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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Moja Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback specific to Ice powers. For general combat feedback (not specific to Ice), please use this overview thread instead.

    Self Power Return: Cold Snap
    Weapon Buff: Ice Bash
    Supercharge Generator: Impaling Ice

    All abilities have been rebalanced for range, cost, damage, cooldowns, and CCs.

    Other major ability changes are as follows:
    • Cold Snap: is now a self power heal ability
    • Glacier Flash: is now an execute
    • Impaling Ice: is now a CC and supercharge generator
    • Snowball: is now always AoE
    • Winter Ward and Reflection: swapped visuals
    • Bitter Winds: is no longer a shield – is now a damage aura
    • Freeze Wave: renamed to Frost Slam
    • Resonating Gale: is now a ranged CC
    • Shatter Restraints: no longer grants a shield
    • Snow Devil: no longer CC enemies
    • Deep Freeze: is now an AoE CC
    • Frostbite: removed most root->encase and ice field interactions

    Ice Armor is now a Defense buff after using a Shield. It no longer improves damage.
    This means that Tanks can now actively fight instead of blocking – you will no longer lose defensive capability relative to Block as long as you’re keeping Ice Armor active. Battle Tanks go!
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  2. light FX Steadfast Player

    Interesting. Im very skeptical because ive been an ice tank for years. And i like the way it is currently. It seems like u guys wanna make it more like atomic. Way less blocking. And im not sure how i feel about that. Because with rage and atomic u had 2 tank powers where the player doesnt have to block much at all. Why does ice need to be the same? Some of us like certain power because they are different.

    I know there has been a lot of feedback about people not liking to tank because of being in block most of the time. It is again interesting. Will jump on test and test it out this weekend for sure. Will all the tank powers end up this way?
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  3. Moja Developer

    We want blocking and countering to be reactive choices rather than passive play styles to let skillful players shine. Also, support roles are going to have a much larger part to play in helping the group deal damage. You won't lose any defensive capability while blocking, it's just no longer the default best way to play all the time. Countering is mostly untouched so it will be just as important as it's always been. Possibly even more so.

    Give it a try and let us know what you think!
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  4. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    I wasn't able to test everything because as superman mentor I got stuck on lvl 18 and the old starlabs mission because it bugged out.

    But something I'd have to say is I agree with Light FX, I feel you're changing too much of the core mechanics of the powers when basically all that people asked was a different kind of balance with stats mattering.

    Something I'm really disapointed is that a lot of power interactions were removed. It only simplifies the game so someone without any skill does the same dps as someone with, which is not fair at any point. My guess is that the "skill points" are what going to diferenciate people but not quite when you consider that skill points doesnt take any skill anymore.

    Why did this become DPS universe online even further? Ice tanks without having 4 shields won't be the same anymore. If I wanted to go battle tank I'd go Atomic or Rage. I see all the CC added to the tanks but that only works for the adds, and the adds eventually become immune to CC.

    So now everyone has to have a supercharge, a "self power healing ability", (which by the way I'd like to know if that ability depends on vitalization or are those set values?) and a supercharge generator.

    I still want to test more. But we're going back to what this update was supposed to remove of having same powers in a loadout.
    Right now I don't see clipping either as a viable dps.
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  5. Beast Nero Active Player

    • Cold Snap: is now a self power heal ability
    • Resonating Gale: is now a ranged CC
    from playing dcuo for more then 5 years...
    cold snap already is power back...
    resonating gale was always very good full range CC... so what changed here? since i see major change.
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  6. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Wouldn't not blocking expose you more to one shots?
  7. eanur Well-Known Player

    Just got up to lvl 15 on villain side and I'm actually liking the non blocking side of things. Have the skill of a tank based on his ability to counter rather then just stand there and block all the time.

