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  1. Avair Administrator

    The Stats Revamp!

    It’s an exciting time everyone! The stats revamp will be hitting the test server today with changes to all player stats, updates for the first three power sets (Ice, Electricity, and Mental), and initial balance adjustments for NPCs. I wanted to take a moment or two and discuss with you some of the changes and reasons why we made those changes.


    We made a significant number of changes with the stats revamp. For each change we made, we kept the following goals and ideals in mind.

    Build a Foundation

    One of the primary reasons for the revamp is to make sure we open up design space for DCUO to be able to grow in. There are many systems we want to create and this will provide the foundation to build on.

    With the new updates to our systems we will be able to grow them to even cooler and more interesting heights than before. We have essentially stubbed in areas for new builds, new item types, new abilities, etc. We have created room to grow for far into the future. After Stats Matter hits live, look for these sorts of new additions in the content updates afterwards.

    Cut Out Confusion

    We took this opportunity to remove confusion whenever possible. Our main goal here was to take out things that didn't work together, were organized in a confusing or misleading way, or were pushing us in the wrong direction. I won't go into it too much, but we removed a lot of things.

    Simplify, Simplify, Complexify!

    We want DCUO to have contrasting simple and complex elements. In order to do so we need to make sure most components (abilities, skills, combos, etc) are simple enough to understand alone. We feel that using these elements together is what creates complexity. That doesn’t mean we are dumbing anything down. We are actually making the puzzle easier to understand, but harder to complete.

    Creating Meaningful Choices

    This is one of my favorite ideals. We made many changes that allow for you to make choices between two or more good options. We also wanted to make sure that we could add more choices in the future. In order for this to be the case we had to make sure that we didn’t force your hand in making character choices. We loosened many restrictions to make this happen.

    We believe that the strides we made here will make DCUO more intellectually interesting and create an environment that will be more stimulating for a longer period of time.


    Now that I have regaled you all on what we were shooting for, let me tell you what we have actually changed. The short answer is: nearly everything. We made sure to stay within the confines of what makes DCUO unique and interesting, but within those confines we adjusted quite a bit. Here are the areas we worked on and changes you can expect to see.

    Usability Updates

    As I mentioned before we did a lot of updates to simplify and clarify mechanics. This usually results in usability upgrades. Hooray! This is a list of systems that got usability upgrades:

    Power Trees

    Power trees have been removed and replaced with new UI. As you level up you get new powers for free and will have the option to use any of the powers from your pool. We have also added some usability upgrades here featuring notifications on Dodge, Block, Breakout, and role buffs. Everything in your Powers UI will be sorted by level.

    Skill Points

    Skill points have received numerous upgrades and are now completely awesome. We consolidated all skill points that grant stats into one tree that no longer requires you to spend points into weapons to unlock. As you spend points into a particular stat, the bonus you get per point increases. This means the more you spend into a stat, the more you get! Furthermore, you can choose whatever stats you want with very few prerequisites.

    A couple of other things to note regarding skill points… We have reorganized weapon trees and added tooltips that show scaling amounts for stats.

    Ability Tooltips

    We went through every ability tooltip and simplified them in an effort to make them more understandable. We also included some new ability tags (they look like [this]) to clarify the intent of the ability.

    Supercharge Update

    The supercharge update is definitely the foundation of the system. We made some large adjustments, but there are more adjustments here to be done in the future.

    The supercharge update allows you to gain supercharge much more quickly. In fact, every ability you use now generates some amount of supercharge, getting you ready to use your preferred supercharge much more quickly than before. If you prefer to use your supercharges even more quickly, use the supercharge generator power that each power set has access to. There might even be some mods out there to help even more.

    We adjusted these to make sure that supercharges felt good and felt like at least one should be included in each load out.

    Power (Regen) Update

    The main focus of this update is to put the power in your hands (pun intended). Regenerating power is more active than it has been before. But with great power comes great responsibility. This means you will have to take an active part in managing your power. You will need to consider power consumption when you choose your load out, items, content you are playing, skill points, etc. You will also need to consult your local controller or two while in a group.

    We had to tread carefully when making changes to power because we know it is so integral to the controller’s identity. Our aim is to make controllers communicate with each other and the people in their raid for keeping power maintained.

