Stat Clamp Is Dogwater And An Failure

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by DrakeBall, Nov 17, 2021.

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  1. nawanda Loyal Player

    My point is not that the game should revolve simply around what endgame players want. My point is that the game doesn’t revolve around what endgame players want AT ALL.

    And of course I am not saying that if an endgame player asks for something it should be granted, but there are some very clear messages that have been sent from endgame players to the developers for years, that are not implemented.

    Endgame players clearly want more regular content than the current schedule (sometimes I actually have to double take when I remind myself that there was a time when they were capable of producing two new pieces of content per month, the same company, and this was before all the cash grabs came in), PvP to be fixed, new powers in development, sensible micro transactions and content that isn’t released broken by default. We get none of that. And the really sad part is that regular content, working PvP, new powers in development, sensible micro transactions and decent quality control of new content and features are all things we used to have that have been taken away. This game is being run into the ground and someone who doesn’t know what they are doing is responsible for that.
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  2. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Instance keys in Time Capsules, coming soon to DCUO!
  3. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    Where are you pulling this from? I'd give folding money to have you show me that.

    Literally all of this stuff could have been done without revamping stats. In fact I remember the only reason why DLC reward relevancy was introduced in the first place was because of CR differential. Then you did the revamp a few years ago and yet kept that system even though ironically people paid $15/month for a sub only to have it where they could only play and get rewards from the latest episodes and the one before. In fact a ton of people were wanting that stuff to go away, but not for stat clamping.

    You could have done this by making the clamp optional, after all this is pretty much the only reason a vocal minority was wanting stat clamp because high level players ruined their experience....but what about the players that have already experienced and run [insert raid here] numerous times during a DLC. I've run 100 raids just in HoL "DLC" and thats not counting the other close to 1000 or so times I've already run those raids, alerts, and solos. So what about my experience Mepps? I've already run FoS3 before stat clamp close to if not more than 1000+ times over my time in this game. Phantom Zone is another alert I ran on average every day since it came out trying to get the OP head for the style, basic math should tell you thats 1000+ times, and now I have to run that crap even more to get more annoying high count feats (which people have repeatedly told you and the devs over the past 5+ years that they despise)

    And this could have been solved by giving players say 1/2 rewards for running unclamped and full rewards for running clamped. And since you put all these weapon styles, orbitals, pets, backup, and styles in old raids; you could have locked those behind the door and only say get 1/2 source marks and no extra stuff by running unclamped. Their were many ways you could have gone about this this, but no.

    In fact I have a theory, you only came out with stat clamp to take away stats from the players only to sell them back to us in the form of allies. After all thats exactly what you did with the revamp several years ago.

    I'll say this right now, and I said it back when CR differential was introduced and I was right back then just as I will eventually be proven to being right later on. Stat clamping was and is a mistake and its going to blow up in the collective face of the developers in spectacular fashion. And I'm just gonna watch it happen.

    This is not to say that I love seeing bad things happen to this game in fact quite the opposite. I just love saying "I told you so".

    AGAIN You could have achieved the same thing by making the clamp optional.
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  4. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    How can you believe this? I am CR343 but when I go to Metropolis Battle Zone, I'm penalized to CR118. That is not progressions, that is regression, a penalization for being too successful.

    I was talked into doing Throne of the Dead, about 40+ minutes to complete, I did over 23 mil in damage BUT, BUT my league mate who is CR313 with non maxed arts and much much lower SP than me, did over 32 mil in damage.

    I honestly see no reason to try anymore. What's the use? Why even try anymore? Just to get stronger for end game and no other reason? Ep.41 has de-moralized me. Why even bother trying to progress?

    Endwalker for FFXIV is coming out soon, maybe I will just stay there. After last night in Throne, I am seriously depressed.

    I am nothing.
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  5. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Maybe your league-mate is optimizing better then you?

    But also

    Were getting nerfed too....
  6. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player


    So I’m wasting my time getting 530 gear too? All this wasted time & effort to get stronger just to be made weaker.

    My subscription to FFXIV is due in December also. Why even bother resubscribing to anything anymore?
  7. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    It's a sign that's telling you to stay with DCUO ;) lol
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  8. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Did you really waste your time if you had fun?

    Also why waste your time gearing, when a new update hits youll be replacing it all anyway?
  9. Harlequin Devoted Player

    MMOs change. They evolve. All of them. You would have lost your mind with the level squish and/or the various talent tree revamps in WoW. Considering your reactions, I'd be willing to wager you'd go mental at the thought that quest greens replaced fully gemmed and enchanted mythic gear when new expansions launched.

    It's just how these games work.
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  10. the solowing Unwavering Player

    I did everything i could to hold onto Nibelung, going from Wrath to Cata

    Proccing Vakyries off doing damage as a Warlock was the coolest thing ever. But Cata greens crapped on it stat-wise and it was obslete by Mt Hyjal.
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  11. the solowing Unwavering Player

  12. TANK69 Well-Known Player

    The first revamp was for the eliminate the AM system, in paper. In reality it was the front door to the artifact cash grab. Now we got another amp, this time with cl, and suprise, another cash grab opiton introduced.
    Btw, for example WoW had more then once clamp, but they just clamp the older content balanced with the characters. Furthermore, they put new achievments and pets to make the players to run older contents, with the power level they got, without restriction. The scaling system is optional there too. So its not evolution in DCUO, its just incompetence.
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  13. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I’ve only ever played DCUO and FFXIV. I have no point of reference to the example you have given.
  14. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I’ve been told by my FC mates that I need to be as close to 520 as I can get before Endwalker drops so I am grinding out Copied Factory and Edens for coins. I guess I’ll stop doing that. What’s the use?

    I wish I had never visited the Forums this morning. This is too depressing. I have nothing to look forward too anymore.

    Maybe I should just play Candy Crush on my iPhone.
  15. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    Over time the amount of folks that need it drastically decrease..that's the point

    Go try a Patchwork bounty..and see if you can get it done in 5 minutes..your full stats right now, if you're close to max endgame you're more powerful now than you will be when it gets clamped
  16. the solowing Unwavering Player

    For what? The gear outside of styles will be made with obsolete every "DLC" every patch is simply a refreshed rat race to BiS. You dont need to be decked out for expansion release. Im 502 and sure ill be getting along just fine, with the vendor starter gear that comes with better stats then raid gear for SHB.

    See the forest for the trees, endgame isnt all gear, but the enjoyment you have on the journey to getting the gear.
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  17. Plowed In Loyal Player

    No one knows what will happen yet when it enters early endgame. This is a fear (understandable) not rooted in reality.
  18. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    All I see is a forest fire destroying everything I worked hard for. All those hours spent running raids & dungeons with angry, surly people in hopes of bettering my characters all for nothing.

    Those on here demand that others “Get Good!”, to which I say, why? What’s the point of working hard, “getting good”, if your hard work is punished and everything you have done up till now is negated?

    On DCUO I have maxed arts & augments, 400 sp, CR343, and I still get out classed by a CR313 with 140 arts & not maxed augments, what’s the point of getting good. What’s the point in my 400 sp, my augment, my arts, if I am still going to be out classed by a CR313?
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  19. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Is getting good based on gear, or based on skill?
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  20. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Apparently neither matters.
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