Stats Revamp 1.3 (Continued!)

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Feb 2, 2017.

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  1. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Youve really been attacking players left and right trying to force down your views instead of listening to everyone which is a fault I think you should better fix, its not a good trait on a person. As someone who doesnt like AMs, they were just implemented in a way that worked for a while but ultimately and in the long run, was broken. Some Ams are fun and some are not.

    Now, PftT is only one of the playstyles the Devs are implementing to allow choice for players whereas the others are Hybrid and Weapon Only. You can dismiss one or two or all of them if you want but the fact is, they are there. The problem AMs brought, as well as WMs, was a forced playstyle and didnt allow choices for the player. The Revamp is bringing that choice back and a player can choose which they want for their own reasons.Players who like AMs will find a home in PftT, players who like Weapons and Powers mixed will find Hybrid their speed or if someone only wants to use their Weapons andget them buffed, the Weapon Playstyle is there. Yes, its going to take time to balance all three but thats why we are testing and thats why this testing is lasting Months and not weeks.Its why the Devs make changes to Abilities, Power Regen, etc.

    In regards to PVP and Open World, Open World is considered PVE for the most part and those NPCs have gotten the same Stats changes as other NPCs. With PVP, there is nothing to test or comment on. They have not touched anything with PVP so making comments about it will be giving false information and give you anger for no reason besides just wanting to be angry.

    So far you've been attacking person after person and thats not healthy nor is it helpful to testing. Maybe take a step back, take a breath and not lash out on folks so much. The Devs arent ignoring anyone, they are listening to all feedback and again, if you want to be helpful, stop attacking other players please.
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  2. Gamma Lantern Well-Known Player

    Stop being so toxic to constructive one is going to take you seriously when you argue like a ten year old.
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  3. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Would it be possible to have base damage and base heal values added to the tooltips as well? A lot of players are curious about this information and it would save us a lot of time from having to reverse-calculate it :)
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  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Not every AM out there was "PFTT" If you played Earth, Sorcery, Electric, or Nature for that matter they strictly used weapons.

    Let me set you straight on PVP. PVP was broken ever since WM/AM came out, It wasn't fixed then, it won't be fixed now; it's no reason to remove PFTT.

    Furthermore; If you're Losing to People spamming Powers, perhaps you need to learn a thing or two about Crowd Control. If Anyone's using PFTT like it is on test; they'll surely run out of power.

    "You see PftT can't be balanced" The devs have been trying to balance for for ever" No, No they Haven't. Powers being Balanced has been a day 1 issue and has been going on for the Past Six years. AM's and PFTT have only been around for the past 2 years, nice try.

    PFTT needs to be on Hybrid's level so it can be a choice. Players want to do Damage, but not Handicap themselves in the process.
    Furthermore, It would allow More Variety; something this game seriously lacks on live right now.

    If anyone's being toxic here it's you. You've derailed the whole topic of Stats-revamp with your biased PVP reasoning, And furthermore; your whole post tells me you haven't tested the Revamp at all.If you did test out the revamp; you'd be like everyone else: With PFTT you're gonna struggle to keep power maintained.

    Mepps, Trex, and pretty much any other play here has said the Revamp isn't focusing on PVP; so If you wanna keep going and get a ticket to ban-land because you're going off topic and trying to get PFTT removed; then by all means go ahead.
  5. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Since I cant log in anywhere, I want to ask a couple of questions:

    What is the current plan for Movement and Iconic powers ?
    Is Neo-Venom going to stay a weapon proc since these have vanished from the game now that all weapon buffs are Precision based?
    Can we get Movement Supercharges to restore power again (they worked better than Word of Power which has multiple effects none of which particularly strong)?
    Could Speedsters and Acrobats hope to get AoE Pull like Aerial Movements ?
    Are movement powers' utility effects going to be further improved ?
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  6. DistantWalker Well-Known Player

    Nobody is focusing on PvP. I said over buffing PftT will break the game. And put the game in a state were trying to get out of. AMs are bad for PvP, Pve, Open world. So you know what the developers did? They took it out the game. Mepps just said that they are encouraging players to pick up a weapon. PLAY THE GAME HOW ITS MEANT TO BE PLAYED. basically, you equip a weapon for a reason. There should always be a balance. Knocking off the balance creates problems. The same problems we are facing now. I'm not focusing on pvp. But you cannot make decisions that will break the game entirely. You have to look at things as a whole not just in 1 area because your gonna mess up something somewhere else. This is facts not opinion Facts. You don't force a puzzle piece in.
  7. L T Loyal Player

    movement abilities have been updated, and I recall a message encouraging us to test them

    Iconic powers are turned off-- meaning they haven't been touched. Hopefully they'll get a major overhaul and be much more usable in the future than they are right now on live.
  8. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Okay, I gotta chime in here.
    Almost ALL of the mental supers used straight powers to either control or manipulate. (Hector Hammond, look him up. Psymon is in game.)
    Fire user Beatriz DaCosta lights her entire body on fire and uses fireballs and heat. She CAN use weapons, but she chooses not to.
    Ice users Killer Frost and Ice hardly ever use weapons when they can freeze your body still.