    One of the ways we made power regeneration more active is by adding a % based power heal to each weapon attack. This means that as you attack with a weapon, your power will be healed a small amount based on the attack duration. As your power pool grows, so does each individual heal. These heals are not influenced by Vitalization. If you run out of power, take a break from using tray abilities and start weapon attacking. We also gave each player a self power heal over time, in case you opt to make a tray casting build. The power heal from this is also a percentage of your max power pool, and does not benefit from Vitalization. If you’re a non-Controller and enjoy using expensive tray abilities, you’ll want to invest heavily in power so you can cast your abilities more often.

    I want to note that this will feel dramatically different than what is on live. We would really like feedback in this area.

    Ability Standardization

    This part is great. Remember when I mentioned that we were defining the foundation? This is a big part of it. During this process we categorized abilities by cost, cool down, cast time, throughput (damage, healing, etc) and AE size. Anything that didn’t fit into a category got changed. There were lots of abilities that didn’t fit and so we adjusted them.

    You might be saying to yourself, “Self, this is ability homogenization!”. But we promise it isn’t. We have to set up the standards so that when you cast an ability you generally know what to expect. With that in mind we broke the rules all over the place so that each power set has unique and fun abilities.

    One of the things that we wanted to do while going through abilities was to minimize what role changing would do to an individual ability and instead let your stats determine that. In general we removed role changes to abilities, however there are some cases where we felt it was appropriate.

    The last thing we did was change power interactions. There are no longer abilities that add power interactions and exploit them. While we reserve the right to do this in the future, most abilities now will either add or exploit power interactions.

    NPC Stats Update

    Stats for NPCs have been completely rebalanced across the board for smoother progression and combat that feels better. NPCs will generally take longer to knock out, especially at higher levels, so fights will start off pretty easy and progress to more dangerous as you also progress in strength. This means groups will need to work together and master content mechanics, not just hope for an overpowered burn to carry them through.

    With this rebalance, we are looking to avoid one-shots almost entirely. If you are in content and notice one-shots remain, please report it (and any other NPC stat feedback) in the appropriate content feedback thread.

    Combo Counter

    In our last and most exciting change… the combo counter now triggers off of every ability and attack. Yes! It also no longer has any impact on power generation.

    Quick Start Guide

    This is your place for finding out how to jump in and get started on test. Here it goes!
    • Create a new Ice, Electricity, or Mental character
    • Be sure to create your costume using the “Custom” option because the “Inspired By” options mostly do not have power sets associated with them
    • Play content and let us know what you think
    Pointers for setting up your load outs:
    • If you are using tray abilities, be sure to have your “Self Power Heal” ability in your load out
    • Be sure to spend as many skill points as you can.
    • If you are a controller, be sure to have your two power heals on your tray
      • Note that your group power HoT only lasts 6 seconds now (in order to keep it up full time you will need to have two controllers)
    • If you want to attack primarily with weapons you should make sure your weapon buff is on your tray

    I hope that's given you some insight into the changes and philosophy behind the stats revamp, at least enough to sink your teeth into and get started testing. Please use this thread for feedback related to the overall changes addressed here, and please visit the more specific threads from the rest of the team for more specific feedback. Now, onto the revamp!
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Bump! Read this second!
  3. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Three quick questions Avair.

    1.) So if we have zero desire to play the above mentioned power sets then there is little reason for us to Test right now. Is that correct? Because I literally only play Light.

    2.) Since the other power sets haven't been adjusted do they still utilize AM's or do they just not have the self heal stuff?

    3.) You guys are going to update EVERY power before pushing this to live right? I don't think anyone wants to see another year or so of waiting for their power set to be "revamped" again.
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  4. Derio 15000 Post Club

    1) Yes there is still reason for you to test to help find bugs. Also for you to see how power regen works since most likely using infinite HL combo will probably consume power and you need to see how power regen via weapons work. Also for you to get a feel of the changes to the controller role so when you do test light you can test both sides and compare the results to mental.

    2)All other powers are not on test right now so I dont know what you are talking about.

