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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. ejester New Player

    My biggest concern on live as a earth player is the terribad energy regen on my pet (crystal) / myself ... but especially crystal. She regens quickly out of combat, but IN combat ... terrible!. She casts like 2 things and she is OOM and then she gets a little trickle back when I use the only abilities available to regen energy (minus my vac bubble supercharge - which generates much too slowly as a earth player imo as well).

    Can anyone confirm / deny this has changed on test? This is by and large my #1 issue with earth, honestly I'm very happy with earth in general on live, minus the terrible energy regen in combat + slow supercharge gain. If those 2 things got adjusted I'd be a very very happy boy.

    P.s. I would also like the following 2 changes:

    1. Crystal always blocks me. I've gone down to pick something up, and had her floating above my head and blocked me in some place so I was unable to move, until I dismissed her and got her out of my way. This is extremely frustrating as it happens quite a lot lol

    2. When I cast totem, it casts like literally right on top of your character, so you can't move a lot of the time, can we just switch it so it always casts at CRYSTALS location and not OUR location? or really anything that makes it not cast directly on top of my character would be super appreciated hehe
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  2. L T Loyal Player

    I'll test shades again, but in my first run Crystal seemed to be about as strong as Fury-- ie very strong. Vacuum Bubble (along with the rest of the movement and healer supercharges) no longer regenerates power. I *think* battle drone still powers pets, but I'm not 100% sure. Other than that Offering and Fortify are the only ways to return power to pets.

    The idea about totem always being summoned close to your pet is kind of neat. It would make it a bit harder to control the placement though.
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  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

    did you try word of power iconic?
  4. DCUO Gaming Well-Known Player

    Does anyone else notice that Jackhammer doesn't combo and just goes straight to melee weapon attacks when using a power before it? I'm pretty sure it's not me because when I don't use any power before Jackhammer it combos just fine, but when I apply a daze with something like tectonic break or spring up totem or debris field I can't combo until a few seconds after I use the power. With totem and debris field up I can't seem to combo for the duration of the power as well. Is this intended?
  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All posts above this one have been reviewed by the development team.
  6. Xibo Loyal Player

    Some requests and bugs about Earth:


    1) Fortify Golem does not work when Crystal or Brick are not in combat. Activing or not activing Fortify Golem the result is the same when Crystal or Brick are not in combat.
    2) Sometimes you need to activate Fortify Golem 2x so that Crystal or Brick can do a big hit.
    3) When Crystal is summoned, your power bar is empty while when Fury is summoned, your power bar is full.
    4) Crystal is hitting between 9-10k per big hit while Fury is hitting 22-23k per big hit.


    1) Striking Stones: Reduce power cost for 100 and cooldown for 0.5.
    2) Shards: Reduce power cost for 100 and cooldown for 0.5.
    3) Jackhammer: Increase damage.
    4) Upheaval: Reduce damage.
    5) Pebble Blast: Put as 8 targets instead of 1 target.
  7. Shin-O-B Developer

    Yo Jake the Drake-hunter!
    • Are you referring to Sandblast specifically? This is the execute, which has a 4.4 second cooldown like all other executes, so the cooldown is very unlikely to change. However...
    • I intend on making a P.I. review of the Earth powers to make applying and leveraging the power interactions a little more accessible.
    • Jackhammer receives a damage bonus because it is melee range, but overall has lower power costs than Upheaval. Lower costs = Lower damage.
    • I think this will depend on your loadout, rotation, and style. In a round of testing, I used Upheaval instead of Jackhammer, and did not run into any issues with power. Also, Upheaval's combo costs increase its output and makes it more useful in Damage Role! What is your loadout? And how do you use Jackhammer VS Upheaval?
  8. Shin-O-B Developer

    This should be fixed in the next build!

