Stat Clamp Is Dogwater And An Failure

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by DrakeBall, Nov 17, 2021.

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  1. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I just don't have anything to do with it. I run endgame content & an handful of old open world missions on me mains. me alts get to run stuff that's at their level, event content, & seasonals. that's me lot. it's cool. I got 16 toons, I got loads to do without having to faf about with omnibus or save the universe.

    I don't know if it's helped the game, I don't know if loads of players stormed off in a huff, I haven't see the figures, none of us have. but I do know that on the whole the game feels livelier, it feels busier. & that seems a good thing, to me.
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  2. LOLGREEN12 New Player

    Omnibus more like "would you like to do Gom for the 600th time"
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  3. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    I do Omnibus raids every week for the bonus box... but only if it's something I know won't be a hassle or take too long.

    I can't tell you the number of New Genesis Now, FOA, or Clock Tower omni queues I've declined.

    Doomsday and FoS3 only please. (Although I did recently go back on my rule and do a Gates recently)
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  4. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    The problem is that it isn't even popping, so the people queuing omni aren't even declining it.
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  5. BumblingB I got better.

    Because it was something devised by a particular person who is no longer at the company that didn't like the idea of being able to recover from a near wipe because the team's ability to pickup other players. They would watch SMs as well as the Friday Night Legends and get aggravated that the players were able to do that. So... When elite came out, 1 death came to being.

    It really isn't what makes elite, elite, but that's debatable and will leave that conversation.

    This is related to EEG elite. There needs to be something giving to help older elite content and I think removing the death counter would be a good option.
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  6. Trykz Dedicated Player

    I never even thought of that. That is a fair concession considering pick ups are a skill anyway.
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  7. Trykz Dedicated Player

    You don’t have to make it easier or balance each individual alert, just allow us to recover again that’s pretty brilliant in my book
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  8. nawanda Loyal Player

    It’s a well constructed argument in favour of the changes, but to your most loyal and dedicated players, it’s pretzel logic.

    While it’s fair to point out that there are two sides to the situation, nobody was advocating for the approach where old content was scaled and loot locks were removed. Or as you put it, rewards provided. Unless they need feats, endgame players don’t generally want to run old content. They want a regular diet of new content. Which you guys haven’t provided for, let’s see, 217 days and counting. Not only were no endgame players advocating for these changes, they certainly weren’t advocating for them at the expense of new endgame content.

    You guys were forced to climb down from the outrageous decision to remove source marks from endgame content. In so doing (and I have no issue with a mistake being made and rectified, by the way), you acknowledge that you misunderstood endgame players and set their needs aside in pursuit of a strategy that - you hope - builds the overall size of the player base.

    In the meantime we endgame players have been fed a diet of recycled old content and at this point the gruel has become very thin indeed. I hope you guys have learned from this situation. You have lost endgame players (the guys who spend the most money, have demonstrated the most loyalty that you so easily take for granted) and if we find ourselves in a situation where new content is once again foresaken at the expense of sweeping systematic changes, I suspect you will come to regret the damage it will do. Endgame player morale and engagement levels are teetering over a precipice right now, particularly the ones who are actually paying members.

    But my main point is this: the two sides of these changes were not uphill vs downhill, or newer players vs endgame enthusiasts, in the way you have characterised it in the above post. The two sides were the developers and the engaged player base, and you need to do a considerably better job at listening to what we actually want and delivering it, because 2021 has been an object lesson in high-handed game mismanagement. For god’s sake, listen to your most dedicated players.
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  9. KoscheiDeath Well-Known Player

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  10. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    I wish Omnibus was actually random and not just throwing you into groups from Custom Play.
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  11. Trykz Dedicated Player

    I feel the same way to a degree. I want people to be able to que stuff they need and be able to find a group. I feel people are (kind of naturally) gravitating to running and re running the same instances in custom, and it is effecting the quality of Omni, specifically as you mentioned the “randomness “ of it. Wonder if they could tweak it somehow. I’m no developer though lol.
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  12. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    Bounties are actually the reason there shouldn't be a clamp in open're just not thinking far enough worlds eventually become ghost towns

    What's it gonna be like in Patchwork Themyscira and 31st Century Metropolis a year or two from now?..clamped to +15 CR..timed bounties..30 min cycles..need hundreds of successful attempts for the takes some pretty decent sized groups to take down that Hydra..judging by reactions here at the time, I'm guessing there's not gonna be a whole lot of people eager to revisit that and put in large amounts of time to help people who need the feats..but if those people have the option to outgear it..a smaller group can get things done...

