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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Moja Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback on player and item stats.

    Hey everyone!

    I’m Moja, a Systems Designer here at Daybreak. We’ve been hard at work on the Stats Revamp, and have reached the point where we can start sharing some more information. Today I’m going to be diving deeper into the actual changes we made to stats!

    Stats: What do they do?
    For the most part, stats do the same things they have always done: Restoration increases healing, Vitalization increases power healing, Precision and Weapon DPS increase your weapon attack damage, etc. However, there are some new nuances as well.
    • Might: now increases damage of all super powers, including combo powers. While this won’t be important for this first preview, it will be important *soon* ;).
    • Power: is now a very important stat to allow you to continue casting. If you’re using your self power heal and still constantly feel drained, it’s definitely worth investing in this stat. The more expensive your abilities, the more Power you’ll want! For optimal performance you’ll want a mix of Power and your respective DPS or Healing stat (Might or Restoration).
    • Defense/Toughness: we’ve adjusted the formula for these to remove the Defense cap. Defense and Toughness now have a very predictable impact on your effective health: 10% more Defense = 10% more (effective) health.
    • Dominance: now has a considerably stronger impact on Shields. Restoration still improves Shields, but for the best results you’ll want to focus on Dominance.
    Where do babies Stats come from?
    We’ve adjusted the values on every item in the game to make the stat gains smooth, consistent, and predictable. In addition, we’ve shifted the distribution of stats to better reflect the amount of effort it took to gain those stats. For quick reference, see the chart below. Keep in mind these numbers are subject to change as we continue to incorporate your feedback and refine balance.

    Stat Source - Weight
    • Equipped Gear (full) - 100
    • Skill Point Stats - 30
    • Base Character Stats - 20
    • Gear Mods (x10) - 20
    • Generator Mods (x4) - 10
    • Socket Affinity Bonuses (x10) - 5
    • Trinket Buffs - 5
    • Consumable Buffs - 5
    Overall, this means your Mods, Generator Mods, and Skill points will have a larger impact on your total stats, while Equipped Gear and active buffs will have a reduced impact. This also means players will be rewarded for investing in their characters, so a player at CR 100 with very high skill points and full mods may be stronger than a player at CR 120 with lower skill points and no mods. Combat Rating is no longer king (and Combat Rating Differential no longer exists)!

    Also, your primary source of Crit is your Skill Points (now conveniently located in its own skill tree!), and Crit will have a major impact on your performance, so go get those feats!

    Tactical Mods have also been significantly reduced in power. As a general rule, each Tactical Mod should contribute about 2% to your total performance. Note that this is an area we plan to expand in the future to give more choices and customization in builds and play styles.

    IMPORTANT! Outside of Elite content, we do not expect players to be completely maxed out in the best gear, best mods, and max skill points for their level. As a rough guideline, try to keep up with your mods and keep your skill points close to your CR.

    For our hardcore players, we have not rebalanced Elite content yet, but when we do, we will expect you to bring your A-Game! In the meantime, Elite Affinity bonuses are now percent based. Enjoy J.

    With the removal of AMs and WMs and other stat adjustments, Roles should now be significantly closer to each other in damage. While Healers, Controllers, and Tanks should still focus on healing, controlling, and tanking first, they also now play a major part in defeating encounters quickly. Hybrid builds should now be a viable option, and solo content should no longer be a slog for anyone who focuses on non-damage roles.

    Damage players are still kings of damage, but the difference between the damage each role can do is significantly less, and the benefits of having the other roles is arguably significantly more. Tip: bring more non-damage roles to your fights, and watch them own it.

    We're excited to finally give you a taste of what we've been working on for so long. Let us know what you think!
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  2. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    Question... does this mean that Precision based powers should/will now have to swap mods over to Might?
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  3. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Well it seems like combo based ones like Light will now have a large focus on Might. Not entirely sure about powers like Earth though that use Prec without combos. I expect we'll find it moving over to Precision & Might which would mean I'd have to remod :mad:
  4. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    I feel like in an ideal to go for simplification it's going to mean that all powers will be Might while all Precision is for Weapons. I fully understand the change for ease of use and future power changing but when the update hits it's going to hit any Prec power user harder since they'll have to re-mod.
  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We're working on a solution/plan for the transition. Nothing to share yet.
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  6. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Will the skill points from feats in areas like PvP, Legends or LPvE be a requirement to keep SP in line with CR?
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  7. KratTheDefiler Well-Known Player

    Hybrid builds!!!! So pumped. Always been a hybrid and didn't give a **** anyway, lol.
  8. same Johnny Dedicated Player

    Off the bat feedback is positive, but I would immediately request that the TRAITS general tab displays your number of Skill Points again.

