The 3 Worst Things That Have Ever Come To DCUO

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Circe, Feb 4, 2015.

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    I agree with you about the Home Turf mainframe, the mods I am pretty ambivalent (though synthetic and prefabs make it a cluttered mess atm - leave it to crafting and make the mods less impactful (the suggested cr hike is very unrealistic)) as to pvp rotation I really don't mind but it should be more regular and structured (basically we should know when a map is going to next be available) and of course they shouldn't mysteriously just drop a map.

    More important for me however are these;

    1. Stat Clamping and Capping : A worrying precedent has been set here, a system that pretty much undermines or runs contrary to the entire concept of progression.

    2. Weapon Mastery : I loved the idea but the implementation was ill thought out and underwhelming the consequence has been to exaggerate imbalance and vastly reduce the variety of general combat (oh should I use that ranged WM combo or the other one? decisions.. decisions) whether pve or pvp this has been a big backward step imo.

    3. A new armour set with every DLC, we need to be sparing and cautious forging new armour tiers, already we've levelled beyond more content than can ever be added, which is a shame.....compressing the tiers or even eliminating several would be in the games long term interest.

    On a more positive note, I do think the devs have done a great job with AF part 2, it is the most varied and satisfying dlc in a while.
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  3. Circe New Player

    Since you requested, okay:

    Circe Style In Amazon Fury II
    So beautiful! It's the style we've been waiting for for years. Awesome!

    Feat Unlocks
    People whined about this, but really it's helping people with alts tremendously. Especially with Weapon Mastery. People with alts still have a lot of work on their hands, but I feel this alleviated things a bit.

    Soder Cola Scaling
    OMG a huge blessing for me! I no longer have to deal with ALL of my characters having the right Soder. I finally feel confident to use my Soders. Before, I would have stacks and stacks of Soders sitting in my inventory, many not helpful to my character. But this changes everything, and it's something anyone can buy (unlike Mainframe baloney) so it's fair. This is an addition to the game that really improves gameplay for EVERYONE! These are the kind of changes I would like to see in the future.
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    Circe, we just got an amazing new DLC. I suggest taking some time and enjoying the new content because we can always complain about this stuff later.

    I was actually enjoying seeing all the positivity hit the forums with this new DLC because I hadn't seen that in a long time.
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  5. Circe New Player

    I am playing older T6 content (solos, duos, alerts) to get the Circe style from the rare item vendor on my villain. That's where the last two things showed up. Like I got a good piece of gear from one of the alerts. I couldn't put it on because it would reduce my CR because of no mod. And because I'm saving for the Circe style, that is my #1 priority. It's hard to save for that and progress in CR at the same time.

    I'm only CR 101. So I'm doing the older T6 content, but it is discouraging that my CR can't go up any further. So far haven't been kicked (thankfully). Already got the legs (the loincloth)...looks sooooooooo good!

    I miss the old gear progression honestly.
  6. Phil Miller Committed Player

    I too miss the old gear progression, but it is what it is. By all means, play the game at your own pace and how you want. I was just enjoying seeing all the positive threads as a result of the new DLC and seeing this thread jolted me back to "forum" reality.
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    stat clamping
  9. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Mods - 100% agree with. CR should not include mods. CR should be based on item level of the gear. If I am a full equipped 97 troll my CR should be 97 and not 111. Mods over state the actual gear. I mean I see people running around with 112, but the truth is they are no better or worse than my 111, why because they are using VI experts and I am using VI synethics. That differences is minimum and has little to no impact to the game. That is why CR should be item gear level based and not the way it is now. I'm all for mods, but you should not have to farm like mad for it. I think to make any mods should require 1 exobyte and not 16 for instance. It would make making expert VI mods doable almost for premium. But that cash issues is another thing.

    My recommendation is to remove mods as a way to increase CR. CR is based on actual gear equipped item level. Mods enhance abilities but does not raise CR. This will enforce more players to actually run correct content to get proper gear and reduce quick leveling in game. In addition, premium players should be able to create VI expert mods and VII when they are released; mods also should require less farming to be made.

