This is why people don't like the CR cap.

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  1. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    Yeah, thats exactly what I was asking for... *rolls eyes*
  2. The Con Well-Known Player

    No... It's an excuse.

    And.. It's not reality: Cable companies don't take away from my services to make new customers happy.

    You're literally making excuses for your excuses.

    It's literally vice versa... You are just swapping my enjoyment for yours.
    You write: " we needed something to help the new player experience"..... and you take away from the old player experience...

    You, as a new player... JUST LIKE MY ALTS (low leveled).... weren't being kept from enjoying the content.... You are being kept from enjoying the content in the narrow way you want to define your enjoyment..

    I'll think on that one... Off hand, I'd say that:
    Full rewards on old content sure helped replays on old instances and maps.... which helps cut down on que times which helps new players advance quicker....
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  3. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    They don't take services away...they CHARGE MORE for their services. Which is much worse than this change. Would you rather that a subscription for a new account got a years subscription for 40% of what it cost you to entice new users? Oh, and they'll give away free legendary allies and their pick of the three most dominant fully leveled artifacts.

    Except, its not a narrow way that we want to enjoy. There are dozens of ways to enjoy the content. Different powersets, different weapons, different artifacts, allies. So many different ways to go where you can try something new or more/less challenging or different. If you just simply massively over-level your characters... you can just spam a basic ranged attack through entire events. When someone can just faceroll the content and leave you behind... its not fun.

    What point is it to have new players advance quicker? Seriously. They get to endgame and they are useless to you so you'll kick them out of the alerts and raids you find them in or you'll be able to overpower it in spite of them, making them the content.

    Please do think about it. Because the status quo was not ever going to be an option and I have yet to see anything ever suggested to actually fix the game experience.
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  4. The Con Well-Known Player

    Dear God, man... You can twist facts...

    They don't really charge existing customers more.... They just charge new customers less.. for a short period of time... or a trial period...

    They don't come to an existing customer and say "Look we're giving The Petersons free HBO for 3 months... during which time we'll be billing you an extra 10 bucks to cover the cost"

    It's not even that your excuses aren't really excuses... It's just your excuses are just soooooo lame.

    Dude... I have low level alts... I still have fun leveling them up.. without ever getting "left behind".

    Why do you have this weird negative view of how play with others???
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  5. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Nope, i will stroll along with my 500+ an be content getting new as new comes available.
    Also no, thats not a concern at all. Clamping has nothing to do with SP and also theres no reason to correlate the two or think it will happen to sp either.
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  6. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Controllers stunning adds is bad, it prevents the tank from pulling them.
  7. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Support? Supporting what? DPS.

    The clamping has made it obvious that these are not support roles, but required. From the group I saw trying to run Shattered Gotham Elite with no Healer to the guy I inevitably run into in Duos that runs off on his own and dies before I've finished at the repair terminal, DPS are learning the hard way that you can't just pew pew pew, and some of your group might not be chasing the scoreboard. Not for damage anyway. I'm not of the opinion that you need a Tank / Healer / Troll in Duos, but a lot of people are suddenly realising you can't just throw yourself into the adds anymore. You have to play it smart. And maybe - just MAYBE having a guy with a pull to drag a few of the nasties in at a time might be a good idea.

    Having said that, I'd strongly urge Daybreak to put additional Armories on the Doctor Fate Vendor, so people can easily adjust to playing a non-DPS role. They don't need to be cheap, they just need to be there. If I can pick up three Seals of Completion a month from my Membership, I don't see an issue with me picking up an extra Armory every now and then instead. Most people don't use more than two until they start understanding their non-DPS role / branching out into Ranged and Melee / Prec vs. Might anyway, so they don't need to come thick and fast.
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  8. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    No it doesn't. Tanks can pull through stuns since the revamp in 2017.
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  9. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Roots and encasements are a different matter, but unless I'm mistaken anybody with a pull can pull stunned enemies. I routinely use Sacred Light as a stun in Celestial, and can still juggle the stunned adds with Wrath of the Presence, and the tank has no problem pulling them either. The only real issue is if the enemy has a breakout profile, in which case a troll stun can mess up a tank's plans for the field?
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  10. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I’m glad to hear that. I’d hate to find out I’ve been inadvertently sabotaging tanks. I specifically avoid roots and encasements for this very reason.
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  11. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    I find your indifference to it all surprisingly refreshing, and an admirable trait.

    Just to make sure I'm understanding you, does the source of your indifference lie in the fact that you wouldn't care if they stripped away the value of your 500+ skill points, or that you don't believe they would actually do it? Or, is it for another reason altogether?
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  12. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Good to know, i wasmt around for that so was u aware it had changed.
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  13. The Con Well-Known Player

    To me... the changes/additions the game has made... haven't been very "support role friendly"

    5 years ago.. It was easy to maintain both roles (me as a DPS and tank.. and enjoyed playing both.)