    3) Only the 3 powers are on test and all others are disabled. And they are testing by 3s on test and will later release all updated powers on live all at one time, unlike before how you had to wait. All powers will get tested and updated before getting pushed to live. Meaning after these three the next 3 will go on test and the previous 3 will not go to live until all other powers have been updated, and tested on test server.
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  5. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Thank you Derio. I had no clue that only 3 powers were on Test. I thought they had just altered those 3 and left the rest. I was in the process of downloading Test when I made the post. That is why I made sure to ask questions and not assume anything :).

    I doubt I will still test right now though because I really have no desire to play anything else but Light. That being said it would be wierd as hell if Combos used power. I hope they don't go that route. But time will tell.
  6. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Why the ability for the power back mechanic? Why not just have power regenerate on its own with abilities or weapon attacks? The power back ability doesn't add anything interesting and all you wind up doing is clipping a power with it and losing a spot on your ability bar. Seems very unoriginal and unneccesary. Are you guys fully committed to this - in other words should I just accept it and move on or are you guys seriously still open to making significant changes there?
    I posted some alternate ideas here for your consideration:
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  7. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Celestial is still my power even though I am testing electric right now. Its not just the powerset that is getting tested though. All aspects including SP, order which powers are unlocked, general moves power cost, etc.

    If I were you I would download test, and then wait until we are allowed to skip to lvl 30. Even if you only test for 1 day, its beneficial to everyone.
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  8. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I still feel as though power regen( when fighting bosses only( solo no troller)) takes a long time to generate power even with the power regen move and weapons via HB.

    The feeling to be able to play completely from the tray has been removed it seems. My question is why designate one move to regenerate power over time when the whole point of the revamp was to allow for any tray loadout?

    Is it too late to make it where casting any power starts the power regen and make it where the effect doesnt stack?
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  9. SkullGang Devoted Player

    I don't think playing from the tray is possible with Electricity but I just hit level 30 so I'll see what I can come up with.
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  10. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Question: is it reeealy nessesary to have a power doing nothing else than activating the mana back, whils needing some mana for itself?
    i think that mana could aswell just replenish automaticly... i think it is like in a fight were you have to be carefull to keep your stamina while attacking. if you feel fatigue, you just need to wait untill you can attack again or until the round is over.... more endurance through training is as important then strengh in the ring. however: i think that mana regeneration should not get forced to trolls, they can do CC and debuffs and should be busy with that. mana regeneration should come automaticly without a power in the loadout that hinders you to take something else instead... at least those could stay as power buff, while weapon buffs are other powers. so: do we realy need those power back activators, and why did the devs deside to force it in your loadout? would auto replenishing not be much better? and could there be auto health regeneration aswell?
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  11. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Played elec all night tonight. I posted specific elec feedback in that forum. Here is my overall feedback

    1. I have played since Beta. These changes make the game feel very similar to Beta and not in a good way.

    2. It is slow because so many abilities have LONG recast times. Feels like an OLD fantasy tab target and click ability game versus the faster paced console combat game that made DCUO stand out as different.

    3. I played elec and ice and for DPS, these feel exactly the same. Gone are differences such as DOT or sustained dps while moving. Instead you get a quick recharge low dmg power like snow ball - both now have an electroburst like power etc. The only difference are the visual effects.

    4. You completely reworked the support roles (tank, troller and healer). I am not sure why those needed to change this way just to make stats matter. Healing is painfully slow since there are long recast timers on everything except the priority heal. The differences in ranges and effectiveness of the heals across powersets is still apparently going to be there (see Spord's responses in elec thread). Tanks have long recasts on pulls. Trollers have had most of the CCs removed and things like Phantom Flames don't even have flames anymore (that's how ridiculous this is). 5+ years of feedback on powers all ignored and in its place changes no one asked for.

    5. I do like the one change you made for tank - not having to block to have the same effectiveness as blocking. Right now really only Atomic could do that - not sure if that means all tanks are going to play the same too but I do like getting rid of the constant blocking.

    6. The powerback mechanic doesn't make sense. Why add it at all. With it, you have to waste a spot on loadout to simply click an ability (that costs power) to get some power back. Not very creative, not very fun, no real reason it has to be this way versus simply granting innate power back for using either abilities or weapons. In fact, I recommend just getting rid of it altogether and find a way to make trollers more interesting in lieu of them just spamming the recharge like ability.