    There hasn't been any new content since these changes..but there will be..more new content means less time for something else..and as they add more and more..the amount of time to play older things (especially the more tedious things) gets less and less..there are limits and with the addition of every new thing something old will suffer.. none of these changes are gonna fix that..

    Sure, they can bring back STU or whatever and that will make some older content more active for a little while..but only for a little while..but let's be content is going to keep coming, old stuff is going to fall by the wayside..and that means ghost towns amongst other things
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  13. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    The 2 groups of people aren't the problem..the problem is your forcing everyone to skate one way..just let people skate whichever way they want to

    And putting it that way isn't really accurate is it?

    Stuck skating in place on an incline is a lot more like what's happening..never really going anywhere..because that's what 'clamps' do right?..they hold things in place
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  14. Tess M3rcer Active Player

    Are we really still complaining about this a couple months after the fact. And for people saying that they lost players is nonsense. for years the same people were saying this is a dead game were wrong and I believe that this is false as well. I've know known more players that came back then left. As for the Allies "Cash Grab" is half true. With lower content not using replay badges DayBreak is loosing money on a popular item so they have to make it up somewhere. If you think the game is garbage then leave. Daybreak isn't going to change it back because the forum royalty wants it too. Majority of the player base doesn't go on the forums and or care about the forums. lol
  15. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Leagues are running all the old 8-mark bounties as an event weekly. No, most aren’t standing there and grinding out 50 bounties in a row, but over time 1 or 2 a week adds up. Get a regular group, pour a tall one, and hangout and shoot the s**t for 2 hours while farming SM…old stuff became new and fun again :)

    No one knows what’s happening with the 2nd currency yet (stay unique or roll into SM)…so I think pre-worrying about Wonderverse/Legion bounties is premature. They’ve show a willingness and the ability to be able to scale these somewhat to the group sizes.
  16. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Absolutely dog water. What makes this whole situation worse is that the rework is being treated like something new to the game, which it isn’t. Here we go another new dlc coming out and we have no new character animations. Probably bc the team is wasting their time on this kinda stuff

    Guys how much longer will i be the only one complaining about our characters not getting anything new but styles that clip alot of the time
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  17. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Some thing, yes and some no. When it comes to at least QoL sometimes. No, because most of the focus for the "most dedicated" is purely endgame. While the rest of the game crumbles.

    1 QoL change which took up 1 DLC cycle, cause a uproar with the "most dedicated". Yes, its not much content right now... But this change for for the betterment of all, a slight redistribution of fun, if you will. The small subsection of players lost abit of fun, but more fun was distributed to everyone else.

    Your hard work was not negated. Today i did normal ToTD (3 healer, 1 tank, 4 dps) did fine, nobody died.So i look at the healing chart. i clocked 6m healing out, the second healer clocked almost 6m. But the third healer was clocking 22m! It was insane to me. I had to know what i had to do (outside SP hunt) to get near that level of power!

    I think the stat clamp helped to actually show how much progression can be made to a fellow player within a relative window. Youre wayyyyyyyyy stronger then your peers, but youll have to still engage with the instance rather then roll it. SP/Art/etc all play a part, and that is part of your progression.
    They just moved the relativity of strength, from the bosses level, to moreso the player level, though the boss will still die that much quicker.

    Might i say, seeing his output, i was rather impressed, havent felt like that since World of Warcraft, I wanna get to the level of power he has:cool:

    But the game cannot simply cator to a small subsection of players that simply only want new content, and section themselves off at endgame. While never giving the "game" the time to go back and streamline things, or make quality of life DLCs for players outside of endgame, without the threat of quitting or calling the game stale.

    (Im a Overwatch player, yall dont know what stale is! 3 years in a content drought!)
  18. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

  19. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Thanks for the free advertisement.
  20. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Quick story: when some of the open world zones were down last week, I decided to hit the Lightning Strikes version of Central City to make up for some lost Marks (2 Marks per mission and the chance to plug away at the 5000 Reaper feat? win/win LOL). On one run I happened to catch aggro from Zoom and had to deal with that.

    The fight was more than doable alone. I'm no min/max player and I don't chase any metas. Heck I didn't even have to resort to my non-damage role to increase my survivability. The fight was long, but it was something I was able to handle.

    I haven't checked any other open world bounties in the content I usually run, but if my experience with Zoom isn't the exception but more the rule, I don't think players in the long run are really going to be having too many problems. And as long as they offer Marks as rewards along with feats, there's always going to be folks needing both to progress their characters.
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