The New Harley Quinn - Rerecorded

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    Feels like a rushed edit, where they just set the voice to low and hoped it would fix the pitch issue from the original.
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    Technically yes and no because he said he was done with voicing the Joker back in 2011 but then changed his mind to do the Arkham games and DC animated movies. What's to say if he changes his mind again. Besides there are talented voice actors like Troy Baker who can do a great Joker as well
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    Daybreak is in California but the DCUO studios are in Austin right? Wouldn't they do the recording there or would that be farmed out to Cali?
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    Again thanks for replying with another article stating the obvious. Again SHOULD HE CHANGE HIS MIND because he has other projects like Star Wars and is 65. He can't do it forever, I don't see why Daybreak shouldn't go with Troy Baker. And I'm sure you'll look for another article so make sure to post the article when he in fact retires to keep me up to date like this old one
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    You mean article saying he was not retired at the year you said he was retired? :confused: Judging by your previous response I thought you were confused on the time when Mark returned to the role(by Arkham games you mean Knight and VR?), since he's done Last Laugh dlc for Dcuo after City.
    Of course he can change his mind but I think(and hope) he's not gonna stop voicing Joker unless he's gonna stop doing voice acting altogether cause it looks like he do love the character as much as fans love hearing Hamill as that character.
    Not sure they can(or willing to) afford either Hamil or Baker at this point. Also not a fan of Baker in Origins.
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    I just got back on after being away for a while and now that I notice the change (again) I feel like this is a huge mistake for the devs to let this happen. Just when the change happened with iceberg lounge it was starting to grow on me. Now this under whelming person doing harley's voice is killing me(not really). My question is to the devs is why? I'm only curious to know and nothing else. Why? :(