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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. spord Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback specific to Atomic powers.

    For general combat feedback (not specific to Atomic), please use this updated overview thread instead.

    This round has a few changes for Atomic:
    • Density - Now, when material changes back from metal to the original one, the animations are not reset and combos are not interrupted
    • Increased the amount of Dominance based percentage healing from Molecular Charges
  2. The Anxient Loyal Player

    How much was the dom based healing increased?
  3. krytine Loyal Player

  4. spord Developer

    The net change including the Dominance buff is close to 3x.
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  5. krytine Loyal Player

    Will factor's uppercut also be able to interupt and be a solo taunt in tank stance
  6. Maxwill Committed Player

    Hi Spord, great job for the cooldowns and power cost description. But we need 2seconds cooldown for Atomic Reorganization and Particle Beam (pulls) man...(for both atomic and ice and each tank's pulls) otherwise we'll have problems with splitted adds/bosses....So please reduce those pulls' cooldowns !
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Feedback regarding the DPS: I attempted play from the tray with combo abilities in the Rising Hades duo, it's a lot more feasible then it was before, and that was with me putting split might/power mods on my gear and doing split might and power with my sp set up. Will attempt to test raids tomorrow.

    I also tried a hybrid build, very power efficient and effective on damage...
    Loadout: Atom powered assault, radiation shower, electron flare, ionizing eruption, anti matter bomb, radiation burn(SC).
    Rotation: APA ---> scissor kick, RS, EF, scissor kick, IE, scissor kick ----> AMB until APA is off cooldown.

    It did great damage and I doubt would require a troll, which is my main concern. I feel trolls will be rendered useless to DPS once again unless you go PFtT. Hopefully I can get into a raid soon though to really test this.
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  8. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    The cool down on combo power thermochemical explosion ( 100/720 power cost ) is 12 seconds. The cool down should be adjusted to be on par with the other combo powers in atomic.

    I can play from the tray at 11k power running solo instance. Time fer bed :p
  9. Nucleus DC Well-Known Player

    I think that is the intent with the trolls. To NOT be a BATTERY for the DPS!
  10. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Question, when using atom splitter combo (tank role) there is no stun/daze anymore is this intended or is it a bug?
  11. tiempo Well-Known Player

    it's intended, not a bug
  12. tiempo Well-Known Player

    I managed to PftT, it felt easier then before. I tested it in the duo, alert (with and w/o a troll), and Oly with 1 troll, and 2 trolls. I was at 180 cr with 175 sp's with about 80% towards power and 20% towards might. Out of my 8 red slots on my gear mods I put 6 might & power VIII and 2 might VIII.

    *note: There are 2 ways I use to turn on aura (depending on powerbar at the time), Conservative and Aggro. Conservative is -combo pwr, tap once and clip with neutrino blast. Aggro is -combo pwr, tap once clip that with another combo power AND neutrino blast (result in one more hit in the same time span but it does use up more pwr). Aggro can't always be done even with 2 trolls, only in certain moments throughout the raid.

    Then I will start one of 3 styles of Comboing (also dependant on power bar and amount of trolls in raid). Using the lower casting cost combo powers except thermochemical explosion, that cool down is too long.
    #1-combo pwr, 2tap/2tap clip [Ok DPS (hybrid beats this), can be done 90% of raid with 1 troll and 99% with 2]
    #2-combo pwr, 1tap/2tap clip [Good DPS (on par with hybrid), but can't be done entire raid with 2 trolls and in the long run hybrid wins]
    #3-combo pwr, 1tap/1tap/1tap clip [Best DPS (wrecks hybrid), can be done on 2 waves of adds before running out of pwr, can't be done realistically on bosses, since adds do provide some power back when you kill em]

    Tbh I would love to see Style #3 being viable, It's intense, skillful, and feels rewarding when you can pull it off. But it's a lil farfetched due to how fast you actually burn thru pwr even with 2 trolls and the amount of DPS it actually does when you do have the POWAHHH!!!
    Style #2 is more resonable but it lacks the fact that you can keep up the dmg because you can't sustain playing this style the whole raid.
    Style #1 is what is sustainable but lacks in DPS to hybrids of Atomic powers and Others as well and plus it's slow.

    While the hybrid (leaning heavily towards might and nothing on pwr) beats out the combos, I noticed it was more because of the amount of times you can get the SC off with the hybrid using the SC generator (I hit a 176k crit yesterday) compared to how often you can Use it playing the combo style that does not use the SC generator in the loadout. It makes a huge diference. Plus you lose out on all that might dmg cuz of how your specced, Which makes comboing the worst of the 2 options at the moment. Which is bad, I feel at its core atomic is a combo power, and should be designed to be deal more DPS with the combos then with the hybrid. If you don't understand what im saying, just imagine this happening to Hard light, For sure it will happen to Celestial. But i'm not here to make assumptions.

