This is why people don't like the CR cap.

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  1. The Con Well-Known Player

    Here's where you're an idiot....



    In other words you're just a...

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  2. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    You're right, nobody would be happy with a lower credit rating. *insert picture of strawman here* What I'm saying is that that customer wouldn't have had a lower credit rating. They wouldn't have had their interest drop off. Its not my fault you keep using bad metaphors for it. You keep claiming that it has done absolute harm. If it was absolute harm, everyone would agree with you. "I'm happy about the uptick in subscriptions" says not everyone is agreeing with you.

    If I felt that the clamp was a detriment to my gameplay... I'd be upset. Of course, if I thought that, I would've never left the game in the first place now would I have? The game, from my perspective, was hopelessly broken and lost enough customers that separating the ques was no longer a viable option (and they refused to do that). I came back because they finally saw enough evidence that it may behoove them to clamp the earlier content to improve new/alt experience as far as actually playing the game as its intended instead of just overleveling until you can complete the scenario or being carried by others in order to complete it.

    You can be mad, go ahead, be mad, but calling someone a toad for the simple fact that they are mad their cr is being clamped is a sign you lack the ability to think outside of your own box. You literally have stated that you doubt everyone who has said they came back because of the clamp. You deny that clamp support has always existed on the forums in some manner.

    The changes are what it is. It's not dropping off significantly, last I checked it appeared this month may be the biggest month they've had this year as far as growth.
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  3. Tiffany6223 Committed Player

    As everyone knows from reading my posts, I am very anti-stat clamp. My reasons for such an attitude have already been made well known. The stat clamp is a fact of life now. It is something we all are going to have to endure for better or worse. HOWEVER, I feel giving me and other High CR players (who worked very hard for their stats) only 10 CR above the not end game content to be insulting. I most assuredly do not feel powerful.
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  4. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    From what I gather, how powerful you feel depends more on your artifacts/sp/allies etc. now. Because these still scale up (albeit at a percentage of what they actually/usually are). I get the arguments. I do. I get not liking it. I wasn't for a stat clamp when the first couple waves of people calling for it did so. Its just in this particular conversation, a person is outright telling me that people who believe this benefitted them don't exist. I dunno why I'm still trying to prove why its a viable thing that someone could think... but it is what it is.
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  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

  6. TheRealDemon Dedicated Player

    You're fine lol.
  7. The Con Well-Known Player

    Germany, 1936: "I think things will improve now that we've cleared out the neighborhood".....


    Still making excuses for something that you openly admit that nobody is actually happy with... except for the people that it doesn't directly affect.

    Oh sure... You "don't mind" it... for the "greater good"... but, then, again... You haven't been playing for the last couple of years....

    Toadies gotta toad.
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  8. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    You really just compared (yes, using a metaphor of the event is in fact comparing) a clamp of stats that has happened or started in other games from the beginning, to the run up to genocide?

    Its not that I don't mind it. Its that I came back to the game BECAUSE of it. Because the game was broken when I left from my perspective, but you are so unable to empathize that not only can you not see that some people would in fact enjoy it, but also are unable to see how offensive the comparison is.
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  9. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    As pointless as the feature is... you are officially ignored. We'll see how the admins of the forum feel about comparing their action to preww2 germany. But either way, good day. I'm done.
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  10. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    One might say this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object huh??
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  11. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    There's a point where it becomes pointless. Absolutely. I still thought the guy would eventually see that people disagree with them and do so logically, but when he brought up (for the second or third time) pre-ww2 germany... it was clear. He's either here to troll or completely immovable in his pre-conception of life. So I'm tapping out.
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  12. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

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  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    It is a bad analogy to make. Some things just need to not be said. The cable company arguments seemed far more fitting. I get his frustration, I get that some like it. I'm still not sure personally but it barely affects my playing since I don't do much with old content. If it's bringing in new players, great. Hopefully it's also retaining old ones. I know for at least some of us, getting source back in new content was all we needed to get on board with the changes.