    7. It feels like you less options for loadouts instead of more. Out of 6 slots 1 will be for power ability, 1 for supercharge recharge, and 1 for supercharge. That leaves 3 which will prob mean 1 for single target, 1 AOE and 1 PI setup power and it will be this way across powersets and each powerset will play exactly the same way. Boring.

    Summary recommendations:

    1. Speed the playstyle up - A LOT
    2. Add much more differentiation in playstyle across powersets
    3. Healing is fine on live except make all powersets be able to heal max range for priority heal and aoe heals and lower some costs of elec heals.
    4. Keep the change that doesn't require a tank to block
    5. Separate classic support powers from DPS powers so you can have different recast times and not screw up the tank's pulls etc
    6. Get rid of the new power over time mechanic/ability and just grant everyone innate power regen for using abilities or weapons.
    7. Find a purpose for trollers other than recharge - give them much better CC or enemy debuffs and party buffs

    That's it for now. Will post again after playing tomorrow.
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  12. Cyro Committed Player

    Ok i would like to start off with the good:

    I love the new ui and stats menu

    now the bad:

    Why have you had us level up from level 1 if its only going to be up for two days. Devs have said once you get higher cr/sp things will be better but we wont be able to get high enough to find out because it will be taken down soon. Further more if this is a very rough draft of whats to come, once again why have you had us start from the beginning, when you change things we will have to go through the process of starting over once again. If you truly wanted us to get a feel for the new changes you should have had us at 175 doing top content. Right now most of us wont be able to get to anywhere near top cr unless you expect us to be on test for 16 hours.
    Tl;dr this could have been tested more efficiently

    The cooldowns for all powers are too long. I know you want 2 of each role but increasing the cooldown isnt the way to go. For elec healing which is all bursts what happens when everything is on cooldown due to the power being burst and requiring near constant use of powers during rough patches? Elec was known as a quick burst power - you have turned it into a slow burst power which doesnt work. If a healing power has for the most part only bursts why would you increase the cooldown? To deter people from spamming? Ok well now you have deterred people from doing their jobs.

    As for dps everything has such a long cooldown that its impossible to play from the tray which i believe you want to be an option.

    As for the trolling side why did you go with 6 seconds? i feel as though that is too short. At least have it be 11 seconds with a 20 second cooldown so trolls arent stuck in this endless loop of quickly having to throw up pot only to have to do it again in 4 seconds.

    The cooldown for ices pulls is too short, unless you have changed all content so adds dont come out nearly as often.

    I love the new ui, everything else......needs work

    Edit: Wasting a space for power back is dumb
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  13. Black Jaq Devoted Player

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  14. HarryHell Well-Known Player

    This kinda makes every power a pet power but you are your own pet.... Power back mechanics using am worked for most powers, poor change
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  15. cease94 Active Player

    i agree with every single thing u said.. boy am i concerned :( simply...way off of what we wanted.
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  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I spent the whole evening leveling to 30 and did one post 30 solo.

    I'll start with positive feedback.

    I really love how the powers will work when you hit 30 and how the skill points work. They are a nice change and no longer have to deal with wasted points.

    The changes to the powersets are starting to feel like you could get healer and tank roles on even playing fields. Lord knows there isn't enough of that in the game.

    The gameplay definitely feels like circa 2012/2013. which isn't a bad feeling at all. Kind of refreshing.

    Now for negative feedback. Unfortunately, I have more of it than positive.

    Controller role is essentially being thrown to the dogs again. Not only does it look like there are less CC options, if you take mental as a template, you also encourage power battery abusive gameplay. You shortened the PoT tick and increased the cooldown of the power. Which, in turn would require two controllers. Only aside from power battery, why would you need two controllers? CC is not really needed in almost all the content designed right now. And even if you added more in, there is definitely no point to force it unless you actually build the need to control. I've said this before, I think you should dissolve this role and redistribute the roles of it to the remaining 3 classes. (Power to healers, CC to tanks, Debufs to DPS.) Right now would be the best time to do it, because it's obvious that you are reworking the game to a different direction.

