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    SuperBestFriendsSquad is recruiting!
    We strive to be a different type of league!
    *** We will go all out for you if you go all out for us.

    League values and goals:
    ·Run together, work together, grow together
    ·Socializing, respectfully
    ·RESPECT!! Unwelcome disrespect will not be tolerated.
    ·Fun! We play to have fun and enjoy ourselves, and a good fun league can totally change your gaming experience
    ·Feats-if you need a feat we will get it done.
    ·VC active
    ·Discord active

    ·18+ only
    ·200 cr plus, but exceptions will be made for the right people.
    ·No SP requirement, that's what we are here for

    We still have room to grow, and are looking for the right people to join us in making and establishing a league that people can truly enjoy! We aren't the league for everyone, but you can always try it out!

    Hit us for questions and invite Xb Us Server
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    *In-game name: The DarkSun
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 385 (+372) (not sure what the other number
    -Power: Quantum
    -Role: Damage
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Premium
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: I don't work (in process of trying to get on disability for both physical and mental), I suffer from depression among other things, which is why I take long breaks in games. before returning to DCUO a few days ago, the last time I played was about 2 years ago give or take
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm just a casual premium player that doesn't have the luxury of putting money into the game. I personally don't like PvP. I'm looking for a League that id friendly and very open to the casual player.

    The DarkSun since she was a child was a prodigy in engineering, and graduated from The Gotham Institute of Technology when everyone her age was graduating from high school. Her father was a very wealthy buisnessman, and her mother was a reknowned physicist working at S.T.A.R. Labs. Her family had their own physics lab that was originally built for her mother, but soon became her lab as well.

    Like what happens all to often in Gotham, her parents were killed while she was away at a physics conference in Metropolis as a guest speaker. When she heard the news, she closed herself off both mentally and physically. All the evidence pointed at the killer being one of the numerous super villains free on the streets of Gotham.

    Taking inspiration from The Batman, she built herself a battle suit that harnesses the powers of space-and-time, as well as various gravity effect and named herself The DarkSun in reference to a black dwarf sun. Her suit allows flight through an anti-gravity mechanism. She's also a self-taught master of Gun-Fu, but vigilante or not, like the Bat and his Bat-family, she draws the line at killing, and as such her pistols actually shoot a substance of her own design that is a kin to rubber bullets, they're spherical like tiny balls that flatten on impact, and quickly dissolve in about 30 seconds.
  5. At0mXII New Player

    *In-game name: AtomXII
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System: USXB
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: As of this post 410 /150 (Obviously working on it)
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: DPS/Tank
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes, well over 18
    -About yourself: I have played DCUO on and off on different platform's over the years. Decided to give it a try on my xbox 2 months back and really dig the changes since I last played and have progressed further than I ever have before and am enjoying end game quite a bit. I plan on sticking around for the long haul moving forward. I am a very experienced MMO player and a good team player.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Friendly, knowledgeable, mature and experienced is what I am looking for in a guild. Discord is a plus.

    I love running group content and obviously trying to run some of the more complex raids with a PUG can be challenging at times. I hope to find a guild that will be happy to help me clear a lot of this left over group content from my quest log. ;) Please, send me an in game mail and I will get back to you ASAP.
  6. siggus New Player

    *In-game name: Siggus
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: US
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: pretty low rn CR ~70 but increasing quickly when I play
    -Power: fire
    -Role: dps/tank
    -Do you have a mic?: no
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: f2p
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: I played DCUO 8 years ago on PS but recently started playing again on PC so can't remember much so pretty much a newbie tbh having fun, but feeling a lil lonely at the minute :oops:
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? looking for nice chill people to play and chat with when I'm on, I'm a casual player since my irl commitments mean I can only play when I have free time
  7. SabretoothDodo New Player

    Character Name: AlistairCross
    Faction: Villain
    Server: USPC
    Combat Rating: 395CR
    Skill Points: 160SP
    Power: Gadgets
    Role: Damage & Controller
    Microphone: No
    Account Level: Premium
    18+: Yes

    I'm a 28 year old English bloke that has played DCUO a few times since launch and have recently gotten into it. I play on US servers due to an odd sleep schedule. My hobbies include working out, playing video games and I'm a decent cook. I mainly play controller in group content as a buff troll and have a damage loadout for solos and duos. Looking for a chill group that plays old content and hunt feats.
  8. Tonto New Player

    *In-game name: LincolnSixEcho
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: H
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR:410/SP:179 (I'm working on it. feats are tedious and numerous.)
    -Power: Mental Hand Blaster
    -Role: DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes and Discord
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary (sometimes down to premium if I feel like taking a break)
    -18+?: Y
    -About yourself: I'm 31(M). I live in the North East US. I've been playing off and on since 2012 and I've never joined a league. I'm not always super active so I tend to get kicked so I don't usually bother. I typically play in the evening but sometimes I pop on during the day. I'm a pretty laid back guy. I work part time every other week so I've usually got more free time than I know what to do with. I also play Guild Wars 2 and Destiny 2 (though I don't play Destiny as much as I used to and I very recently got back into GW2) along with other non MMO's from time to time. I don't really have any hobbies. I like to draw but I don't do it often enough to call it a hobby. I am purely a content consumer in all it's forms (Movies, TV, Youtube, gaming, etc).
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for a chill, no pressure league that doesn't mind someone who doesn't log in every day for hours at a time. Sometimes I just log in, get my rewards and log out. I tend to go through fazes with the games I play due to burn out. I might play DCUO for a few months then switch to GW2 for a few months or I'll just dedicate more time to other games and neglect my MMO's all together for a while. I always come back though. Eventually. And it's a real bummer when I do come back and find out the community I joined months ago has kicked me out. So, if you're a League that's cool with players like me hit me up. Send me a discord invite. I'll always be there, even when I'm not in game.
  9. Malakai Ragnarok New Player