    From a veteran user perspective, it seems something is missing. From overall user perspective, it would make it much easier to know how many SP you have and if you gained a new one.
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  9. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Question is healer shields still calculated the same? Is it still 125% restoration? Can you explain the calculation of healer shields vs tank shields vs controller shields vs dps shields in the new system?
  10. Here2Help Devoted Player

    This would be incredibly helpful to know, especially since stating that dominance will be even more useful than restoration for tank shields now (or did you just increase the ratio of dom to resto to make it that way?).
  11. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Quick question for you Moja.

    Since I primarily play this game for the PVP I have to ask.

    Will 10% more Toughness = 10% more (effective) Health?
  12. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Literally all powersets (afaik) have a guide in the guide section, which list all the statistical numbers eg base dps number, shield strength formula eg ?% Dominance + Resto or only ?% Dominance. etc

    There is also a new formula for self power heal. A new formula for Def/Toughness.

    Can all such formulas be listed out by the devs somewhere? Makes testing (or just playing around) much much easier, and saves more time.
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  13. Maxwill Committed Player

    Question 1, how much might we'll need to increase damage out of a power by 1 or 1% ?

    Question 2, how much defense will give us 1% damage absorption?

    Question 3 , will there be a damage absorption cap? It used to be 75% when there was not shield on of course.
  14. Here2Help Devoted Player

    1 might = 0.45% at level 30.

    71 defense = 1% at level 30.
  15. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    First, I want to echo Johnny's post:

    This was one of the first things that jumped out at me. Other than that, the new UI seems very intuitive.

    New stat descriptions:
    Pros: Straightforward
    Con: Missing some of the details (E.g., "Might increases damage from power." OK, but how? Is it percentage based, point-for-point.)
    (I know how might works, but I'm thinking of this from a new player's perspective.)

    Balance of where stats come from: Obviously, this is key. It's hard to say at the lower levels, but for the most part the formula in Moja's post makes sense. Except, I'm concerned about the mods. If the equipment mods and generator mods are worth that much, we need to have updated synthetics. It's just too hard to keep up with modding 2 sets of armor if you have alts. The synthetics should definitely have lower stats than the crafted mods, but they need to continue to be added to the game and need to continue to grown in power proportionally to the crafted mods.

    Testing feedback: My character is only up to level 13, so this is really preliminary. So far, all of the gear, both dropped and vendor, has progressed smoothly as I've leveled. Generally, a new piece of armor has increased my stats by 4-8% depending on the item level and the type of gear. I haven't seen anything that was really high or really low.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to give early feedback!
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  16. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    • I know you said this isn't important right now, but if I'm reading this right, does that mean all precision numbers dealt from combos will be turned to might numbers? Cause if that's the case, when this revamp goes live, there will be A LOT of upset precision specced dps that will have to waste material redoing all their mods, including generator ones.

      Myself included.
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  17. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    I asked about this same concern earlier and Mepps already stated that they DO plan on a transition, they just have nothing to share yet. I believe what they may do is compensate all players with Total Recovery kits, like 10 in the mail or something. I know it doesn't cover the new mats for anyone who has built Olympian mods, but it'd be something if that's the route they take.
  18. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I'd rather they compensate all the prec powers via gear box with might mods in it. There's gonna be an outrage....but we'll save that for when it happens. Maybe it'll change, who knows.
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  19. Maxwill Committed Player

    That was with old stats matter...I'm obviously asking about new stats matter
  20. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    I'd like to see them introduce a mod conversion kit, puchasable with MoV, that would let us change a mod from one stat to another like colored stat (e.g., prec to might, dom to health, vit&dom to power&health). I say this because there will still be a lot to figure out when this eventually goes to live. I currently mod all resto or resto & xxx for my healers, but I may end up wanting to bump up my power pool. (Not a great example, but you get what I mean.)
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