    Artifacts came along... and it was a grind just to level up one set for a role...

    Same with augments.
    I have 4 armories: 3 set for each of the highest level content (dps) and 1 for PvP...
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  14. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    1. Yes, they do charge existing customers more, because they discount new customers bills, but hesitate to hand out loyalty programs of similar heft to new customers. They don't come to an existing customer to say that, but that is exactly what happens. You subsidize other people's discounts. It's how it works. You think they just lose the money they discount and it has no bearing on the regular prices of the services?

    2. They aren't excuses..they are reality. That is how it works. Companies with limited customer pools prioritize new customers to keep from attrition killing their business model. Established brands like apple etc. do not do this, because new customers are attracted by the current customer base, this isn't happening with DCUO.

    3. Based on my experience with just that. Even if not left behind, you're irrelevant to the content. You hit an add once... they hit it once, its dead. They don't need the CR Relevant player to complete the content. If you mess up as a cr relevant player, it doesn't hurt the ability to get it done. You can just stay outside of a boss fight and watch and it won't hurt anything.

    Over and over again I experienced players running through instances leaving me behind. Not only leaving me behind, but how dare I speak up about how I want to at least be able to keep up. "screw you, noob" they yell in spite of the fact that I wasn't a noob. I just was on an alt trying to level it up and experience content I had skipped with my main toon at the time. Look through the forums. You'll find this complaint with a lot of users who came on the forums once and never came back. Getting into a league makes it better, at least you have guys to talk to while they walk you through instances you still aren't experiencing, but its still just walking the lower CR guy through the instance as they dominate the bosses where they didn't need you to complete the instance.
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  15. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Devils advocate: what about the players that wanted the carry from the high cr crowd? Can't count the amount of times (pre clamp) that I got a ninja invite to take some low levels thru something they were failing for an hour. While I think they should have stuck it out, they want to play their way and if they want to get thru something then who am I to stop it.

    Also, what's your ingame again? Lol I added you the day after we talked and now I can't remember and I have too many on the list. Mines Azraihell. Well, the one I added you on is and I'm not really using alts much since all this started.
  16. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    1. Those definitely exist. There are those that don't care about the content, who just want to get to endgame as quickly as possible but don't want to CR skip. When it was an option, there was nothing wrong with being asked and doing something like that. Outside of the fact that those players will eventually get to cr relevant stuff, and will have been carried the whole way there introducing the same problem they needed to be bailed out from at endgame..where they likely get booted from instances from not understanding mechanics they could have learned along the way.

    2. EMP Pyrostorm is my primary.
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  17. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Yeah, they definitely weren't doing themselves any favors. But just making the point since it is technically a counter point to how some play the game different than others. I'm still ok with the clamp tho I do wish elite either didn't get it or got less of one for the players that planned on getting things done in there well past relevancy.

    And ok, I need to burn that name into my memory.... ha pun.
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  18. The Con Well-Known Player

    Cable companies have to stay competitive with other cable and/or media services... You know what?

    Talking with you is just like riding
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  19. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    I don’t see them making any more major changes to gameplay in the near future. Could they? Yes.

    500 > 250, I don’t see how they can strip away the value of a number. Can the value change? Absolutely. Most will just grind there teeth and relearn the new system…others will come here and complain.

    “This is the way”

  20. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    You probably think they lose substantial money because of cord cutters, but the catch to that, to cord cut you have to increase your internet service drastically, and internet service cost increases have outstripped everything else. My package I have right now, 5 years ago was 50 bucks a month. I get it for 84 a month under a new customer special. (complete bundle would be 136 and have SIGNIFICANTLY higher cost of service to the cable provider) It will be 125 when I'm off of my package. I will call them and ask for a discount, they won't give me one. So I'll go to the only other competition out there, get a new customer special, then wait til thats over, rinse, repeat. Just like most cable customers.

    If I'm wrong...why is that the case? Limited subscriber base = more concentration on attracting new customers. Companies don't pay for anything, their customers do. Just like taxes. Companies don't pay taxes....the people who buy their products pay their taxes. Sounds to me like you are fine with this model, maybe instead of the clamp, they should offer new subscriber bundles giving half price or better for the same stuff you pay full cost for instead. Then maybe they attract enough customers to not have vets in early game ques to stabilize the game experience.

    I'm not talking from ignorance, this is from my family owning a business, working as management in numerous businesses where I see the pricing and what impacts said pricing...and working for a cable company in the customer loyalty department for years.