Survival Mode and Speed Hackers.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Caroline, Feb 16, 2021.

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  1. Proxystar #Perception

    What is done to differentiate those people that just blind queue and find themselves in a group with one?

    Would the expectation be that innocent players leave the instance to avoid account action or are you referring more to players purposefully grouping with someone beforehand?
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  2. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    I've qued in to content and randomly grouped with them. Am I supposed to drop group once I notice a boss dies super fast? Or would this be only referring to pre-made groups?

    Edit: I see someone beat me to my question but I don't see a way to delete it
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  3. Cordelia Active Player

    Yes, this question. There has only been two times I blind queued and was certain I was with a speed-hacker. Both times someone in the group said, "I'm recording this" and both times the speed hacker left. But there have been a number of times where I suspected a speed-hacker but wasn't certain it wasn't just someone much better than me. Do I leave the instance in those edge cases to make sure, or what?
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  4. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    I assume you can tell the difference between a pre-formed group or one where someone was invited in against a random queue-in... because I have on occasion come across speed hackers just by randomly queuing in to some stuff including event mode versions of the raids of the current DLCs. One time my friend and I tried to kick the hacker but we didn't get enough votes. One ask... PLEASE update the font on the names so we can tell the difference between lower-case L and upper-case I. I think it was before GU73 when the scoreboard used all upper-case letters for names... perhaps return to that?
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  5. Apollonia Committed Player

    This seems realistically difficult to police. Hopefully reason is winning this one rather than the pitchforks. Anyone accused by association would likely claim they were unaware and I can easily see that being a legitimate defence in fairness. I see a lot of false positives and subsequently refunds and transaction reversals in that possible timeline.

    Seems like the better and more efficient solution would be investing anti-cheat tech to prevent them from being able to cheat at all, rather than waste labour, time and energy policing and adjudicating people caught up in this scenario, doing something the system should prevent them from doing anyhow. While you're at it, maybe build in an easy and intuitive ingame method of reporting players--allowing players to whistle blow on players they know are cheating in any variety of ways from mail/cash glitches to speed hacking and so on.

    Let's learn from our mistakes in the real world and apply them to the game by putting the focus on prevention instead of punishment.
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  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I would hope that would apply only to people in a group that completed a boss. One wouldn't want to scoop up in the net innocent people who were fighting for a while without or before noticing the hacker.

    With that proviso, I thoroughly approve.
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  7. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Keep doing this. I'd like to say I'm surprised at the amount of people who defend these scumbags, but I'm not.
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  8. AV Loyal Player

    Wish this has just been executed without warning (and also retroactive).
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  9. MystoganJella Level 30

    Don’t be shy Mepps what’s the bonus week for tomorrow :)
  10. Proxystar #Perception

    Having the policy in place in itself is probably a massive deterrent.

    The mere threat of having your account suspended or banned will likely be enough to have people more readily police themselves.

    The amount of people that stay with speedhackers now is cause they fear no consequences.

    I would imagine that daybreak could easily monitor it by keeping a database of players who keep turning up in these instances and the more you do the more you risk a ban.

    The best thing you can do right now and even continue to do is walk out if you see a speedhacker.
  11. Supremo BR Well-Known Player

    Another round of hackers vs snitches...

    People should definitely start thinking about getting a life. This thread contains a lot of everything that is wrong with human societies.

    Mepps, remove skill points and shut census down. Far more effective than trying to ban hackers. Not to mention that the game population is not at its prime, thus you should avoid eliminating players.

    I wonder if I am the only grown up that is involved with this game...
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  12. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    People who hate cheaters are "snitches"? What, are you posting from prison? Or high school?

    There are always justifications for cheating, aren't there?

    Says the person who makes time to complain on gaming discussion boards that people dare dislike cheaters. Congratulations for prioritizing such an important, socially meaningful, task!

    Flatter yourself much? You are so unique and special! And vewwy gwown up!

    This sort of trolling is pathetic. There's nothing "grown up" about lacking ethics.

    Don't flatter yourself. Real hackers write their own code and aren't script babies.
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  13. Supremo BR Well-Known Player

    Online Videogame ethics????? Lol

    Not sure if that falls into the funny or really sad category.

    But hey, you r free to whatever as far as I am concerned.
  14. Elda Mad as a Hatter

    Usually there's a pattern with the same people grouping with them each dlc, then never mentioning or reporting the speedhacker until people get suspicious on how they got the feat.
    Without this policy, people just sell out speedhacking on an alt to other players, the hacker eventually gets banned after so many runs, and the players walk away with feats and renown, or for SM etc, items they can then sell off.
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  15. Staggiie New Player

    I'm all for banning speed hackers, but not everyone knows there is one in their instance. Some might say it'll be obvious (which is true to people who pay attention) but what about kids that play this game? You think an 8 year old would know anything about that crap? And then you would ban them?
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  16. FlawlessTime Committed Player

    Yeah same because I que allot of stuff and just a few weeks back me and a friend qued HQR okay regular lol and I didn't notice but one of the DPS in the group was a speed hacker . I'm like you got to be kidding me I was speechless I couldn't tell only after looking at the scoreboard when it was over.

    I'm like these guy's are crazy they are all over the place in open world bounties and alerts it's just craziness.
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  17. myandria Loyal Player



    Would there be any way for you to have the SM maps detect a speed hacker in progress and put a unique aura or a flashing symbol above the head (similar to the skull-tell that bosses have)? That way, players can easily recognize a speed hacker and can leave the group so as not to incur any penalties.

    What would be the time limit for being in a group with a speed hacker before such penalties kick in? I can imagine some players allowing the speed hacker to do their thing, then report that player after the map(s) are done to try to avoid any penalties.
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  18. AV Loyal Player

    ****in... yikes...

    Suggest you reevaluate defending literal cheating in a multiplayer game...
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  19. myandria Loyal Player



    A "grown up" would respectfully acknowledge the differences of opinions, give one or two or even a suggestion and move on, not use the childish knee-jerk "get a life" excuse for disliking a valid debate subject.

    This is an online game, not an online gang/mob; reporting actions that are against the game TOS (hacking of any type by players is against the TOS) are encouraged here. No one should be discouraged or called names for doing so.

    If someone was throwing rocks at the windows of your house every day, compromising the integrity of your house and you didn't know who it was, would you like that? Probably not.

    If someone told you who was compromising the integrity of your house, how would you view that person? I'll let you answer that question.

    Speed hacking is just like the above example; it compromises the integrity of the game experience for everyone. Players have the right to report it when they see it and the devs have a right to change policies to do something about it.
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  20. Elren Level 30

    How about start looking at every instance people obtained the speed feat in COUE? There are people that obtained the feat for it that shouldn't have. Obsidian had a video within the first couple of weeks listing the people that obtained it already and it was clearly not legit. Also, I reported people that were in groups purposely with a speed hacker to get this feat. Customer service did absolutely NOTHING to these people and didn't remove the feats either. You guys tell us to report it and the GMs do nothing. Are you guys going to take steps to actually start bringing honest game play back into the game?
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