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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Mar 2, 2017.

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  1. Shin-O-B Developer

    As I'm sure you will be able to tell from this list, Nature did not receive many adjustments since the initial implementation of the power set for Stats Revamp. There are some abilities that needed to be brought in line, that I am sure are obvious to you, like Swarm and Carnivorous Plants. The other changes are mostly bug fixes.

    That said, this does not mean that Nature is complete and has reached it's final state. There will surely be more updates to come in the future as we continue to test and receive feedback. I apologize for my lack of responses this last round, as we have been pretty bogged down with tasks outside of the Stats Revamp. Next week, I will do my best to respond to your questions and field your feedback and suggestions. As always, thank you all for your time and testing efforts!

    • Blossom - Moved up to Level 5.
    • Voracious Plants - Moved down to Level 7.
      • The switch of Blossom and Voracious Plants breaks up the sequence of back-to-back damage ability unlocks followed by back-to-back healing ability unlocks.
    • Roar - Properly damages in Damage Role.
      • This is a bug fix.
    • Swarm - Damage output has been reduced.
      • Swarm's damage output had previously been calculated incorrectly, putting its capabilities far out of line of the balance of other abilities. This has been fixed.
    • Savage Growth - No longer damages the caster.
      • This is a bug fix.
    • Carnivorous Plants - Increased the Supercharge cost.
      • The actual supercharge cost was not updated from it's Live value, while the the damage output was calculated with it's new supercharge cost and updated. This has been fixed.
    • Forms should no longer give additional group buffs in Duos.
      • This is a bug fix. The group buffs should only be granted in parties of 3 or more when particular roles are not present.
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  2. The Great NK Well-Known Player

    I'm honestly amazed at how well nature was taken care of. Well done everyone.
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  3. Matriks New Player

    I know swarm was calculated incorrectly but still dots or swarm needs to be buffed at some point to keep up. I tested swarm and it has been reduced waaayyy to much for the powers cost .... Plus that was the only thing that nature had so it could keep up with other powers example : Swarm helped nature not to be left behind while you where applying the dots...but other people just don't see also this mechanic with nature -> if you have lots of adds (more than 4+) your dots don't hit as hard I tried it and they where hitting from 68-116 per add ... and what swarm was doing is making up for that damage that you lost from applying dots + lots of adds ... And my opinion is that swarm should do more damage or dots should hit more because when they split damage they don't do much and its just like live server nothing really changed alot with nature it might be even worse coz of the power cost ... And also one other thing for those people who where putting videos on youtube saying that swarm is OP its not if you look closely on their videos there is one of two options : 1. They had higher cr and better stats as other dpses 2. other dpses just didnt know how to dps or tried new loadout . Thanks
  4. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    Man this is about to be one hot thread...
  5. tiempo Well-Known Player

    Hmm, guess I miscalculated Swarms damage out compared in context to its other powers. I was wrong, but that's cool, balance is the bigger picture here. On to test!
  6. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Swarm was a big part of natures dps and i showed that in my old charts. With 3 dots your only sitting around 13-14k damage on 3 targets but i looked at it from a grand scheme of putting it all together and the other situational functions it served. In the end result you still needed much more then swarm to do good.

    With swarm out of the picture nature needs some serious help.
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  7. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Just upped my nature toon to 189 w 237SP
    Loaded w Might Mods and Might SP's about 40 Power SP's
    Generator Mods full W Might and Power
    This toon now appeared weak compared to my 165 Nature loaded with Health Mods and Health SP's
    (Due to the change in Swarm)
    Damage output was poor and had difficultly w Bosses in Seeing Shades.
  8. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Oh Devs... through inadvertence you let the community see what a completely overpowered ability feels like. You've given them a taste and they're never going to let you forget it. I hope I'm wrong but I won't be surprised if the majority of future Nature feedback is "DPS feels weak..."
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  9. Penryn Loyal Player

    Thorn Burst isn't doing damage when used in Damage role or Primal Wolf Form. It works ok in healer role.

    Thorn Burst is not advancing the hit counter.
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  10. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    Roar is not advancing the hit counter.
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  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    Savage Growth can still do damage to teammates:

    Savage Growth is not advancing the hit counter.
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  12. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    If peoplel think you will be elite because Swarm your sadly mistaken, if Swarm is nerfed to boost dots nature is right back at square one, lacking in burst. This power set as a whole is perfect as it. Stop trying to number crunch on the dummies and apply it in game in content if you feel it's out of line or it will give you top of the charts magically then hit me up online I will go electric, and if you can beat me you have a case to make. Elec is honestly on par with nature. The other powersets need to be focused on to bring them inline with nature, electric and Sorc don't walk backwards.
    Honestly Sticky is a better move per say in game currently then swarm because of how it works, just the other aspects of gadgets need work.
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  13. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Great! Now that swarm is nerfed, buff everything else in nature and you'll be on track.
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  14. Penryn Loyal Player

    How is Briar supposed to work in Damage role? When I use it, the first damage tick is applied to all targets. After that. only the targeted enemy takes damage.

  15. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Swarm sucks. Battle healing is killed with that swarm change.
    Healing is still way too power hungry.

    I'm not testing anymore until I see healing changes that are good and boost both battle healing and pure healing.

    In fact I will repost my feedback from the first feedback thread.
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  16. Karasawa Loyal Player

    It's working the same from last week. It does AoE burst damage followed by single target dot. Vine Lash works the same way though with a much weaker AoE burst.
  17. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Yea on top of that i would like to see another hard hitting burst option cause voracious ins't comparable to other 300 power cost bursts and nature lacks burst in quick fights.
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  18. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    Exactly what I said yesterday who didn't see this coming. A perfectly good power set messed completely over. We called it, telling them crying for a swarm nerf removing damage and asking them to add some damage to DoT powers was gonna result in this happening, this is unbelievable. Salute fellow testers you got Swarm nerfed natures burst damage and have nothing at all to show for it... I am so done with testing on this game when they still follow players who have no idea what needs to happen to make things work in game. that's why the game is currently how it is on live with little to no balance in any real content but equal on a sparring target...
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  19. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Thats how briar works. Initial aoe hit then a single target dot on the target hit.
  20. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    The number of damage ticks on Roar seems to vary in Damage role. Sometimes it is 5. Sometimes I see 6 damage ticks.

    Which one is it supposed to be: 5 or 6?
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