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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. L T Loyal Player

    Since it's now a weapon only buff, I don't think it makes sense for Atom-Powered Assault to be a ln aura shortcut. Unless QG Aura effects wePin attacks in some way. Or heals are added in DPS stance-- that could make melee DPS less desdly
  2. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    The only thing I can say is that the atomic tank can not have:
    1 Your reduced aura time,
    2 The cooldown to pull the enemies high.
    3 And the Buf to bewail the withdrawn enemies.

    For these three things are of extreme importance for survival mechanics and the atomic tanking form!
    Take out any of them and take away the excuse of power!
  3. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    166cr dps

    No mods

    Seeing Shades solo

    I died many times tweaking loadout on first boss. Finally found a self healing loadout/standard load out that could pass first boss barely.. The last boss will not be likely without more help to stats or orbital/supply.. The difficulty of the level doesn't seem appropriate.

    VS Ice with the same set up CR and Sp I beat the whole solo first attempt I believe with a quick put together load out.

    My main complaints.

    The 2 melee combo powers cannot be rotated back and forth due to cool downs being to long... This will be a bigger problem while Tanking because of limited tray space you can't afford 3 slots for combos.

    There aren't enough 300 cost powers that do damage. If someone doesn't want to use the combo version of DPS and just wanted to use the standard playstyle .. Powers / weapons play style the loadout will be pretty weak.

    I couldn't really get the combos completed very often.. we need some CC effect.

    Sorry I'm going to mention this in every thread but the precision is so broke right now. It's really hard to see where any power stands right now. I've put no Sp .. 40 Sp .. 93 Sp into precision and I see little to no change.

    You're really not going to be able to get any meaningful feedback on the standard play style or a weapon play style if we can use a power and hit for 5000 / 8000crit ... 11000 / 20000crit depending onthe bucket verse hit with the Weapon 1800 - 2300 / 3800 - 4300crit most people are just going to play from tray as much as possible.
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  4. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    I feel like the few CC options Atomic has are wasted at wrong abilities*, none of which Tanks can benefit from:

    Unleash Anti Matter: Point Blank AoE SC generator with Stun and with 12 sec cooldown.
    Ionizing Eruption - Max distance with Knockdown
    Electron Flare - Aura with Knockdown.
    *These abilities are most likely to be used with Weapon clipping but weapons already have their own Control effects and can counter making them superior to combos in every way.

    could you move some of the CC effects to one of the range combos and ThermoExplosion?
    That way tanks can benefit from these and retain some of the vibe we currently have at Live Server.
  5. Karasawa Loyal Player

    It does seem a little strange that the only damaging 300 cost ability is melee range.
  6. Polythesis Active Player

    So just a quick test - casual play (If i'm honest didn't reeeeeally know where to put my stat points)
    166cr - fully modded (Might)

    20 points attack chance
    15 Attack damage
    5 power chance
    5 crit power magnitude
    111 might
    10 power

    Health 18199
    Power 19473
    Might 10008
    Vita 7091
    Precision 8160

    Iceberg lounge solo:
    Beta surge - doesn't have any affect on mobs unless you are right on top of them
    PFtT - failed couldn't get power back fast enough (might be stat point allocation)
    Combo's - got 2 rotation of combos BS/N Blast/ N Bomb/APA/Geiger Blast - and then had to switch to weapon

    Still haven't managed to get past 1st boss - have tried different combination of powers (again tho this could just be me playing this power)

    I will continue, but just from my initial play (again just my opinion) this is not a fun power to play
  7. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Just a heads up, to do Play from the Tray, youll need to point points into Power Stat. The larger your Power pool, the more you can do your rotation.

    Thanks for providing this information too. Details are always needed :)
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  8. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Nice waste of Skill points there.

