things to yourself, not to me...

    How many times the world was off in last 7 days?

    How many weekends you messed up recently with your "maintenings" and updates?

    Now important thing about telling the truth, HOW LONG THIS MAINTENING LAST SO FAR??? You said 4 hours if i'm right? :/

    You ban me because i say every update you make you mess something up, what happened with your last update?

    Have you fixed servers stability?

    Do i have to ask anything else? :/

    Make this damn game work. And yet again, when i have days off you found picking something around... :(

    Best regards.
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  18. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    I incorporate both.
  19. Michael Brown New Player

    Guyz If you wanna play soooo bad go on EU server lol
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  20. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Oooo. My apologies.
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