    Power return for if you choose to tray power. I just don't get it. I know how to use it, but in the end, it still better to just have a troll feed you power and do the old school clipping. Sure, some people loved it back in the day, but there are people like me that loved feeling like I am a super power. From my experience, you don't want to hit the power if you have a full bar, but second in rotation to not waste power. But it's a ridiculous waste of time to do that. Especially when it's just a utility power that only mimics AM's power return powers. There isn't a real need. I think it should be part of another power in your rotation. So you don't waste your slot in your bar. Maybe make it one of those freakishly long cooldown powers that setup PI. I don't know.

    That brings me to cooldowns. WHAT THE HECK? This makes it sluggish. The gameplay is already going to be slowed down because of the damage changes, this just punishes you if you want to work from your tray. Why do I have powers when I can't use them? If this game had more than 6 slots to work from, it would be fine, but it doesn't It has 6. So if you have 6 powers you like, most will be on cooldown. What gives? I really don't get the reasoning to this. I don't see why it would? Because it does more damage? Wouldn't the power restrictions be a good deterrent to that? I'm not asking to have a fast cast quick cooldown powers, but I don't see how having something like a pull from Ice have a super long cooldown be a good thing. Especially if Rage gets the same treatment.

    Power cost, ohboy, I can definitely feel it on some. I actually think this might be too extreme. Especially when I can see more controller abuse. That's all I'll say about that one.

    My take away:
    Controllers got nerfed and will be abused. Forcing 2 controllers by limiting power return is NOT the way to go nor encourage group unity. I'm very much reminded with the power consumption based on CR in T5 here.
    Tanks will get a positive buff. Yes, Ice lost shield rotation, but them allowed to attack more isn't so bad.
    Healers I can't say much, it looks like they would have more damage options, but not a whole lot.
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  17. spack2k Steadfast Player

    The fast pace gaming style of DCUO made it unique and interesting for me , the long Cooldowns do quite the opposite...
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  18. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    So what are combo counter used for, in the new system? I'm fine with it being associated with nothing but the zazz showing how many hits you unleashed, but having it removed from factoring in how you regen power or any other aspect seems A-OK. (especially for those sluggish weapons that were pressured into using a WM combo that had some speed to it)

    TBH, I would have completely preferred if the power bar was removed from the game, and every power ran off a cooldown based on its strength and hit focus (AOE/single target/duration/etc). This would make some of the faster, early tier powers something to balance a loadout while longer tier powers were on longer cooldowns. You could stack pure heavy abilities, but would be waiting and would have to stick to using the weapon in a pinch, or could have faster abilities that could be chained on the fly, or the all rounder loadout.

    Far as controlling goes, I think it's a step in the right direction to leave managing power to the players individually. If the power bar were removed, then the actual crowd controlling aspect of the controller role could be kicked up a notch. Ideas I had for that would be more in line with active controlling of targets. For example, quantum has access to time controlling abilities. In control role, a single target ability may be able to greatly slow down a target, but to keep the target slowed, the controller would have to focus lock on the target and upkeep the ability. (Button tapping) Similarly, a larger AOE ability could target a whole group of enemies to freeze in place or lock down in some fashion, but would begin to generate enmity from enemies, making the controller vital to controlling groups of enemies, but also tanks vital in pulling enmity away from controllers/other roles. Be it PVE or PVP, a controller focusing on targets makes them vulnerable to attack, as they will be focused on their task and will need the defense of the rest of their team.

    Also during the revamp, please don't ignore movement tree abilities and iconic powers. Iconics needed another update to both ability cost, cooldowns, and ability potential. Let's make sure they all fit into the new system in a way that brings back options and make use of existing resources. Another thing i'd like for the team to consider is adding a new mechanism for allowing everybody to slot one supercharge outside of the power tray, that can be activated with a unique command.

    Lastly, with the easement of the power progression system moving to unlock all powers sans power points, could there be a similar easement of the armory switch mechanic in combat -if for the very least, same stance changes? For example, if switching from damage armory 1 to damage armory 2, the hard timer lockout won't kick in. Similarly, support role armory 1 to support role armory 2 won't be penalized. Penalty kicks in if going from support > damage or damage > support. If server strain is an issue, then i'm sure it can handle a shorter lockout of say, 15-20 seconds.
  19. light FX Steadfast Player

    So much this^ If things were to go live with combat this slow and mostly wpns i will be moving on. When WM was new and was the focus it was said many many times we are super heroes/villains and we want to use our powers. Having to use my wpn 75% of the time because all my powers are on cooldown is not fun imo. Slowing down the combat is not fun imo.

