Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by oasenhoheit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Pitbullen New Player


    PLEASE Devs! I like the style Commander's Harpoon Hand alot, but it looks so silly holding a 1-handed weapon in the very same hand as the style itself! Make it possible to either change the style to the LEFT hand or make it possible to use that hand style as the 1-handed weapon itself. Thanks :)
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  2. Scourge o' the Cosmos Level 30

    - Not exactly a weapon, but a trinket which can be used to summon an angel (for heroes) or demon (for villains) to pummel the opponent for a while
    - Again, not a weapon, but a trinket which can be used to summon one or more gorilla's to attack the opponent
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  3. N-IX Well-Known Player

    large sword matching the primitive scabbard
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  4. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I'm sure it has been asked for before but:Can we Please get a proper fedora hat with the brim pointing downwards? the one we got as a male character is not very good.
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  5. Legoman Level 30

    We do. Its called "Detective Fedora." It is the reward after completing the Punchline Episode II Briefing.
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  6. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    You didn'tt read what i wrote.I said one with the brim down.It has the brim down on female characters but not on males
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  7. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    This sword style for 2h weapon. It's real sad, that it was not added as reward like Lobo's hooks. But hope it will be added in future.
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  8. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Ninja swords on the back and ninja sword on the back as well as katana on the belt.
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  9. N-IX Well-Known Player

    primitive 2 handed sword please
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  10. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    If they would just give us a sword weapon style with that basic look, you could apply the Glowing Material to it to complete the look quite nicely!

    Here's some examples of how the Glowing Material looks applied to other swords in the game, to make them look like Ring Constructs for my recreation of the Green Lantern Boodikka:




    Now we just need a sword of the right style and you'd be good to go! :cool:
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  11. Brit Loyal Player

    Queen Diana uses a mis-matched combination of two swords. I would like those.

    Also, I would like a Knife that is Knife sized. The existing "Dagger" and "Kris" styles are at least 2 feet long and definitely look more like Swords than the do Knives. Just the same tiny switchblade knife that is used by the Joker Goons in the Riddler leveling mission.
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  12. Fwames Well-Known Player

    I don't know why but I haven't seen a chainsaw as a weapon outside of hardlight. It would be great to add in as a two-handed right now as random drops on Halloween.
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  13. Demitri13138 New Player

    I think a bullwhip could be cool. It would definitely help people complete their Catwoman look. At the very least, a "whip attack frenzy" could be added as an Iconic Power.
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  14. Captain Wonder Active Player

    Animal fighting style with claws or none
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  15. Captain Wonder Active Player

    Are we ever getting new powers?
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  16. EthanBlack New Player

    I would like to see a whip weapon type (Cat Woman) It could include a golden rope version (Wonder Woman) and a chain version (Lobo)
    Also, duel torches.
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  17. Demitri13138 New Player

    Same question, looking for a place to drop my ideas. Iconic Powers could use some additions as well
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  18. K3str3lDC Well-Known Player

    You can get escrimas, but I wish you could get ones that really look like the ones Nightwing uses and in the Gotham Knight back style, with the tasers and such.
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  19. K3str3lDC Well-Known Player

    Penguin Umbrella Gun (probably best as a rifle style)
    Flaming sword (not a sword made of fire, just like a normal sword, preferably a katana, with the blade being on fire)
    Catman's cat claw brass knuckles things, probably as brawling and/or martial arts (I just think this would be fun)
    Just actual claws, also probably brawling and/or martial arts (be good for like animalistic or demonic or monstrous characters or if you're Catwoman-like)
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  20. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    I would vote for BOTH; the suggestion of matching one's Power Set, and versions that are tintable as normal.

    Satellite Dish - Shield, Dual Wield, Two Handed, Hand Blaster (symmetrical & asymmetrical versions)

    Batarangs - Dual wield & One Handed
    Boomarangs Dual Wield & One Handed
    Chakram/Discus/Tech Disc/Tech Chakram (TRON & other fantasy/scifi)
    More Hammer Styles; One Handed, Dual Wield (including pairs of different types/designs, asymmetrical), Two Handed & Staff, and alternates for the Hard Light, Sacred, Wicked, etc. Weapon Sets, added to them retroactively.
    Sickle - One Handed, Dual Wield (including pairs of different types/designs, asymmetrical), Two Handed & Staff, and alternates for the Hard Light, Sacred, Wicked, etc. Weapon Sets, added to them retroactively.
    Hammer & Sickle - Dual Wield, a few styles for a variety of quality & different makers, including High Tech, Modern, Vintage, Archaic, Mystic, Sacred, Wicked, Hard Light Blk/Wht/Blu/Red/Green/Purple/etc.
    More High Tech Weapons with Glowing Elements/features - All Weapon Styles; Coluan, LexCorp, S.T.A.R. Labs, A.R.G.U.S., etc.
    Tire Irons - One Handed, Dual Wield
    Crowbars - One Handed, Dual Wield, Two Handed
    Brick, Cinder block - One Handed, Dual Wield
    Severed Hands; Fist, Holding Trigger, Holding Grenade, Holding Strange Device, Holding Gun, Holding Knife (Hancock) - One Handed, Dual Wield

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