The New Harley Quinn - Rerecorded

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  1. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    A known associate of mine informed me today that whilst testing things out on the test server, in the Iceberg Lounge solo, he noticed that the new (and very controversial) Harley Quinn, voiced by Jen Brown, has had her lines rerecorded. I jumped on test and we ran the Harley's Heist Duo and again, her lines had indeed been rerecorded.

    As I made the original new Harley Quinn voice reveal video, I figured I'd make a new video showing off the rerecorded lines:

    If you need a refresher of what the original voice sounded like, here's the original video with lines recorded for the Harley's Heist Duo or if you want a direct comparison, a play through of the Iceberg lounge solo:

    So what do you think? Are the new versions an improvement?

    In my opinion, I don't think they're an improvement. The new recordings sound like the voice actress has issues with her confidence in the role. Which I guess is fair considering the criticism she got for her performance.

    Really, the only problem I had with the old versions were that she ended every line with a loud, grating noise which made her sound like the wicked witch. If she didn't do that, the lines in their original form would have been ideal.

    I feel now that she's lost the "cute"/"childish" tone. She sounds like she's just been lobotomised or has lost all faith in humanity and given up on life.
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  2. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I didn't like the new voice actress at all.
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  3. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    What do you think of the rerecordings, though? Still dislike?
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  4. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    The new one is worse than the other one. Please coax Arleen Sorkin into doing the voice again.
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  5. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    It is somehow even worse lol

    I really don't know how DC can listen to these recordings and feel that it represents the character. There are so many other voice actors out there that could do this. Mind boggling.
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  6. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    I really disliked the scrutiny placed on this in the first place. It was too fast, too personal, there was no opportunity afforded to grow into the role. Wouldn't it be great if we were all perfect on the first day of a new job. If there was anything wrong with what was released originally it's not on the voice actress
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  7. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I don't want to pick on Jen because she seems like a really good person and is obviously trying but yeah...that's worst than before :(.
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  8. Wallachia Loyal Player

    The new recording was awful. It was like she did even worse than the first one, which was already bad.
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  9. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    To me it doesn't too much matter. I haven't watched the video just yet but like a lot things having to do with literature I've always imagined the way I think the character(s) sounds and just stick with that.

    I'm sure this new change will drive some extreme fanboys/fangirls nuts though. :p
  10. Nicolas Gallardo Committed Player

    The cure was worse than the disease...
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  11. AccelT Well-Known Player

    This. Plus the timing of her lines feels odd most of the run, specially when she's talking to Ivy. When she laughs at her own joke... 'nuff said.
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  12. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    Erm.. Original = senile octogenarian. Re-recorded = Strangely understated accent + as other have said; no confidence.

    I'm Scottish, but isn't Harley meant to have a coney island/brooklyn/new jersey accent?

    After we had her as our new Harley.. I went away and heard some of her other performances, she's a decent actress. This isn't her fault, she's just badly cast.

    (Shouldn't an actress who is actually from there be cast? @ coney island)
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  13. MariaTenebre Committed Player

    The new voice is terrible she sounds like Gilbert Gottfried mixed with a trash compactor. Further more I don't know why they got Tara Strong to voice her as I feed she did a great job in the Arkham series.
  14. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

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  15. Aren Sul Committed Player

    I could live with both, but I do think that the current version is just too scratchy in places and that obscures what's being said. I think the new version here is somewhat better since it removed that problem (yes, I realize I'm in the minority on this). Perhaps it's too toned down, but at some point, you just have to say, leave it be.

    I think a bulk of the negative responses, before and after, are due mostly to the fact that many have been imprinted with Arleen Sorkin's version which was over-the-top Brooklyn (something between Bugs Bunny and Damon Runyon), and that worked well. I might even say, clever, given it was a Warner Brother's animation. Trying to recapture an original, distinctive voice is always extremely difficult. Margot Robbie opted to tone down the animated version by incorporating the voice style Lorraine Bracco used in the Sopranos. I think that worked better for a real life Harley, than an animated one.

    So, I doubt any voice replacement is going to make everyone happy, but as long as I can hear the bad jokes, I'm happy.
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  16. Zneeak Devoted Player

  17. Noble One Committed Player

    oh dear lord change it back.... or get the original T_T

    no offense to the VA but that doesnt sound remotely close to Harley. why fix something that isnt broken?
  18. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    Change it back! NOW! It was't so great before though I get used to it, no big deal, now it's terrible. :eek:
  19. Magno Lord New Player

    Not fond of it. I feel the actress is trying too hard & it just sounds annoying. Wish Arlene Sorkin still voiced her. I would have preferred Tara Strong (if that is her name of the Arkhamverse).
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  20. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    Feels unauthentic tbh fämäläzöid

    But then again I only play with in-game voices on the first run when content is new, rest of the time muted.
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