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Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. The Dark Kryptonian Active Player

    I don't know if y'all forgot or what but why is the legs of the Kryptonian Flexsuit unlock able for all we're toons and the chest isn't? It took me like 40 or 50+ times to get the chest and that's not counting trying with my other toons, just to find that the chest is not shareable :( Would you please change that so the chest can be unlocked with replay badges :)

  2. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    Because the kryptonian flexsuit chest is a drop style while the legs are a briefing reward
  3. The Dark Kryptonian Active Player

    True but its a random drop from the treasure box not by beating a boss so would that still count?
  4. TheLorax Loyal Player

    A drop is a drop regardless of the circumstances.
  5. Supercold New Player

    I did a search and didn't see anyone suggest this, but I would love to see Rebirth Superboy, the one that is Superman's son.

    They could just recolor the exsiting Superman Hoodie, but I would like it remodeled to be a bit more form fitting, like they did with the BVS shirt compared to the standard T-Shirt, and maybe have it a whole outfit instead of just a chest piece, maybe she shield shape on the tongue of the shoes, and the shorter cape but with the s-shield on the back. I love the fact that its originally Krypto's cape lol
  6. VillNess Well-Known Player

    I wish there would be more buff chest styles on Spark body type like this:


    Because Spark body type has always been a bit, hmmm, as I don't like Striker "The Superman" body type as I prefer like Nightwing and Sinestro (Again, please bring Sinestro's body type as it was already planned back in day, if it is possible) and Spark is closer to that. Issue is the head being freaking HUGE! Using buff chest makes it more bearable.

    Here's a style that shows the difference with the head/body proportion when the chest is not buff

  7. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    Some kid called me ugly wearing the old classic Superman sounds like it's time to update the template to Henry cavill
  8. Captain Wonder Active Player

    Doctors gear, jail gear, torn clothing of all sorts
  9. ZoomResurgance New Player

    [IMG]I'd like to see a Phantom Lantern Emblem honestly. I know that the phantom lantern wasn't huge but it would be cool to have I'd defiantly use it on all my lantern tune[IMG]s and possibly a ultra violet lantern emblem if you'd please
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  10. MR LUCIFER New Player

    how about having swim suits for the female avatars or the style outfit circies has on sorry for my miss spelling
  11. Runeer New Player

    need another style for skin, 1 ticket for change morality, another style for body (gigant), new movement (jump) and in the final a bigger base for all basic styles, grazie
  12. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    Circe's outfit is already available as the ancient divine sorceress style for villains.
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  13. RunfromDanger Man Committed Player

    I agree with the first and last. The second, indifferent to.
    ...oh and everybody? Jeroen Thornedike...technically a Doctor. Habib bin Hassan...technically a doctor. Not the type of doctor Captain Wonder means, sure. But everybody push for doctor’s, without specifying what field, and maybe we will get a Doctor time capsule with all types. :)
    Really though, I agree.
  14. RunfromDanger Man Committed Player

    Phantom first, then ulatraviolet.
  15. RogerBlack Committed Player

    Hopefully these characters can provide some inspiration for some very cool Styles...


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  16. Megzilla Developer

    Thank you very much for putting these together! :)
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  17. spedog Active Player

    My requests are simple and the first one is one I have made MANY times. Please fix the cape with the Superman 'S' on it. It's on two sets, but it literally looks like construction paper with a sticker on it. All the other capes look amazing. Please, please fix it. Also, adjust the emblems so we can size to our tastes instead of so so so small on the chest, please. Thanks.
  18. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Rat Queens is such a fun series. <3
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  19. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    Holy Klono! QX!

    I want to Love this post. You are a blinding flash and a deafening report.
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  20. amoul21 New Player

    Could we get a BvS/JL inspired Superman style?[IMG]

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