    The issue is that Envelop (and old-school Hibernation) encases the player in a rigid body. Unfortunately, damage, aggro, and other effects cannot pass through rigid bodies. So to fix this, we converted the "encasement" into FX with an overpowered shield instead of an actual rigid.
  9. Shin-O-B Developer

    For this next build, I reduced the power cost to 200 so as not to lose so much of the damage. Please try it out and let me know what you think. The cost (and thus damage) can be reduced to 100 in the future, if it's more about the taunt function than the full effects of the ability.
  10. Here2Help Devoted Player

    If this is the case, can we then tweak the power costs for both Jackhammer and Upheaval? Make Jackhammer cost more power than Upheaval. This will then in turn allow you to change the damage on Jackhammer so it can hit harder than Upheaval. I don't think I speak for myself when I think Jackhammer should definitely be hitting harder than Upheaval. Not to mention that the change will work alongside both philosophies of more risk leading to more reward and increased power costs leading to increased reward.
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  11. Shin-O-B Developer

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  12. Shin-O-B Developer

    Based on the costs implemented, yes.

    To answer your second question, based on the limited answer options you're offering me: No. :rolleyes:

    If you all feel like Jackhammer should do more damage than Upheaval, we can totally make that happen. But Jackhammer's costs and output and Upheaval's costs and output will all change to make that a reality.
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  13. Here2Help Devoted Player

  14. Shin-O-B Developer

    This has not changed on Test. Crystal's energy regen is pretty much the same.

    To respond to your other observations:
    1. While we do not have pinpoint perfect control of Crystal's positioning, I will look into how we can improve her proximity to you.
    2. I will investigate this as well, but I don't think it's possible. Fields are usually spawned on a target or on the caster by default.
  15. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    JH should be more powerful than Upheaval definitely.
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  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I wouldn't mind if Totem spawned under the enemy... But would that affect anything if changed?
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  17. Moja Developer

    Tanks also get Dominance from Mods and Generator Mods, so Earth gets a bunch of bonus Defense from that (netting a difference of about 10% bonus Defense for Earth vs. the 20% mitigation for Atomic). In addition, the power costs for Atomic to maintain its Tanking rotation are much higher than for Earth Tanking (in fact, they're higher than all other Tanks), plus there's the "X Factor" of gameplay difficulty.

    All Tanks are balanced around Ice as a baseline, with Ice Defense buffs and shields setting the standard for mitigation and "healing". Atomic, on paper, is slightly over budget relative to the Ice baseline (~5%), but when we went to Test with it initially balanced the same, players complained that Atomic was a more difficult and less effective Tank than Ice due to factors involved with the rotations, vulnerability, and general gameplay. There are a number of factors that are difficult to quantify that Ice benefits from, such as: Shields being generally more effective "healing" than raw heals because they are less prone to overhealing, Ice being able to use its defensive abilities on demand while Controlled, the fact that Hibernation is a very high value emergency heal supercharge, etc..

    In the end, our goal is to have each Tank feel equally effective in difficult content. This means they should be very close mathematically, but may not be exactly the same on paper due to other subjective factors. (See Ice and Atomic on Live for example).

    Hope this helps!
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  18. Burning_Baron Loyal Player


    Can we get some insight on the tanking mechanics.

    As an earth player since launch something always bothered me. Earth's unique thing was absorption and nothing supplementary.

    Fire : Health + Self Healing

    Ice: Defense + large amounts of shields

    Rage : Health + Nigh invulnerability via 1 to 1 heals

    Atomic: Absorption + Defense + heals

    Earth : Absorption + 1 shield that we never really use as a full shield.

    Has there ever been any discussion of a secondary mitigation tool for earth? Right now we just take damage but but can't really heal it or mitigate it as often as the other tanks. If that is not the case, I definitely think Earth should be the sturdiest of all the tanks since it has very little secondary mitigation abilities.
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  19. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I'd rather have jackhammer cost more power and hit hard at close range while upheaval is a cheaper and more safe option for ranged with less damage. If they can be switched, I'd be fine with that.
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  20. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Just wanted to post about an idea I had for an Earth SC. Here it is:

    Earth Supercharge: Mega Golem

    Summon a massive Mega Golem. It lasts for 12 seconds or till it has been defeated. When active and in Tank role, 100% of damage is transferred to the Mega Golem. When active and in DD role, Mega Golem will attack enemies for huge amounts of damage.

    I feel like it's something that Earth could really benefit from and it'd be one awesome looking Supercharge.
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