    If you want to play only with combos you have to max out all Damage Crits for a total of 60SP followed by Might and last Power.
    If you still lack Power after you spend all your SP, get extra power from Blue Base Generator mods and use more than 2 mixed Might + Power Gear equipment mods instead of pure Might ones. Speccing Power Crits and Vita doesnt help as DPS.
  9. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Exactly. In my case I got to do an armorie where I only spent 60 points on attack critics, and everything else in power! Do not spend even on Might!
    It is not a wonderful damage, but my return of power is very constant, and I can keep enough with powers!

    It's not anything like the one we have here, but it's a little tricky ...
  10. Captain Carkus Well-Known Player

    Haven't really checked the notes, but the hand animation for the Atomic Buff is gone :(
  11. spord Developer

    Thanks for the report. It looks like it might be related to the same bug plaguing the Current Effects being properly listed. We will look into it.
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  12. Polythesis Active Player

    Thanks for the advice. ( i did place stat points into power magnitude & chance but never said I put anything in vita - just saying)

    OK so still have all mods & base mods - Back to Iceberg Lounge....

    Attempt 1: Got all the crits...and dumped the rest in power, still had to use weapons but was easy enough to get power back, however I was extremely squishy and with no extra in might my damage was slow. Failed

    Attempt 2: All the crits, changed weapon to martial arts and split stat points between power & might. No problem with power as long as i used weapon in between powers. Damage was better, however still too squishy. Failed

    Attempt 3: All the crits, kept the weapon, 50 points into power and then a split between might, health & defense. Almost got 1st boss down and was the best attempt so far but still failed.

    Atomic is clearly not a power for me in this future (even though I have 2 on live currently and have no issues with them at this level doing content)

    I'm not sure how this is going to be launched but people are really really going to need guidance on where to put their stat points.It's tricky to get a balance...lots of power = slow damage.....Lots of damage = no power or health

    Anyways just my thoughts/opinions on what I had experienced.

    Also Beta Surge really is not working combo'd at range
  13. L T Loyal Player

    With the 1.2 release I seemed to have a very easy time with Atomic-- I beat Shades with similar skill points spent both as Atomic Tank and DPS. Atomic combos seemed very strong, so I almost didn't test these changes. Glad I did. It seemed way harder now, and I struggled against Artemis even as a tank.

    Some issues with Atomic:
    • As Cold Fusion notes, there aren't any high cost/hard hitting combo powers. That seems wrong.
    • Thermochemical Explosion has good crowd control, but a very long cool down. Atom Splitter seems too slow. Both are low cost, which is good for tanking, but not so much for DPS. There's only one combo power that's not low cost-- a 200 cost ranged power.
    • Atomic DPS doesn't get any healing or defensive bonus for the aura. Ice DPS can get ice armor though. doesn't seem fair.
    • Atom Powered Assault is still a short cut to the aura, but since APA is a weapon-only buff that doesn't make sense.
    • There is no low-power-cost short-cut to the aura now.
    • Energize is now a 50% supercharge. No. It should definitely go back to 25%, or else make it a *WAY* stronger heal.
    • Putting 60 skill points into power, I was still running out of power constantly while doing combos.
  14. Trexlight Loyal Player

    So I sat and discussed Atomic Tanking with some other Testers including one I ran the Oly raid with and she doesnt come to the forums a lot so Im giving feedback by proxy as well as my own just from what I have seen as a Healer/DPS in the same run with Atomic Tanks.

    - An issue I saw before starting Boss fights were Tanks did there Combo rotations to get the Aura BEFORE going into the fights causing them to have about 50-60% Power pool when engaging.

    Possible Fix:
    Currently there are 3 ways to Shortcut to the Aura whether using Neutrino Blast (Tank Breakout), Proton Remedy (Tank Self Heal) or APA (Weapon Buff). Maybe another option for a shortcut thats easier to manage? Doing this much work to get the aura brings a handicap when beginning the fight. Starting a fight without the Aura is also a handicap to the tank since it has no mitigation and isnt receiving heals from Combos because the Aura isnt active.