    Also since we have the same amount of defence whether we are blocking or not if your preferred style of play is to block all the time then that option is still available it wont make a difference to your survivability just your dmg output which ice tank does not have now on live anyway
  8. Maxwill Committed Player

    Hello ...
    No offense to the developers but why spend time on changing the animations for Winter Ward and Reflection ? You guys have nothing else to do so you said : Hey let's change that animation, they will love it ! ?
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  9. light FX Steadfast Player

    One major concern i have already is the cooldown on frost snipe. Its seems to be twice as long as on live. And that is the single taunt for tanking. No way the cooldown should be that long. It needs to go back to 3 seconds of make another power the single taunt that has a faster cooldown.
  10. light FX Steadfast Player

    I agree. Reflections animation shield is 1 of my faves. Not sure why it was changed. Not sure what it accomplishes.
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  11. Here2Help Devoted Player

    It's percentage based.

    It seems like they have increased the cooldowns for a lot of powers (well it's like that with Elec and now it seems that way with Ice too). Not exactly sure what they're thinking but I suppose they want you to mix in more weapon attacks in between moves and to also think about the cooldown white mods you'll want to be using?
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  12. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    Bug Report:
    Somehow before level 24 I wasn't able to change Ice elemental's loadout
  13. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    In tank role, the cooldown for Inescapable storm was increased as well like crazy as well which just shoudln't happen at all.
    Winter ward lost the protection for the other players which I can live with but I'll miss bitter winds juggle and it being a shield. Now Bitterwind is literally useless you can't even clip it.
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  14. The Great NK Well-Known Player

    This is literally changing Ice Tanking mechanics. Some of us have been tanking with ice for years. Why would you guys do this?
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  15. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Ice tank needed an overhaul BADLY. It's simplicity mixed with dull tanking mechanics made it a snooze fest. Combine that with the constant shield spamming put it in a tough situation in PvP. I practically jizzed myself reading these changes and considering changing my tank on live back to ice.

    On a side note, glad to see you guys took the "no blocking" idea for all tanks into consideration :D
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  16. Helderman Dedicated Player

    DOMINANCE IS NOT DOUBLING IN TANK ROLE. Also the visual swapping on Winter Ward and Reflection will confuse a lot of players.
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  17. BigAl Devoted Player

    Ran A51 as a level 10 ice tank. Yes, I know, almost no one runs the easy A51 in role. So, not seeing the need to unlock roles at level 10 when the ice tank is practically useless at 10. No pulls and no power self heal. But having reflect early was nice.

    Also, if ice armor is no longer a damage buff in dps, why have it activate at all?
  18. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    Not because you didn't liked that tank mechanic it means other people didn't enjoyed it.
    If you wanted an active tank that was why Atomic/Rage existed.

    In other words if all tanks are going to be dpses with more health and defense it's going to be boring.
    And all the cc is useless since adds always die somewhat fast and they dont' affect bosses at all

    Also if all tanks are going to have that similar mechanic of no blocking that's boring.
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  19. Harlequin Devoted Player

    It's not like you had to play Ice as a turtle anyway. Rotating shields while fishing for blues was fun.
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  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    I said literally everything u said here on our discord after reading the changes and playing them. The cooldowns on the tank pulls for ice need to be adjusted. No rude intentions but idk what the thought was there. And if this is early testing and feedback is going to be considered then this should be changed imo. I cannot believe any person who ice tanks will be ok with those pulls have that long of a cooldown.

    The bitter winds change is just.....wrong imo. Most ice tanks lunge the group of adds and hit bitter for the juggle and knock up then emitter them to stun the adds on the way down. This is a staple of ice tanking. Im not sure why a change was needed here. We were told this was a stat revamp but they are changing how powers work, how core mechanics of some roles work. Not sure why. I dont remember anyone asking for shields to be removed or asking for pulls to have double the time on cooldowns.

    Im also confused as to why winter ward is no longer a group immunity. Why are ice tanks losing an immunity? Are all tank powers losing an immunity? If yes i can say im not a fan. I dont remember anyone asking for any tank immunities to be removed either. There is a lack of tanks in the game already. The pulls having such a long cooldown will make tanking tougher especially in boss fights with 2 bosses that run all over and adds spawn. Think DWF 1st room and if kalibak ran way from ya and u hit em with a pull as he ran and the adds spawned at the same time. Yea u can aggro them by using a power but if they jump at someone across the room like they tend to do u have to sit there waiting to pull the add off the group? Its a weird change and i really hope the pool cooldowns get adjusted.
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