    For me id like to see a 50/50 split for wpn/power usage. Whats on test right now leans heavily on wpns. At least in my opinion it does and is how it felt when playing it. It felt like i was just waiting to use powers half the time but couldnt because of the cool downs. As opposed to the old days of not being able to cast powers because we didnt have enough power. Whats on test atm is just not vey fun or fluid as far as combat goes. Its early so i hope some things are tweaked and reconsidered for the future of this update. But this is now the 3rd time in as many years all of this is being changed and i cannot understand how someone at end game would see the changes on test as an improvement. There is a disconnect somewhere. Idk if its in the communication or what.
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  20. TomShepard Level 30

    I've played a bit and here is my opinion:What you did with the skill tree and power tree etc are really cool-finally we dont have to spend sh.tloads of points to unlock many points we dont need-we can straight go to might,or critical ability points.Thats very cool.

    Also i like the idea you get power back by using weapon.But what dont like is:

    "If you are using tray abilities, be sure to have your “Self Power Heal” ability in your load out" - are you for real?? you are telling us that more choices what kind of loadout you use,then next minute you say "yeah but 1 has to be in your loadout"-thats not cool at all.You should make the power pool infinite (mental psychic resonance) so you solve this problem.

    - also i dont like that you deleted all chars on test server,so we had to start from mission 1.I understand this is a test server but what you should have done is keep the characters we already had (so when we log in we can look around at 175cr to test that part out- thats what we are interesting in anyway) and you ask us to start with a new character and test it out.You better not going to do this on live server because if you delete my cr 175 hero i levelled up in the last 5 years to get here i will be REALLY pissed off and i will walk away for good from this game,i dont care how awesome it will be.I did not spend tons of real lfe money to level up my character just for you to erase him like that.I know you probably wont do this and i understand after the update cr wont really matter but i had to say this.

    -”combat that feels better. NPCs will generally take longer to knock out, especially at higher levels, so fights will start off pretty easy and progress to more dangerous as you also progress in strength. This means groups will need to work together and master content mechanics, not just hope for an overpowered burn to carry them through" – that was i was afraid of. 1st of all,why does it hurts when we get help so the run is easier for us??? You meant to make this game much more fun,yet you make bosses to kill harder.How does it feel better then?Call me lazy,wrong or not i generally dont like hard challenges,im one of those ppl who likes easy runs.Atm if you are struggling with a run but 1 or 2 185cr dps runs in to save the day you can finish the run with a smile. Dont get me wrong,i always give my best and work hard to take down bosses,i never expect others to do all the hard work for me.All im saying is when i got lucky with stronger allies i like it.Now,for some reason this hurts your eyes-not cool at all.I’ve noticed this a long time ago anyway.Im not asking for easy bosses (no way!) just you dont have to make them much stronger bc thats not equal to fun.Atm we have Unholy martimony where a group runs in.everyone is above 165 cr yet we try it 6 times and we have to disband bc the bosses are overpowered.Thats not fun! I know,you need skill points and tactics and other things to do that mission.Still my friend,it is ridiculous.For a group like that should be easy run,no matter what.

    -Cooldowns.Sad.What i would suggest remove troll class completely,give us unlimited power and everybody will be happy to use powers.This is the point of this game.Like mental has atm,psyhic resonance when you use that 1st and do your rotation-never run out of power.You need to give this resonance power to every power and we are good to go.This is the best time for that. For example,light:are u aware that ppl go for light power bc they want to be true lanterns-this means to use your ring’s power all the time,not using weapons.They want to use light power.Now,if the cooldowns are long,they cant use light power so you cant be fully a lantern.This will ruin fun for light players.

    I think the coolest thing you could do with this,leave the cr system in place as it is,such as you are as strong as high cr you have-but just change the skill and power points(how we get them,as you are planning to do)+add psychic resonance from might to all powers so power problem solved (you can keep the weapon gives powerback option),plus remove the distance for powers(as you are planning to do). This would be the best as its less work for you to do,and we got used to the cr differencial system,but with these changes the game would be more awesome.Would it be much easier?Not necessarily-a bit with these updates.
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