    Combos and Power Pool
    - Tanks were blowing through their Power Pool at a really fast rate due to them spamming their Combos to:
    a. Keep their Aura up

    b. Receive Heals when hitting enemies

    Possible Fix:
    Combos costing Power now is something new and takes getting use to and understanding to properly manage it. To keep the Aura Up, you really only need to hit a Combo one time to refresh it but you still need to keep Comboing to receive the heals. Combo healing needs to be increased to be effective in surviving the damage coming in. Since Atomic has really no mitigation, they rely on healing from the combos to stay alive which in turn they need the Aura up to do so.

    The Cooldowns on pulling are spot on. Tanks are able to grab everything efficiently without threat to the group. Me personally I was fine with the pulls, made the Tanks need awareness of the adds spawn location and carefully use the Pulls to get them before moving to the group members. But either way, folks like and this means Im able to still spam Ragebringer when I test it. An issue still though is Atom Splitter not pulling adds. As a midrange Pull and even more so being an Atomic Combo its usefulness in the loadout is pretty crucial. I saw Spord's post about the pulling/blinking tech is having issues so hopefully when that is fixed, Atom Splitter will be effective again. Also missing when these pulls are done is the targets being stunned/dazed (not the PI mind you) but standing there for a second or 2 clueless and dizzy before they start attacking. That kind of CC helps keep Atomic Tanks alive as well since hitting Atom Splitter is normally the first Combo used in a rotation and gives time to get the Aura activated.

    When comparing runs with an Ice Tank, its not even close. By the uniqueness of the Tanks, Ice's Shields have become strong again and at this point in testing, its still the #1. Atomic's Uniqueness comes from the Aura and self healing Combos. Even when using their shield Density, it is strong and saves from oh crap moments like a shield should but still during that saving grace period the Self heals are not strong enough and heavily relies on the Healer to bring them back up. As I stated above, if the Aura is not on the Tank at the boss engagement, they are in a severe handicap to stay alive. As I haven't fully tested Atomic tanking this go around yet (apologies on that) I have a rotation in my head that may work at the beginning:

    - Density before or at Engagement > Atomic Ability Combo-Combo-Combo > Neutrino Blast and Aura is active

    But its truly a lot of effort in that rotation just at the engagement whereas Ice pops a shield and begins weapon combos or another abilities or (just guessing for now) Rage hitting Severe Punishment and engaging. Atomic sits at a handicap at engagement and in particularly could be troubling depending on the boss like Zeus where once the Tank jumps in, he'll do his Spinning Two handed attack causing the Tank to take repeated damage and be knocked up and down. There's just something Atomic needs at engagement to survive as they get their Aura up through the shortcut.

    Also, Im not asking for a one button Aura move lol Not wanting something too crazy like that.

    Edit: Forgot to add Pulling feedback and forgot Proton Remedy gives the Aura too.
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  15. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I am, after you active your aura, you should be able to keep it refreshed by pressing just one of the short cuts, not doing a full combo. Ice armor refreshes just by activating a shield. Density needs to be buffed and neutrino blast should offer some damage absorption along with the buff in control resistance. I felt very sturdy as ice in the oly run I tanked compared to atomic.
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  16. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Hmmm, After activation I think i would be okay with that. Intial though not so much.
  17. krytine Loyal Player

    Ok i haven't tested atomic tank yet in 1.3 but it used to have 3 short cuts proton remedy heal nutrino blast immunity and atom powered assault weapon buff in addition energize was a sc 5hat instantly gave you the aura. So your saying its gone?
  18. Trexlight Loyal Player

    The Energize Supercharge still gives the Aura automatically. Ill need to relook at Proton Remedy to see if it gives the Aura. Give me a moment.
  19. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Proton Does give the Aura after a Combo rotation. Ill edit to put that in. My mistake
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  20. krytine Loyal Player

    No worries thanks for the clarification
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