    Best analogy I can give to the whole thing is what I used to do for work. We were hired by suffering nightclubs. Not that they weren't making money, although some weren't, but we were brought in to change the clientele. We would impose a dress code. Cleared some riff raff out. Shortly after, we would implement a cover charge. Some former patrons would see it as being kicked out because they didn't like the changes. Some stayed, embraced even. No more fights, no more (wellllll a lot less) bad substances, and more money for all of us and the owners. Change will always make people feel they're being pushed out even if they are welcome to embrace the change. And the ones that do leave always say that it will fail. If this clamp is still going then I'd imagine it is working. Next dlc really needs to seal the deal tho for a lot of players I imagine
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  14. The Con Well-Known Player

    Even tho you now have me in IGNORE....

    You're the one not able to empathize.....

    I'm the one saying that there has to be a better way to make everybody happy... not just the ones who now don't mind what happened to other players. (Do ya see how that's a tad unsympathetic??)
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  15. The Con Well-Known Player

    It's not a direct comparison.... NO ONE IS SAYING THAT IT IS JUST AS BAD... or even remotely close.

    Just pointing out that "Some benefit from the misery of others" isn't a good argument for causing misery.
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  16. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    I have never claimed that nobody disagrees with me. I have acknowledged the fact that people disagree. Even stated I understand why they disagree and that I agreed with them in the past. That I had an alternate way that I would have preferred to take back 7 years ago, and explained why I didn't think that, or having it optional would be an option until more momentum was created etc. I'm not immovable...because I was moved here.
  17. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    I agree. Even those attracted here by the changes. I subbed for a month because I need to see them commit to growing the game etc.
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  18. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

  19. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player


    I see those understandably upset over what, in fact, the stat clamp did which is take something away for which we both paid and worked (indisputable fact), many for years and also took away the super feeling of being a super (this can be considered subjective). And then there are those (Pro stat clamp or just pro whatever DCUO does) that are basically telling us to love it and shut up. Some use ridiculous arguments, some just insult, some go crazy with fallacies, and some are polite but are still saying the same thing.

    The company did what they did and what is already happening as a result will play out. Money is already deciding the fate of the changes. But never underestimate people that can't admit their wrong. Many companies have crashed and burned because those in control refused to accept they were wrong.
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  20. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I think there's a disconnect between what players want and enjoy doing vs what some people on the forums think others want and enjoy doing.

    Feats in the game are mostly a laundry list of stuff to get done. Like collect all styles, kill 500000 of X and so on. There's no real skill involved. Players don't enjoy doing these things. There are some players who enjoy difficulty who will chase the small amount of feats that do require skill and they enjoy doing those though -- but they're in an obvious minority. So, most players don't strictly enjoy getting feats. They're doing it solely for the SPs for an edge in content. I point this out, because I think it's a mistake to complain about players who don't want to put effort in blah blah blah. No, they probably don't want to put that effort in because it's not fun and never has been. It's tedious at best. So, dumping on players who try to skip one of the least engaging parts of the game is shallow to me.

    And the later part of your reply about feats being more accessible... I love the word "accessible". It's so poorly used in today's discourse but I digress. No, I would argue that feats are not more accessible. Older feats are harder to get now because they can't be outgeared. And all feats in elite content are now outside the reach of the casual playerbase which makes up around 95% of the game's players.

    SPs have been revamped many times and will be again. They're not meant to be a divider between casuals, vets and elites the way some players imagine they're supposed to be. SPs are supposed to be a means to keep players busy and working towards things outside of the narrative and they have always been useful and the Devs aren't lacking in ability to make them useful and weren't in the past either -- they were as useful or not useful as they were intended to be, by design, at any given time. And now that progress from gear was removed, and the accessibility of SPs is restricted it's going to be time to revamp how relevant and weighted SPs play in the character formula again.
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