    Inversely, there are straight tech/weapon based supers that exist too. Like Blue Beetle Ted Kord or even Booster Gold that derives his powers from a suit (strength), belt(shield), and ring(flight).

    Please, everyone, enough with the "super heroes don't just use powers" talk. They work just like the proposed slider that Avair gave us in the original post.
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  9. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    "You have to look things as a whole, not just in 1 area because your gonna mess up something somewhere else" Says the guy who's trying to Shove one playstyle down everybody's throat.

    I have no problem Adapting to Hybrid or even Weapons Focused, but You have to realize one thing dude: People out there will do the most optimal Rotations out there, and some will just outright leave if PFTT isn't up to par.

    They took AM's out the game because they were too OP. AM's aren't the same thing as Playing from the tray.

    "Looking at things as whole" As you put it. AM's only gave us one way to do damage, If they balance out PFTT, Hybrid, and Weapons Focused We will have all 3 preferred playstyles.

    That's the Big Picture I'm seeing.

    You equip a weapon for a reason. You always did, Weapons granted you stats so you always had one equipped.
    Furthermore: Playing from the tray literally means you should be able to play the game without using said weapon. Weapon usage end of it's self should be a choice; Not forced. Otherwise you can say the whole Stats-Revamp is Just WM 2.0 and nobody wants that.

    We are playing the game how it's meant to be played. If you really need further proof; The development team wouldn't be working on power-regeneration to make PFTT viable and they wouldn't be forcing you to have a specific spec just to ultiitize it.

    Nobody's asked or said anything about Over-buffing PFTT at all, we just want it to be good as Hybrid. Not our problem if you're simply one of those guys who believes in one playstyle being the best.

    Quite frankly, I'm tired of being in the cookie cutter era; alot of people feel the same way as they disagree from your perspective.

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  10. SkullGang Devoted Player

    The only person on that list that counts is Batman because he doesn't have superpowers. When your powers include speed and strength you have no real need for external weapons. Using hands and feet as an example of weapons doesn't count is this sense. If Superman is punching and kicking his enemies he is still using one of his powers which is his strength.
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  11. DistantWalker Well-Known Player

    To be honest your right! PftT is better then AM. PftT wont be a problem for pvp now that i think about it.

    but If weapon was just for stats it wouldn't be called a weapon xD.
    I was further educated on what PftT was, and i apologize to anybody that i offended on questioning there preferred play style.

    There is a big difference between PftT and AM its not just spam powers but its spamming powers without a damage buff. I'm glad to see that. Still proud of the Devs from coming such a long way.
  12. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Why is it so very few will try to even look past their blinders? It drives me nutz.
    That was always the one thing about superheroes. There was something out there for everyone.
    Now it seems that if it's not one way it's no way.
  13. DistantWalker Well-Known Player

    I mean i personally never understood the logic of standing in 1 place spamming powers with a weapon in your hand you ignore.
    But if some people like it let them do it. Just do not break the game to let them do it.
  14. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Wow..... You guys and your reasoning behind "Super hero" game, is going so far that your including even his limbs as part of his power to jusitfy why its not a weapon?! Im lost for words.
  15. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I was testing the movement powers earlier and they need work. I tested all the movement powers on the sparx of parallax solo.

    SP used
    maxed crits 20/40
    60 points in the power tree

    1. The cool downs are a little long. ( the cool downs hurt these powers the worst )
    2. The supercharges are not good.
    I think DCUO needs to drop the supers from the movement trees all together.
    3. There are not enough powers in the movement trees
    DCUO needs to look at some of the animations in LEGENDS and use them for additional powers within the movement trees.
    4. The white mods that work with movement powers were almost useless

    movement powers ranking :
    1. super speed
    2. flight / skimming
    3. Acrobat .......ACROBAT is not nearly ACROBATTY ( LOL NEW WERD :D ) enough
  16. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    LOL, now you're cherry picking.
  17. DistantWalker Well-Known Player

  18. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Batman = Martial Arts.
    Superman = Brawling.

    Hands and feet are in this game already.
  19. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    So, how are forms of martial arts weapons? How is Gadgets and Munitions a super power?

    I got a great idea that will fix it all, since some supers use weapons, powers, or combo of both, we should just make them all Might. That will fix the problem.

    Since everyone is stuck on "weapon" being what you equip. And it's silly to think Brawling, Martial Arts, and to an extent, Hand Blasters, are weapons.

    BTW wasn't directed towards you, karasawa, sort of a response to this derailment of this thread.
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  20. L T Loyal Player

    Personally, I find the supercharges to be useless now. Maybe the shield/breakout type ones would fit in with a very weapon-centric style of play. Maybe.
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