Trailblazing Guide to Fire

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  1. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    That’s good to know. I’ve been using fireball to set stuff on fire between stoke flames uses, so I’m glad I’ve not been shortchanging myself. Using fireball and absorb heat together, it’s a very... intimate approach to tanking. ;) And because just using a tank power seems to automatically provoke every enemy within about 20 feet, I’m still holding room aggro.
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  2. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    That is something I never tested. I had no idea you could soul link with the grim pet.
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  3. AV Loyal Player

    DMe as Fire tank is pretty fun. I was nervous when I first tried it because though we never really had problems I'd seen him clap other powers from time to time. With Fire though it's just like "lol I see your beam and raise you!" and you sit there beaming each other in the face.

    I'll double check in a bit but I'm pretty sure. Pretty sure it also works with combat pets, sidekicks, henchmen, etc. Also with crystal turrets tho, so if ppl are tryna tank with Soul Link on and pop a xtal turret they risk it getting clapped.
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  4. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Yup that’s why I live fire for DMe. Thou I rarely see them lol.

    And I did enjoy using soul link with snow devil since it never dies. Thou I was sad to find out only one pet can be soul linked. I thought I could cheese it and summon the back up for 3 Pets, 2 snow devils, and a robot sidekick. Didn’t work out that way lol.
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  5. Cyro Committed Player

    I have never enjoyed fire tanking as much as i did when i was tanking barby in dme
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  6. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Agree lol. I kinda hope he is used in the next SM (if there is one). Fire is so amazing for that fight lol
  7. AV Loyal Player

    Double checked and it does work. Pretty glorious. At +4462 +3% health it's not a slouch for stats either. Also means we could run Robot Sidekick for free and up Fire's already above average tank dmg. As much as I love having Neo up so much, I think imma have to try this out for a while.
  8. Psyfur Well-Known Player

    That style of fire tanking sounds fun. It’s my goal to one day switch to that style once I have enough sp to do it. Unfortunately, the goal line gets moved every time a new dlc drops.

    I only have 387 sp as of now, so damage absorption (shields) and evasion (kiting) works best for me.
  9. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Just so you are aware, I did that in the current alert with 0 artifacts and about 95 sps. If you have 387 than try this.

    1 point in your movement mode
    1 point in your weapon
    2 points in iconics (lasso, HLS)
    1 point in superpowered
    Max out crit healing chance and magnitude

    60 in resto
    60 in dom
    Rest in health. Max out health as soon as you can.

    After this just keep putting points into resto and dom. If you feel a little power hungry than you can put 20 points into might and power.
  10. AV Loyal Player

    Like DS said, you're still better off doing it actively. There is no true turtle fire tanking anymore. If all someone is doing is blocking and running around than they'll consistently have way less defense than someone playing actively; it's antipodal to Fire tank's entire defensive mechanic. In referring to the degree to which a player needs to be turtly earlier, I meant along the lines of knowing which moves you can just just beam through and which you'll have to block for 1s before going back on the offensive. A passive/turtle/evasive Fire tank is basically just a training dummy for healers that forces them to spam (and that can be 1-shot in a lot of situations).

    Even at lower SP, Absorb Heat still heals a colossal amount of health and is up constantly. You can also move while casting it so you can still maintain distance and force lunges and be evasive while remaining completely active.
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  11. Psyfur Well-Known Player

    Don’t get me wrong. I have no problems with the way I tank.
    I’m just tired of the way I tank.

    Most of the time, I have to become the pied piper when I solo tank raids. I never get a chance to block, unless raid mechanics or combat mechanics vs a boss call for it.

    One healer in my league even asked me to stop moving around so much so he could show how good a healer he is. Lol He almost had a heart attack when I did so.