    I should also state that I tried a hybrid of the hybrid... using weapon attacks and comboing, needless to say, the DPS was better with the Dazed PI rotation, using antimatter bomb. I'll keep testing, also tanked, felt way better, (Atomic reorganization, our cone pull, cooldown is still too long at 3 sec's, 1 sec should be the standard for pulls across all powers) more on that later. Last word for now, pls reduce the cooldown on thermochemical explsion, reduce the power cost of Neutron bomb, and/or give beta surge a bit more range, and electron flare could use a bigger radius. As a possible solution to making different combo styles viable, please reduce the overall cost of power to the combo pwrs (consider that we don't really rely on he SC generator when running this way and lose out on that addtional damage from the SC being cast less often), maybe have the taps regenerate an additional amount of power back, or not cost any additional pwr at all. Maybe even reduce the amount of DPS in ratio to the reduced pwr cost so Styles #2 and #3 are more viable and can keep up, even out DPS the hybrid by a small margin (due to the skill level needed to pull it off), but viable, especially in boss fights where there are not many adds dying and power back form that mechanic gets reduced as well. Thanks for reading and I hope this can serve to better one of my favorite power in the game.

    I Streamed this yesterday and ill put it here as proof/a players perspective within 1.3, enjoy:
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  13. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    The it's also not pulling/teleporting to me is that intended as well? Also ty for a response even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear lol.
  14. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Atom Splitter is no longer pulling (Tank stance of course) targets. Atomic Reorg is doing fine.
  15. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    If tray powers dont have CC effects, cant at least combo taps cause CC ?

    Neither Tanking or Dpsing can function properly with 0% crowd control, we gonna be banged and squished hard by adds all over and everywhere.
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  16. Harlequin Loyal Player

    I want the counter stuff added back in.
  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    I don't know if the fix has gone in yet, but Atomic Reorganization is still negating Controller crowd-control effects. Here is a demonstration with Paralyzing Dart:
  18. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Just wanted to add in my tanking feedback.

    Compared to Ice's tank improvements, I feel squishy with Atomic. And I can't pin point why. In my video I stated that I was under the impression that I believe it fell to the aspect of countering vs comboing. I'm not exactly sure though, it's just a theory. On Live, besides the healing and Aura benefits, one aspect going for Atomic is the fact that the tanks can CC and stun very well almost as good as controllers and also the fact that comboing can lead to counters and with counters comes blue immunity. These aspects are gone with version 1.3 of stats matter. The aspect that Atomic pulls are breaking current CC as a bug on test, could be another reason why it seems difficult to fight in a group full of enemies.

    Now I'm not saying that anything needs to reverted, there's obviously been changes to the vision when it comes to crowd CC and combo counters. But I am stating that as a possible reason why there's this disconnect between feeling strong as a tank and weak/dependent. Right now it seems that in a mob of enemies or even against one boss, you have to make a decision whether you're going to Atomic combo or go straight for a counter blue immunity. You can clip your counter with an Atomic combo though, as an option to combine the two....but there's still a bunch of incoming damage that is being inflicted. The healing is there for sure, and I can feel the stronger heals...but there's definitely a weakness found in the tanking. It could be tied to lack of surrounding help crowd could be tied to decreased healing coming in....I'm not really sure to be honest. Hope this gets reviewed.

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  19. Nemesir Well-Known Player

    This is the exact same reason why i asked before on Atomic Test 1.2 thread if there's another Defense Buff formula or computation for Atomic Tanking coz it doesn't really felt right.

    And right now, i'm hoping that even one Dev can answer us here with exact values regarding Atomic Tank Defense Buff. At least they can prove to us that they know and are sure of what they're doing.
  20. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    So ThermoExplosion is a lost cause for tanking, best option imo is to mix Atomic Splitter with Nuclear Burst.

    Nuclear Burst has:
    - longer range than Beta Surge,
    - costs less power than Neurton Bomb,
    - way shorter cooldown that ThermoExplosion;
    hence NB being most versatile second combo for tanking.

    NB hits from max distance so tanks might not need to use Atomic Reorganization as much since NB will aggro a lot just by doing combos. Sucks for the group if there is a stray add somewhere but hey tanks have to self heal. :D:D
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