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  1. Shin-O-B Developer

    Stats Revamp - Earth
    Please use this thread to discuss your testing results of the Earth power set.

    Overall Updates
    • All abilities have had their costs, cooldowns, AOE sizes, and throughput rebalanced to Stats Revamp standards. Not much has changed in regards to function!
    • All Combo abilities now cost power for the initial cast and the additional combo hits, ultimately improving their overall output!
    Notable Ability Changes
    • Gemstone Shield's full shield duration is 12 seconds, up from 6 seconds
    • Reinforce is now a standard Weapon Attack Buff
    • Unstoppable is now a standard Supercharge generator
    Ability Changes
    • Debris Field
    - Decreased the cost and increased the cooldown to match the field's duration
    • Earthen Grip
    - Decreased the cost, decreased the cooldown, and now pulls multiple targets
    • Fortify Golem
    - Increased the cost and decreased the cooldown
    • Summon: Brick Golem
    - Decreased pet summoning cost and slows Power regen while in combat
    • Summon: Brick Golem
    - Decreased pet summoning cost and slows Power regen while in combat
    • Summon: Crystal Golem
    - Decreased pet summoning cost and slows Power regen while in combat
    • Reinforce
    - Brought the function and effects in line with the Weapon Attack Buff standard.
    - Because of this, we increased the cost and removed the Damage Transfer and Critical Chance buff
    • Rumblecrush
    - Decreased the cost and increased the cooldown
    • Soothing Sands
    - Decreased the cooldown
    • Shards
    - Increased the cost and increased the cooldown
    • Striking Stones
    - Decreased the cost and increased the cooldown
    • Totem
    - Increased the cost and removed the Critical Chance buff
    • Epicenter
    - Decreased the cost and decreased the cooldown
    • Gemstone Shield
    - Decreased the initial cost and added costs to subsequent combo hits (100, 100, 100, 100)
    - Increased the full shield duration and decreased the cooldown
    • Jackhammer
    - Decreased the initial cost, added costs to subsequent combo hits (100, 35, 35, 35~)
    - Decreased the cost of individual combo hits that cost power to 35 from 50
    - Decreased the cooldown
    • Localized Tremor
    - Increased the cooldown
    • Pebble Blast
    - Decreased the cost, decreased the cooldown, and now applies Daze to a single target
    • Sandblast
    - Decreased the cost, increased the cooldown, and brought the effects in line with the execute standard
    • Stone
    - Increased the cost and decreased the cooldown
    • Tectonic Break
    - Decreased the cost and increased the cooldown
    • Unstoppable
    - Decreased the cost, decreased the cooldown, and is now a Supercharge generator
    • Upheaval
    - Increased the total cost of the full combo, which results in an increase in damage output
    - Decreased the initial cost and added an escalating cost to subsequent combo hits (100, 135, 165, 200)
    • Earthquake
    - Increased the total supercharge cost to 100% (50%, 25%, 12.5%, 12.5% supercharge)
    - NOTE: This Supercharge will be ready to use at 50%, but will require more Supercharge to combo, thus giving more control over Supercharge consumed and, ultimately, more control over damage delivered
    • Entomb
    - Increased the supercharge cost to 50% from 35%
    • Envelop
    - Increased the supercharge cost to 50% from 35%
    • Meteor Shower
    - Increased the supercharge cost to 100% from 50%
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  2. JohnnyDWellens Level 30

    Haven't tested yet but first want to say that changing Earth Grip to be a multiple target pull is about the greatest thing you guys could have done for Earth Tanking. Can't wait to test it. All tanks should have access to all pull options in my opinion.
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  3. IamINC Committed Player

    I like what i'm reading as far as tank powers are concerned especially Earthen grip , great job @shin-O-B , very much looking forward to testing this weekend.
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  4. JohnnyDWellens Level 30

    Question for people who have a chance to test before I can. Does Aftershock damage of Jackahmmer, Upheaval and Gemstone Shield do Might or Precision damage? I assumed they would be updated to Might as the other combo mechanics have. I don't see this anywhere in the notes.
  5. Shin-O-B Developer

    All Superpowers across all Power Sets use Might!
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  6. JohnnyDWellens Level 30

    Awesome! I thought that was the case as you guys had mentioned that before. Might want to throw it up at the top of your post. Light and Celestial have it mentioned in theirs. Just to clear up confusion, you know?
  7. Penryn Loyal Player