    It’s too easy for me to survive by staying shielded up and running away from attacks. I’m just tired of doing it that way.
  12. AV Loyal Player

    Not to mention every DPS probably hates you, no offense. When I see a fire tank that's usually exactly what I'm afraid of.
  13. Psyfur Well-Known Player

    None taken. I’ve grown thick skin over the years. As long as they get their loot, they can hate me all they want.
  14. BrandonB Well-Known Player

    How are your guys’ numbers in PCE looking? Mainly focusing this question to the first boss. As you guys know, once you’re about a quarter of the way through the fight, the mechanics start to really kick in. I feel like I spend way too much time canceling myself out of moves to keep from getting knocked out. Stacking DOTs doesn’t really seem to be an answer, considering Fire’s are pretty weak. Absorb Heat is risky. I’ve been leaning towards more of a single target load out with with one heavy hitter, like Mass Det., for adds. Just curious what some of you have come up with.

    I generally use Overheat, Spontaneous Combustion, Heat Vision, Absorb Heat, Mass Det., Neo-Venom
  15. L T Devoted Player

    You may want to ditch neo venom for that fight as you're getting 0 damage while rolling out of AOE death traps.
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  16. BrandonB Well-Known Player

    Neo-Venom was a recent switch from where I was testing a Scrap loadout. I was running Fireball Barrage prior to that, but it’s pretty inconsistent. Volcanic Calamity is hard to stomach with the super charge cost and the lack of damage is does, but it might be the best option in this case.
  17. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I started testing out a Transmutation(160)/Strategy(120) card load out. And I'm getting only slightly less damage than Eye of Gemini(180)/Soul Cloak(140) w/Fireball Barrage. (Using Solar Amplifier(200) for both.) I'm not counting using Fireball itself since I was testing the stats on the artifacts. When I did test with Fireball I was getting about 100,000 more damage. But that's becaus EOG/SC also have 2% more might.

    Here's the loadout I'm currently testing with T/S cards

    Loadout: Meteor - Inferno - Engulf - Overheat - Fireburst - Heat Vision

    Rotation: Inferno -> Meteor -> Overheat -> Heat Vision -> Fireburst -> Engulf

    This is set up so you do have dots continually going even if you have to cancel. Do it in this order and the timing is near perfect. There's a slight part of a second where I was waiting for a cool down to be done. This is where Engulf comes in. A minuscule animation and no cool down time. So it's literally non-stop burning. (And yes, I tested the other short powers and Engulf was consistently doing way more damage. Which surprised the heck out of me.)

    Meteor and Overheat may end earlier, if that's the case apply either of these separately instead of using Engulf. Engulf is only a stop gap to keep things going. If Inferno is going to end soon then use Engulf, use Fireburst or Heat Vision, and then do Inferno. Because by that time Meteor and Overheat will be cooled down and you can do all three at once.

    I originally tried Spontaneous Combustion instead of Engulf. Timing was about right but when I tried Engulf it was way better. And found that I was losing no damage. Literally only a 2-3k difference one way or another which was more due to criticals.

    Fireburst is great for the adds in PCE but a little iffy on the boss. If you're constantly worried about getting too close replace Fireburst with Mass Detonation. Has a much longer distance and knowing the mechanics should tell you when you should and shouldn't use it.

    BTW, this testing was done on a single target in my base. Haven't done on multiple targets in a league hall yet.
  18. BrandonB Well-Known Player

    Thanks, I’ll check that out. I’m running a 120 strat and a 120 trans card, along with a 160 solar. Are you running Meteor for the supercharge regen or primary for the burst/DOT damage? I’ve just always found it clunky and a damage loss, but then again, if my artifacts were higher, I could see the benefit of the crits. I’m not a fan of Inferno in this fight because your DOT drops when she flies out of the AOE, which is very often.

    My typical solo target loadout when I’m not in elite is Overheat, Spontaneous, Heat Vision, Absorb Heat, Fireball Barrage and Robot Sidekick to make sure all of my combustion’s tick. This has given me the most consistent parses.
  19. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Meteor is just for the dot. The idea is to get as much going on her so when you're moving around she's always getting chunks of damage. Situations like these make me wish Wildfire was the way it used to be. It was a mini-Inferno which left dots.

    Don't be afraid of Inferno. A common misconception is that the boss is always the primary danger. In PCE the adds can be just as dangerous. So being able to burn them down ASAP is really a priority.
  20. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Obsidian Chill posted a video on the new Artifacts. I think Fire Tanks got a lot of love. Fire DPS not so much. The DPS Artifact specifically boosts the damage done by Pets.