Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Could the Changes only be local to us?

    LIke if I make my Fire Black it appears Black on my screen but the normal color to everyone else.

    Also...Lets talk about a lava Skin for Earth. How are would it be to sell something like that? You can't just give Terra all that cool stuff. What about replacing earthen grip with the rock hands she forms?

    I get that the GL based power sets would likely have to take an L on customization but That's Hard lore. Players should understand that. There is no hard lore saying fire has to be orang (it was red at launch)or mental has to be Purple. We can finally appease a lot of people with green atomic lol.

    Also do you have any updates on a possible animal form updates for nature or does that fall under the answer that was given for a general vfx pass?
  2. The Dark Kryptonian Active Player

    I agree it would be nice to have an extra bar that would allow us to change the color of our powers like celestial to red or fire green but I also think the aura's too so we can match this change?
    I'd like to see the Keeper of the Dead's gear be available to us :)
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  3. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    I would like our neck peices to have visual styles. Take the Bionic style. I want the neck look that comes with the head style, but I don't want the part thats on the head.

    Why can't we have visual styles for our neck peices?
  4. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    I would love to see in the character creation menu, 2 color (inside and outside) capes. And the over all color selection increased from 5 to 6. Reason being, Alan Scott's Golden Age Costume. Red, 2 tones of Green, Yellow, Black and Purple.

    As for Styles over all this is something I think should be in the Character Creator as well. Head bands, as well as individual Cyborg parts. 90's Cyborg Superman for example has basically half his body as machine and the other half organic. This needs to be a thing in the character creator and by making cyborg parts pick and choose you can do that far easier.

    Finally and while this isn't costume related, unless you want to add things from it.

    With the members of the JSA in the game I think it's time for a episode made that pits the JSA against DC's existing **** characters. It's a perfect story especially given the times and if you need source material to pull from "Justice Society Of America 36-40 from 2010"

    Thanks for a great game.

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  5. MR LUCIFER New Player

    ty for the info
  6. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    Dark Green Emissive Eyes
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  7. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    All the Template Codes Should Be updated to The Most Current one Superman batman,wonder woman,flash and Cyborg Should use their Justice League 2016 Color just to name a few
  8. spedog Active Player

    Maybe I wasn't being fair as I was vague in the post above. The House of El warsuit cape and the Steel warsuit cape are basically a red color swatch with a Superman 'S' slapped on it. They are flat and have no definition, folds, or shading of any of the other capes you can get in the game from any other collection and it's embarrassing. I can't even use these capes as it just bugs my eyes to have all the definition and texture in the character and then have an MS Paint sample hanging off his back. Please fix this and make it a cape on par with the others in the game. Thanks.
  9. MR LUCIFER New Player

    with the cry of the wild skin it is supost to be a wolf but it looks like a cat can you make the snout longer to look more like a wolf it should be a simply fix
  10. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    My requests and hopes:

    Cheetah's outfit (at least the vest)


    Echo & Query from Monarch Playing cards (Riddler Instance)


    Talia al Ghul


    Whisper A'Dair


    I'd also like Power Girl's actual in game cape style please
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  11. ExobyteBurt Dedicated Player

    Not directly about styles but rather style previewing. Many of the larger weapons in the style tab preview window are difficult to see completely. Most notable staff weapons get cut off and you can only see the top ends if you rotate your toon to face away. Is fixing this something that has ever been discussed?
    Also, the watch tower / hall of doom gear vendor mannequins are all one static body type. Is it possible to have them reflect whichever body type your current toon is viewing them with? Or perhaps just have the mannequin change body type every 30 seconds or so between all body types? I ask this because previewing the gear styles on a one piece basis makes it difficult to picture what your toon would look like with all the pieces on at the same time.
  12. Shihazell New Player

    Would rather see a camera pushed off to right or left with real player character as preview target rather than the tiny window.
  13. Mermaid Dedicated Player

    Bombshell Talia Al Ghul.
    Would really love this. We don't have a style like this in-game atm. I just like the Genie vibe and I have a character that could very much utilize this! For a backstyle I suggest a scimitar.


    Jinx is another style that's so underrated. She's also appeared in the game in a few storylines now but we still don't have at least one piece of her style, (looking at the top specifically but her entire set would be nice)

    Lastly, Isis! Her style is somewhat similar to Jinx's but hers is more into the Egpytian Mythology than Jinx's middle eastern look. I'd also love another sandal style, a longer one like Isis is perfection.

    Now I know they aren't involved in a current storyline (Jinx as a bounty in the titans doesn't really count) but like release them as MP styles??
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  14. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    Megzilla?? Can you make an Akita Inu dog=gear style set head, chest, back, leg, feet, hands, .. Hopefully this can provide some inspiration ** my hopes: "Megzilla plz read it"
    [IMG][IMG]Real Akita Inu dog.

    From Silver Fang the 90s. Is a anime television series
    [IMG] [IMG]
    Megzilla.. Riki is a legendary bear hound, from Silver fang . He is a muscular, red-furred Akita Inu dog. He has a brown collar around his neck, and he has brown eyes.

    He gets many scars throughout the series: on his muzzle, chest, back, cheeks and side.
    [IMG][IMG]Hopefully it can provide some inspiration** Megzilla[IMG]
  15. The Drama Club Level 30

    For my healer character, I'd love to get lab coats, surgical scrubs, surgical face masks, traditional white nurses uniform and hat, etc.

    We've got a fisherman set, a fireman set, why not a doctor/nurse set?

    Also: a skin with chest hair/leg hair/armpit hair. Beast Boy isn't a smooth Twink. George Perez drew him with chest hair creeping out the top of his tee shirt. Heck, I'd even be happy with a v-neck tee shirt style that had some chest hair popping. :p

    ^ no really this is a serious request. Thanks!
  16. Do Your Googles Active Player

  17. Megzilla Developer

    I'd really like to do some Egyptian styled designs! (And other African inspired styles)
    Hopefully when we get around to making new skin shaders it includes new animal skins. Having that curly tail would be so cute!
    I have these on my list, including chest hair..
    I don't know when we will revisit Robin again but I'll write this down!
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  18. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    More styles I'd hopefully like to see:

    Lyssa Drak


    Amazon NPS styles in game:

    Priestess (?) style


    Amazon skirt style:


    The pre-Teen Titans Judas Contract Starfire style:


    Finally the Starfire style from the animated DC movie Justice League vs Teen Titans:


    I'm not a fan of large/clunky styles. You put on a feet style or glove style and they are so well the best way to describe it is a boot style that when worn is 2 to 3 times the size of my leg/feet (or more) so I'd also like to see more heels/sandals/dress type shoes and gloves, belts that are "slim" for females
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  19. Zoe· Devoted Player

    I remember suggesting Lyssa in the past!!! I also made a character that looks like her, If I can only find the picture lol
  20. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    When you guys eventually get around to making new animal skins. Would you please make skins without tails & ears as well as skins with tails & ears. Me personally, I don't like the tails & ears but I know others do.

    If you guys could.
    Make the tails & ears function like the demon tail. The demon tail is a waist style and then make the ears a face or head style.

    This is an example the types of animal skins that I imagine being in the game and working well. Notice the more pointed ears and no tails while still looking cat like. You could also make some awesome hair styles like these too. :)

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