    Home Turf boost III needs an adjustment downards for MoT. The current price is 5x that of the boost II. Boost III should be priced at 6K MoT and not 15K. This would make getting all of the various boost easier. For instance, I do not get orbital strike due to the cost of the three I use regularly; however, if the cost was 6K MoT I would have Orbital strike.

    My recommendation is reduce the cost of boost III for the mainframe by 50%.
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    As we progress towards the future we cannot forget about the past. Meaning, this DLC is a blessing and is a great step towards the future but we cannot forget about the bugs from past content. They have addressed certain bugs like lag, styles amongst others but have not addressed older content bugs like CC bounties being too high for non-flyers which is associated with a feat.

    I love seeing all the positive threads that have come up lately for the new DLC but we still need to address what bugs are still out there and the bugs forum has not been very helpful unless it is a major bug that effects new content. So, this particular thread can be used to provide feedback on what the community would like to see addressed as we progress towards the future. The only thing that can make this thread negative is us as a community.
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  11. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Dovetails Adjustments - Not talked about a lot, but this was the update I had to adjust to the most.

    Seasonal Length & Amount - I like the seasonals for the most part, but we have 5 now, not including the partial St. Patty's. So that's 5 months out of the year. I thought 4 was just right... 1 per quarter. It feels like Hallmark Universe Online!

    RNG for that last style piece - though it's the best feeling ever when you get it!
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  12. RSL New Player

    1. free to play: this brought in players who no longer cared about playing the game but are here killing time because mommy/wife won't let them spend money on another game and they're bored. we've all had these players in duos and alerts [less so in raids]. mashmashmashmash "it's just a game. shut up and play."

    2. pvp map rotation: i see the point but it makes things harder for actually trying to get SP.

    3. i really want to say free to play again.
  13. Prosser Dedicated Player

    This is my number 1 complaint, by far.
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  14. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Three worst things.....

    First Valentines Day Content


    The Hack
  15. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    1. Sons of trigon DLC
    2. Origin crisis DLC
    3. Last laugh DLC.
  16. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    Ironically for me, 3 of the worst things that have happened to this game (in my opinion) were 3 changes Circe was very vocal on the forums in complaining about wanting to happen.
  17. MetalMario Loyal Player

    1. Nerfing of challenging content.
    2. Bad players being able to get carried by better geared/skilled teammates and being allowed to progress this way.
    3. Melee combos being nerfed to the point that they're worse than AM and/or ranged attacks.
  18. VariableFire Loyal Player

    Origin Crisis: The damage it did still reverberates to this day. Some will cite easy instances but let's not forget the ton of extra gear we get now. All that gear led to super overpower which leads to...stat clamping.

    Rent (Home Turf & Last Laugh): An attempt to keep players playing it's still not balanced correctly in terms of bang for the buck and seems a tier behind. For instance, the maxed out sidekick's shield disappears almost as quickly as HL shield on a fire tank in latter T6 content. And that's only HT, which thematically make some sense. The utility belt rent is just stupid and should be dropped completely.

    PVE/PVP integration. I'm sorry but the divide is too great and it shows in how some players view the game. Fast paced (looks around at all my cast-time powers), no. Combat in DCUO is anything but fast for some players. And the devs still don't get that as the first AM to be developed, Fire's, was based around a wacky RNG-based cast-time power that's soooo slow compared to everything else. Not to mention losing the safety of turtling increased the skill requirements to be Fire tank above the others for no reason. And even after they said they'd keep environments separate, not even a week into the current PVP season, melee WM got taken behind the woodshed and beat within an inch of its life.
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  19. Toren Calduris New Player

    3. Adding iconic anomalies with feats attached.

    2. Adding Legends PVE with feats attached.

    1. Seasonal Stat Clamping.
  20. Sore Steadfast Player

    Game Update 3
    Exobyte Mods
    De-emphasis of mark-based gear
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