    Character Name: PRIMUS
    Faction: Villain
    Server: US/PS5
    Combat Rating: 414CR
    Skill Points: 810SP
    Power: Gadgets
    Role: Damage
    Microphone: Yes
    Account Level: Legendary
    18+: Yes

    About: Looking for a league that primarily attempts end game feats and elite plus feats.
  10. Malakai Ragnarok New Player

    Character Name: Odin Ragnarok
    Faction: Villain
    Server: US/PS5
    Combat Rating: 410CR
    Skill Points: 810SP
    Power: Electric
    Role: Damage/Healer
    Microphone: Yes
    Account Level: Legendary
    18+: Yes

    About: Looking for a league that primarily attempts end game feats and elite plus feats.
  11. Malakai Ragnarok New Player

    Character Name: Mr Moonrocks
    Faction: Villain
    Server: US/PS5
    Combat Rating: 408CR
    Skill Points: 810SP
    Power: Fire
    Role: Damage/Tank
    Microphone: Yes
    Account Level: Legendary
    18+: Yes

    About: Looking for a league that primarily attempts end game feats and elite plus feats.
  12. Bobby Matrix New Player

    *In-game name: Bobby Matrix
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points:62/41
    -Power: Water
    -Role: DPS/Heals
    -Do you have a mic?: yes and discord
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P currently but will sub
    -18+?: 47
    -About yourself: Construction worker by day, dad of 4 by night.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a group of people around my age to learn and enjoy the game with. Im fairly new so ive still got alot to learn.
  13. Dogmeat New Player

    *In-game name: Gunslinger Dogmeat
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]:USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: Low. Day 2
    -Power: Munitions
    -Role: DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes/Discord
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Subbed
    -18+?: 46
    -About yourself: East Coast, 8pm to 11pm gameplay timeframe. Kids, work and life basically own everything else.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? MMO's are better with people.
  14. Ryoga Kami New Player

    In-game name: Earth Kai/Cardinal Kai
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero/Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: US Nintendo Switch
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points:250+/79
    -Power: Earth/Quantum
    -Role: DPS & TANK / DPS & TROLL
    -Do you have a mic?: YES
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: In love with this game
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a League thats active and does daily runs and doesnt give up easily. Its hard to get a good League for Nintendo Switch coming from USPS.
    Discord: unitedwepurge#0367
  15. R_Shoesmith New Player

    *In-game name: Atosbur
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: EUPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 63 CR and 36 SP.
    -Power: Ice
    -Role: DPS/Tank. My character right now is 70% dps and 30% tank, let's say. Because of the soloing. I guess with some training I could be a passable tank, hopefully. I also have a healer character, but I'd have to get that one to lvl 30 first. I'm not far.
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Free
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: I'm a rookie. I had my first raid today. I usually solo everything. It would be nice playing with other people I guess? If you are more experienced than me (not hard), it's a plus.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I don't know really. People to do raids with, so I don't solo all the time? I used to play Maple Story when I was a kid. DCUO manages to scratch that grinding itch. I tried Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, among others, but I like DCUO best. I'm past 30yo and have a full time job, a dog, etc, so I'm kind of a casual player, but I still spend some hours ingame.
    Please send me a pm, if you'd like. I don't usually accept random guild/league invites.

  16. BURN New Player

    *In-game name: Big Burn
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 429/666
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: DPS/Tank
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes, not chatty but will use mic
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Premium
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Played on and off since launch
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Active league, will hunt feats, family friendly is a plus-not a big fan of constant foul language.
  17. BURN New Player

    Still recruiting, still active?

    Still recruiting, still active?
  18. Aria Erso New Player

    *In-game name:
    -Faction [Hero]: Aria Erso
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: US PC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 62/62
    -Power: Tech
    -Role: DPS, but wanna try controller one day
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes but I prefer being silent unless I'm needed to talk
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: for the next 2 month, legendary
    -18+?: 33
    -About yourself: I recently just trying a new game and started 2 weeks ago, I like DC and marvel, i like superhero stuff, recently moved to a new MMO from SWTOR

    -What are you looking for in a league and why?: Just make new friends see who else play this game to show me the ropes, plan to do all content (except pvp)

    if the league has a Discord place to chat with, that's a big plus

    PS: please send me a message before inviting me, I don't like ninja invites.
  19. burningviking New Player

    *In-game Name:BurningViking

    -Faction: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.}: US PC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 35/35 (working on this as quickly as possible)
    -Power: Atomic
    -Role: DPS, but want to merge to Tank
    -Do you have a mic? Yes, but only talk when needed or doing group content.
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendarry
    -18+?: Yes:
    -About yourself: Returning to the game after a hiatus and starting a new toon. Always enjoyed mmos and love the Superhero genre. I am an avid tabletop gamer and love D&D and Star Wars Edge of the Empire.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I am looking to make some new friends who to play the game with, nothing to strict, not looking for mandatory login or participation requirements, but a casual playing group. I don’t have a big interest in PVP, mostly PVE and events.

    Please message prior to invite, thank you.