    The patch notes say:
    Which one is it?
  8. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    In theory should I be able to have a spa rotation similar to this tectonic break - jh- upheaval - filler move- filler move - filler move ?
  9. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    They increased it from 35 to 50 . They just swapped the placement of the values as we would normally say it but the grammar is correct.
  10. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Fixed the % note - to 50% from 35%.
  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    Mepps just updated the big patch note set with the proper wording. The way it was initially worded left me a bit confused.
  12. stärnbock Devoted Player

    something that always bothered me: doing "STONE", the character puts in front both arms, but the stone comes out right...
    PLEASE: give stone an animation like tossing a granate or like something only the right hand comes in front or make it so that the stone is shot from the middle of both arms...

    STONEs animation is OFF
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  13. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    First impressions with Earth is good.

    Aftershock side of DPS:
    • Jackhammer does great damage, has reasonable power costs. And I feel like the 6 second cooldown is fine with me considering just how much you get out of this ability. I can almost Jack-hammer an entire boss non-stop, the only time I get stopped is if I get CC'd.
    • Upheaval is in a weird spot, It doesn't regenerate power as smoothly as Jackhammer does which can be a bit of a bad thing considering this is our ranged Aftershock ability.
    • Earthquake is awesome to use, but like with the Jackhammer ability getting cc'd will make this thing useless.
    • Crystal feels like a good alternative to using AfterShocks provided your using a PFTT build with her. She hits around 8 to 9 per hit now and you'll need to cast fortify golem after she does one attack. I say Crystal is in a pretty sweet spot right now, she's not forced down our throats.
    PFTT With Crushed Powers:
    • The damage here is good, but the Cooldowns ruin the pacing of this playstyle. I used the following 2 loadouts and had problems with the cooldowns: Loadout one: Earthen Grip(low PI applicator) Totem, Debris field, Striking stones, Fortify Golem, and Crystal. Loadout 2: Earthen Grip. Totem, Striking Stones, Shards, Fortify Golem, and Crystal.
    • Crushed Powers also are a bit demanding on the powercost, Too much power is required to use most of these powers in this setup.
    • So if there's anything I need to say about PFTT with the Crushed PI setup, Please reduce the cooldowns and make it feel more fluid thank you.

    Overall: I really like Earth on test from a DPS perspective, besides the cooldowns in some areas needing to be tweaked. I think earth is very solid.
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  14. stärnbock Devoted Player

    why do we need two PI's again?
    i mean dazzed and crushed, they only limit your possibilities to combine your powers with eachother!
    same goes for every power exept gadgets maybee... just a thought!

    consider removing dazzed and make all crushed or the oppisite, what do you think?
  15. stärnbock Devoted Player

    also: please adjust the "stone" animation. it looks odd...
  16. stärnbock Devoted Player

    why is it comming directly from below, sticking right into your characters heck?
  17. Rokyn Dedicated Player

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  18. Cyro Committed Player

    Massive bug. Im earth and i have been putting points into both def and dom and when i put a certain amount into each i am barely getting 20 of each stat


    As you can see i start out with 12729 and when i spec a point into dom which should give me 494 extra dom i end up at 12739. A whopping increase of 10 dominance, which is a far cry of 494. Defensive does this as well but i didnt bother doing pics for that
  19. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Earth DPS is fun again. I am overjoyed testing these out right now. However I am now lost as to a rotation. right now on a dummy in the watch tower i am doing tectonic break > spinning backfist MA combo xxJH > COmbo xxUnstoppable > combo xxjh > repeat until EQ is 100 percent -> unload EQ > repeat .

    What is the DPS I am trying to target ? I can get a low about 36k/s to about 50k/s without EQ. With EQ thrown inI am getting 80-100k.

    My biggest concern is that Tectonic Break seems useless along with localized tremor. Tectonic break costs way too much damage as all I use it for is to apply Dazed. Its has a good initial burst but that doesn't seem worth the power drain. Local lized tremor is still garbage in my opinion. There is no real reason to use it since to save power all i have to do is do less JH combos. I was excited about rage but I just feel powerful as earth.
  20. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    I don't see any notes on changes to the tanking, has much changed? Still haven't logged in to test on my end.
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